Body Hunters!

Chapter 1- The Balance of Bounty Hunters.

"Last night was amazing." He said, before a bullet ate into his brain,

A woman with long, black hair, went into the kitchen and grabbed the largest knife she could. Walking back to the bedroom, she slit the man's wrist, letting his blood pour into a canteen she had, before wrapping the wound and closing the container tightly. Opening the window, a black hover car awaited her. She threw the container into the hover car, before jumping in herself, and the car sped off.

~O~ Some bar ~O~

She sat at the bar counter, drinking her drink diligently, silently scoping out the 'contenders' in the mirrors behind the bottles of liquor. She spotted a few that might be somewhat fun, but she was unsure. As the last drop of her drink passed her lips, the music stopped and her surroundings went quiet. Aside from the heavy thumps of some expensive, high-quality boots. Someone leaned on the counter to her right, looking at her.

"You look…lonely…mind if I give you some company?" A thick but creamy voice asked- like bitter sweet chocolate.

"No." She said simply, not desiring to waste words on him. "Engaged." She lied, and they chuckled.

"Than where'd the ring on your finger? Come on- one drink. Bartender, get this beautiful lady another drink." They ordered, and the bartender did as he was told, as she gently ran the tip of her left index finger around the rim of her empty glass. The new glass was set down, and her old glass taken, "Everybody, relax, enjoy." The music came back on and everyone kept dancing, as the stranger slipping their left hand to her left hip, "So…how about-" There was a splash, and she walked out.

Her new drink, all over the stranger.

They followed her outside as she got into her hover car, "Ok, ok, feisty, but I'll over look it this one time." She groaned, put her car on autopilot, and threw her shoe at his crotch. It was amusing to watch him fall down and curl into the fetal position as he held his crotch.

"Bounty hunters." She growled under her breath, turning her car, "Now worth the time…" She parked in the parking lot of her building, and took an elevator to her floor after locking her hover car up. Impatiently tapping her foot until her floor came up, she hastily went to her room and shut the door, going straight to the bathroom, the large container already waiting. "Tonight, I enjoy my weekly rejuvenating bathe." She told herself, emptying the container into her bath tub.

Dark crimson blood, sloshed in the tub and around her body, as she lowered herself into it. She purred happily, washing herself, smiling a wicked smile the entire time. "Oooh, god." She moaned in ecstasy, hugging herself, "I can feel it…" She drank up some of the blood, smiling. There was a knock on her door, and she jolted, "Who the hell could that be?"

Getting up, she pulled on a towel around her lithe form, going to the door. The door opened, and a confident figure leaned against the door frame, being revealed to her as the door slid open. "Well, well, well, so this is where you hide." She hit the button to close the door, but the man shoved his boot into the door, "Ah, ah, ah, girl." He chuckled, and the door retreated, as she ran to the bathroom, "So we're playing Tag?" He asked,

"Stay the hell away from me, bounty hunter!" She snarled, forcing handfuls of the bloody 'bath water' into her mouth, gulping them down, crimson around her mouth before he came in, "Get the hell out of my apartment!" The woman growled angrily at the camouflage- armored bounty hunter. He wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up as she clawed for the tub, "Ahzahk, menhar, ukay-" She started, the blood quivering in the tub, before the intruder slapped a hand over her mouth.

"Looks like my information was on the spot." she glared at him, blood dripping down her chin, defiance in her eyes. "You're the infamous 'Bloody Bounty Hunteress.' Shame on you for killing your fellow bounty hunters." The man tsked, and she turned in his hold, the towel against her body loosened a bit, and she jabbed her nails into him. Left hand into his helmet and right into his neck, but something stopped her strikes. "Have you noticed it?" She shuddered, and pulled her hands out, a thick gas coming out from where she had attempted to wound him.

"You're insane!" she snarled, covering her nose and mouth with a corner of her towel, and the figure chuckled.

"I want you to remember this. That you've been bested by Boba Fett- the best Bounty Hunter in all of the Galaxies!" The man proclaimed loudly, and everything went black as she fell to the ground.

~O~ Later ~O~

Dah Ah Kul stirred, groaning, before sitting up, opening her eyes. She looked around, seeing iron bars all around her Reaching out to touch them, before her hand rested against glass, and she blinked. She looked down at herself and blushed, wearing a bikini of gold and leather. Some type of slave bikini, and a thick colar of iron around her neck, links the size of golf balls, leading out of the cage through what seemed ike mid-air, but it was a hole in the glass. Not far away, in a chair, sat the same man who had forced himself into her home.

"Hey, nerf herder!" The bounty hunter didn't seem to be paying attention. "Are you sexist? Chaining me up like some type of dog!"

"Bitches in heat should be kept in cage." He responded simply, and she jolted. They stood and walked over to the cage, as she covered herself up, "Let's get introduced properly. I'm Boba Fett."

"Dah Al Kul." She responded sourly, the Fett nodding, as she looked herself over, "You cleaned me off?"

"Mm-hmm." He said, running his hands along the iron bars outside of the strong glass, as he walked around the 8'x8x 8' cage.

"You better have a good way to make up for it, damn it, you scruffy nerf herder!" She growled, and he chuckled,

"I have an offer for you. Will you hear it?" He asked, looking at her, as Dah al Kul watched him. "I live in a large lace that's too big to live in alone. That's why I brought you. I want you to live with me, and in exchange, I'll help you."

"How?" She questioned, following him with her eyes, "I don't really think you can help me."

"I know you have enemies, and your unique habits. I can provide for you, all I want is for you to live in my new house, as I said." Boba responded calmly, stopping in front of her.

"And if I refuse?" Dah Al Kul asked, and he shrugged,

"I'll take you anyway, and you'll stay in that cage during your entire stay. It's a big place." The Fett told her passively, "This can be fair, or your opinion could mean less than nothing to me. Your choice." Fett told her, before walking back to the steering wheel.

"This thing you've put me in- it's revealing too much of my outer organ, and reducing my body temperature too drastically for my pleasure." She said, and he stopped, turning half way to her,

"If you give me something to call you by, then, I will get you something to cover yourself with." Boba said, and she thought about it. "You've got 30 seconds before my offer expires."

"My clients call me Djinn (gin)." Dah Al Kul admitted, "It's- the only nick name I have." Boba chuckled,

"Good girl." The other bounty hunter said smoothly, dropping something on her, "That'll have to suffice- it's all I have." Djinn pulled the cloth- a poncho- around herself, "We'll be there shortly." He assured, sitting down and turning the auto pilot off, pushing some levers forward and flipping a few switches. She tested the cage for weaknesses, "Don't bother- I had the cage made especially for you. Oh, and you won't be getting any blood any soon." She sulked dejectedly. Stupid nerf herder…

~O~ Tatooine, Boba's Palace (originally Jabba's palace) ~O~

"Careful with the cage, she's not very friendly." Boba said, a dozen goons carrying the box that Djinn was caged in, as she ran around in the cage, trying to off set the balance the goons were trying so hard to carefully maintain. "Stop fighting them, Djinn." Boba said, before the balance was upset,

"Fuck you all!" She yelled at them, and the box rolled down a high dune, and she was thrown about inside. The goons and some others, ran after her, as she came to a stop. They helped her back to one side,

"Djinn?" Boba questioned, possibly about her well-being.

"I have sand all over me!" She growled angrily, "Ugh! It's even in my hair!"

"Then you can take a bath." Boba responded bluntly, and she tried to brush a lot of the sand off, too occupied with that to care as the goons carried her into the Palace. Her cage was set down next to the large slab Jabba the Hutt has once laid upon. Pillows and riugs had been laid out on it, and Boba went over to her cage, swiping a key card on a complex key card slot. He pushed in a code, and the side that had the slot on it, opened. He offered his hand to her, "Come." He said, holding the other side of her chain in his right hand.

She exited the box and reluctantly followed the other hunter, and he pushed open a door. "Here, this is the bathing room." He said, and she looked at the collar them him. "Hahaha, I don't think so."

"I won't take off my clothes in front of you." Djinn growled, and Boba stood there.

"Well, then I guess you won't be bathing or getting any of that sand out of your hair." He told her dully, playing with some of her hair, "You'll be…dirty…all day." He purred in her ear, but she pushed him away,

"I don't bathe in water, I bathe in blood." She said stubbornly, crossing her arms over her chest, "For an exotic pet, you have to expect special treatment." He laughed, "You even told me you knew my habits."

"Give it a try for today." He said, leading her inside, "I'll get you everything you need tomorrow." Boba promised, taking the collar off of her neck, and she removed her clothes begrudgingly. He covered his eyes until she was in the water, oils and bath soaps around.

"Not good enough." She huffed, "Today." Boba chuckled, sitting not far away from her, as she slowly cleaned herself with the soaps. She stopped, slowly, and washed off. "I don't want to bathe in this water any more."

"Calm down. Finish your hair, Djinn." Boba said checking the collar for imperfections, proof of her trying to take it off. She ran her hands through her black hair, untangling tangles and getting out sand. When she was done, she pulled up a towel as she stood, wrapping it around her as she exited.

"Where are my clothes? The towel you kidnapped me in?" She asked, and he chuckled, before laughing,

"You think I'd keep that on me? No- I ditched it at your old apartment." He responded, and she sighed, "The only outfit you have is that." Boba said, pointing to the bikini she'd left behind. "Once you get dressed, we'll go look for some more." He clamped the collar around her neck, locking it with a key.

"Why do you want me around?" She asked, her lips pursed.

"I think it would be interesting, having a bounty hunter killer living with me. I'd like too see what you try to do." Boba said, and Djinn crossing her arms over her chest, "Come over here." He pulled the chain and she stood her ground, pulling on the chain to get it out of his grasp.

"Leave me be, damnit!" She yelled, trying to hold her ground and not slip on water. "Stop!"

"That's what she said." Boba said, before chuckling, "You're quite lively. Why don't you say those things between the sheets?" She blushed angrily, dark red symbols appearing on her pale skin. She heaved at the chain, and lifted him into the air, before slamming him into the water.

"How utterly vulgar! I won't bow down to someone like you." Djinn growled, the symbols fading away, "I accept your offer, but keep your distance, Bounty Hunter! I still don't trust you!" She snapped as he stood up in the pool, dripping wet. "You look like a wet dog. How revolting." She took her chain and walked off, as he pulled himself out of the pool.

"Another stunt like that and you'll regret it." Boba told her, as she grabbed her bikini, pulling the top on over her towel, and pulled the bottoms on under her towel. She took the towel off and glared at him,

"Uh-huh." Djinn said sarcastically, folding the towel and set it down, "I take my promises seriously, despite how childish it is. Hold up to your words, stupid Bounty Hunter!" She told him sharply, pointing to him.

She walked off, found another slab that was furnished in the lower parts of the palace, before laying down on it After a few hours she felt something hot against her skin- searing- burning. Her eyes snapped open, looking at her right arm. The other Bounty Hunter's goons were holding her down, as Boba fett branded her and she yelled out, "You asshole!" Djin yelled at him, as the hot metal brand pushed deeper into her skin, before he pulled it away. He was handed a cloth damped with cold water, running it over the new wound as she bit her lip,

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" Boba asked, rubbing her shoulder, his goons releasing her. She looked at her right arm- the symbol of the Mandalorians, branded into her skin. The decayed skull of some animal, forever into her being. No matter how much blood she drank, this would never leave her. Bastard.

"Labeling your 'property'?" She asked, and Boba chuckled.

"Nothing like that. Its to let others know you're not to be touched." Boba told her, "While you were sleeping, I took the liberty of getting you some new clothes." He offered her a few bundles by dropping them next to her. She opened one and glared at him, pulling out a sheer skirt, "I like them, so you'll wear them if you want to wear something other than what you're wearing."

"These are all gypsie/ belly dancer outfits!" She proclaimed angrily, and Boba shrugged,

"Better than being nude." He told her tilting her chin up, "Don 't worry, I made sure to get you your own cloaks, more shipments will be coming in tomorrow. For now, just wear these." She sighed, Boba snapping his fingers, and his goons brought up a bamboo wall for her to change behind. "Change." She changed into a black belly dancer outfit, complete with veil, and ran her fingers through her black hair. The fold-up wall was removed, and she looked at Boba, pulling her hair over her shoulder, "Hm. A diamond in the rough."

"Don't mock me." Djinn said sternly, Boba then laughed and she blushes furiously, "Stop that!"

"Without any blood around, and you being a little dehydrated, you can't use any of your tricks." The other bounty hunter reminded her, "You flipped me, but how much more can you do? Be honest." She spit on his helmet, and he wiped it off, "I'll take that as a 'go fuck yourself', but I know…" He chuckled and walked off, before she jumped him, wrapping the chain of her collar around his neck, and tried to chock him. Boba fett flipped her and she slammed against the floor, before flipping back and landing on her feet. "This is going to be an interesting partnership, Djinn."