Body Hunters!

Chapter 2- Dominatrix Love

She laid in a soft bed, sheer curtains around the perimeter of the bed as she slept, her face in the pillows. "Djinn!" Someone called, and she grabbed a pillow and covered her head with it. "Djinn, there you are. How did you get out of the cage?"

"The same as you're leaving- through the door." She answered, trying to ignore the voice, as the bounty hunter who had it, walked over and stopped at the edge of her bed. Soft leather gloves touched her as the bed dipped from extra weight. "Ugh, you're so heavy, you're burdening the mattress." She told them, not really wanting to listen to them as the gloves slowly ran over her body. One just below her sternum, another on her left hip. "Get off of me."

"I think not." They answered, and she was pulled against a warm body, "We should take this time to get to know each other better, physically."

"Boba, shut up and go away." Djinn groaned, a hand going under her top, another gently rubbing her thigh, "So persistent."

"You know you want some of my affections- every girl dreams of having me at least once in their life." Boba Fett said next to her ear, both of his hands on her chest, under her shirt. Djinn's patience was quickly vanishing, "You'll be screaming my name so loud-"

"You're so cocky! I don't like that in my men." Djinn complained, removing his hands from her top. "Such a bothersome person with an even more annoying personality. If its sex you want, go find some twi'lik, or some other slut. I don't give out my honey just because the bees want it." She huffed, "Now get out."

"It's my palace, you leave, besides, I'd rather not have another." Boba said, her breathing hitching as he slipped a hand down the shorts she wore to bed. "Not so stubborn now, are you? You're somewhat cute when you're like this." She panted lightly, reaching back, as the Fett sat up and pulled her into his lap.

She pulled his head down a little, shivering just as much, turning her head towards his helmet, slowly opening her mouth, "Get the hell over yourself, asshole!" she screamed into his ear, before shoving him off of her and to the floor. Boba groaned, holding his head, "You're a rapist taking advantage of a helpless girl! Pervert!" She exclaimed, grabbing a shawl and running out of her room,

"One of these days, Djinn!" Boba yelled as she ran down the hall, as she giggled and hid. She hadn't this much fun in decades. She peeked into the hall for him, and she was no where in sight. She looked around, as a pair of hands reached out, one clamping around her mouth, and the other wrapped around her, "Found you." She stiffened, "We have guests, now, we can't be rude and keep them waiting. I'll give you an excuse this time, but I won't do it repeatedly."

"S-Stop touching me." She murmured, and Boba chuckled, blowing on her ear, but that only pissed her off, "Knock it off already!" Boba released her and she tied the shawl around her waist, over her shorts, wearing a dancer top. Boba and Djinn entered the main room, Fett sitting down first, and offering to help her sit, but she refused his help and sat down by herself.

Various other individuals from various other species were in the room, a hutt in front of the slab she and Boba lounged on. The Hutt smiled, and bowed, "Just to fill you in," Boba said to her, "I took over the Hutt drug ring, so they're all trying to kiss up to me, even to you." She stood up, "Hm? Where are you going, Djinn?" She ignored him and went to her 'cage' next to the slab, and locked herself in.

"Um-" the Hutt started, but forced a smile, Boba looking at them, uninterested, as Djinn turned away from them. "B-Boss man and Boss Lady! As a sign of my loyal allegiance, I present to you both, exotic treasures!" The Hutt said, and Boba held out a glass, one of the goons filled it, and he drank from it.

"What type of treasures?" Boba asked, and Djinn ignored them, "I want something my Genie can't give me. She can give me anything." Djinn's eyebrow twitched angrily, and she glared at Boba.

"Ah, well, I have dropped the gifts off to you already…"

"Well, only I got gifts- I saw nothing in there for my woman." Boba replied with boredom, swirling his drink in his cup, "Don't you think that's rude? Favoring only me over her when this is a joint leadership?" Djinn raised an eyebrow curiously, as the Hutt squirmed uncomfortably,

"Of- Of course not! Many apologies, we didn't know you had a woman until today! We will get her hundreds of presents for our stupidity!" The Hutt said, Djinn opening her mouth protest, before the Hutt added, "We will be back later today with our offerings!" And then left.

"By the White Shaman, you should be ashamed of yourself! Putting me up for things I don't even care for!" Djinn yelled at him, and Boba chuckled, "I don't want anything from you! Much less someone else. If I want it, I'll get it myself!" She growled, "Let me out of here." Some of his goons opened the door for her, and she walked off, Boba getting up and slowly following her. Half way to her room, she swayed and fell sideways, collapsing to the ground. "Damn…" She muttered, pushing up her lower half, before a gallon jug of crimson fluid was dropped in front of her, Boba Fett standing over her waist, leaning forward slightly.

"Help yourself." He said, Djinn softly bit her lower lip, "It'll help you through the night."

"Fuck you, Fett, I have my pride." Djinn grumbled, but Boba stood up, arms crossed over his chest.

"Don't be stupid. You need it." The Bounty Hunter stated, Djinn eying the gallon hungrily, "Don't mind me, help yourself."

"I won't bother. Animal blood isn't able to be processed by my body. Especially if it'd been sitting in a cold storage like it has." Djinn said with disgust, "I like to drink it when it's still pumping from the corpse and down my thro-" She stopped herself, biting her lip harder and shivering as her eyes rolled back, "Mmmh- now that's a thought that could turn my 'wine' into 'water'." She said, getting up and threw the gallon of blood at Boba, catching him off guard. "Take it back! I'm going to my room to sleep." She said, doing exactly that, and slamming the door in his face, locking it.

"I would break the lock." Boba reminded her, and she huffed on the other side, her back to the wood.

"Yeah, go right ahead, bad boy. Let's see how much action it gets you." She responded with casual sarcasm. "If you must then bathe, come in quietly, don't wear shitty cologne, and don't wake me. If you do wake me, then you'd better have a sacrifice ready. I'm not a morning person." Djinn crossed her arms and waited for a response from his smart-alecky mouth. What whippy comeback would he have for that?

"Alright, unlock the door then, I'll leave." Djinn listened to his fading footsteps, before unlocking the door, and going to her bed and laying down. She didn't have time for his bullshit. Eventually, she fell asleep, and he slipped into her bed next to her. He didn't do anything but hug her from behind, before falling asleep himself, as she woke up for a moment to investigate. Looking back, she noticed he was still in his armor, before she laid back to sleep, not minding and too tired to care. "Buy me some better clothes tomorrow, Fett." He grunted a 'yeah' in his sleep, before they both fell back to sleep.

When they woke up, Boba kissed her shoulder, "Good morning my little Minx." He greeted, and she glanced at him,

"Where do you think you're putting your hands?" Djinn asked, pushing him away, but he pulled her close, "Stop, Fett." He pulled her into his lap, kissing her neck, before he hand cuffed her hands behind her back, "Wh-What the hell!" She demanded angrily,

"Relax. I read up on you, Djinn. It must be painful, dying so fast that you need to constantly drink blood to stay alive." Boba said stoically, a cloth wrapping around her eyes, making her flinch as it was tied. There was a variety of clicks, as he removed his armor, then the soft rustling of him taking off his shirt and setting it on the bed. "I'll let you drink from my body as long as I can do what I want with you. Deal?" She hesitated, "I'll take your answer as a 'yes'." He pulled her into his lap, facing him, moving her hair away from her shoulders and kissing her skin softly. She bit her lower lip, shivering. Not from pleasure but from pride. "You need it."

"Don't tell me what I need, Fett." Djinn said, panting lightly as Boba ran his hands over her restrained arms, gently rubbing her skin with his thumbs. She shuddered, putting her cheek on his shoulder- before he winced, "Ow. That hurt a bit." Blood dripped down from the cut she'd quickly made, her canine having ripped across his flesh, and she drank from him. Only stopping when she ran out of breath, trying to quickly regain it, panting ruggedly. Boba roughly pushed her down, biting her thighs, "Stop-"

"I think you like saying 'stop' because you really want me to keep going." Boba observed, running two fingers up the slit to her second mouth, his gloves drenched in her sticky juice. "You're leaking so much love juice." He sat back, putting the fingers in his mouth, getting as much as he could from what he'd collected. "You're surprisingly lewd for a Head Hunteress who killed bounty hunters." He noted licking his lips and she laid there for a moment, "I think this will be a fun night, don't you?" In a flash, it was he who was on his back and she who was straddling his hips.

"You shouldn't have your guard down under any circumstances, you stupid mandalorian." She growled and drove her teeth into the cut on his shoulder, and he winced. As he moved to stop her, he found his own hands in the same hand cuffs she had been wearing, her hands on his chest as she had her fill, quickly draining him to being weak enough not to fight back, before forcing herself to surface in a cloud of rugged panting from breathlessness. She moaned almost erotically, "Ooooh, I do like my meals straight from the source." she sighed pleasantly.

"Get off." Boba grunted and she sighed, hitting him upside the head, "Gah!"

"Oh, shut up and stop being such a bother. You were the one who offered yourself to me, remember 'Honey'?" She said mockingly, pointing at him accusingly, "Shut your mouth and deal with the consequences." He shuddered under her, "Now, how's about you teach me a thing or two if you can, you under-rank Bounty Hunter? I'll let you know though- my sexual appetite is as absolutely insatiable as my hunger." Djinn informed him, and used the blind fold to gag him instead, "The only reason why I'm wet, is the fact that I'll be besting you in something you're supposed to be better at- catching your prey!" She smacked his abs, making him let out a muffled protest, as she smirked, "Now then, time to get to work. As you mentioned, this most certainly will be a fun night."

~O~ Next Day ~O~

At sometime around before the sun came up, after an entire night of exhausting work on Boba's half, Djinn had finally fallen into a some-what satisfied slumber on his chest. Unfortunately, she wasn't a moron and tied his ankles together, making sure there was nothing he could use to get free, before going to bed.

He wondered if this was right- letting her take advantage of him. Normally, he'd respond with a prompt 'hell no', but this seemed…different. It felt strange and…nice… to not have to do all the work, yet still be as turned on as he had during their 'session'. Sure, she took a lot of blood from him, but it'd come back, right? Maybe her yelling at him could be changed, or not. He seemed to enjoy it- or so his body said. Boba looked down, watching her sleep soundly, her warm and shallow breaths brushing against his skin. He didn't particularly enjoy how she still had her clothes on while she was naked. It didn't appear fair.

Maybe starving her wasn't really the answer, if she was going to keep doing things like this or maybe it was. It didn't help that she never said so much as his last name. Just 'mandalorian' or 'bounty hunter' or 'moron'. Nothing endearing like 'stud', 'big boy', or even so much as a single 'bad boy'. Not even a 'naughty boy'. He liked the mistreatment for some reason, as he laid there staring at the ceiling of the bedroom. He liked it a lot. His body ached all over, and he'd be completely sore tomorrow, but damn did he love it. His body didn't even have enough strength left for him to get a single erection but that didn't matter to him. Just the fact that he'd realized he was a 'Slave' to her dominatrix-type of love.