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Demon Speaking

Summary: Six years after Pain invaded the Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto, the Sixth Hokage, witnesses the destruction of Konaha at the hands of Uchiha Sasuke. Desperate for peace, Naruto strikes a bargain with the Kyuubi no Kitsune so that Naruto, Hinata, and Kakashi can go back in time and stop the war before it starts. NaruHina

"Hokage-sama?" Kakashi's voice broke my out of my trance. I sighed to myself as I gazed at the ruins that once was the proud Village Hidden in the Leaves. Konaha's fires still burned in the dawn that was threatening on the horizon. Glancing around the battlefield, my eyes found bodies I had never wanted to see. Ino, Kiba, Bushy-Brows, Neji, Ten-ten, Chouji, even Shikamaru, our best strategist and my long-time friend.

I looked back towards Kakashi. He had not changed much since the beginning of the war. His silver hair was still in a disarray, his Sharingan hidden behind his Hitai-ate while the infamous mask remained in place. His green jounin jacket remained, although torn and bloodstained.

"Kakashi-sensei, there is no village to defend. We are equals." I heard my voice in my ears but was too numb from the battle to register what I was saying.

"Then why do you still call me sensei, eh Naruto?" The jounin shook his head, trying to lighten the mood but finding it unmovable. I heard soft steps coming towards us and turned slowly, watching Sakura walk away from our temporary camp holding a small baby. As she grew older, Sakura had never lost her fascination with pink and red. She now wore a black skirt and fishnet stockings with black army boots. Her shirt was still a bright red, but covered with a mesh top, giving it a darker appearance. Her hair was still vivid pink, ending near her shoulders as it had when she was a chuunin, her Leaf Hatai-ate still holding the locks in place.

"Congrats, Naruto. It's a girl," Sakura murmured, trying not to wake the sleeping child, to no avail. The baby opened her pale lavender gray eyes, displaying the trait made famous by the Hyuuga clan, the kekkai genkai Byakugan. I smiled seeing her eyes, so similar to her mother's.

"How is Hinata-chan?"

"She will be fine Naruto, she just needs rest. It's good that we had some much warning before the attack… If we had been surprised, I'm sure she would have lost the child if not her life." Sakura took a breath and smiled at the little baby still lying in her arms. "What are you going to name her, Naruto?"

"Hinata-chan and I were thinking…" I mumbled, Kakashi, Sakura, and the world fading away as I focused on the baby girl, my newborn daughter. I smiled. "Hana."

"I need to go check on Hinata, she's pretty exhausted." Sakura all but shoved my daughter into my arms as she spun on her heel and strode back towards the healers' tent. I smiled at my daughter before glancing up towards Kakashi.

"Hana, eh? Good name," he approved. I smirked lightly at the affectionate light in his eyes. As much as Kakashi could try to pretend he had no emotions, he could not perfect the act.

I turned my attention back to the newborn in my arms. Hana had inherited the wild blonde Namikaze hair, just like I had from my father. I smiled at the girl, she looked so much like Hinata-chan.

"Naruto-kun?" I heard a faint voice from the other side of the clearing and my head whipped up reflexively. I held the baby close as I ran towards the medical tent. I pushed the fabric aside and let myself inside. Hinata-chan was sitting up on a cot, I walked towards her side with a smile on my face.

"I'm here, Hinata-chan. How are you feeling?" I saw Sakura smile tiredly in the corner of my eye.

"Better, much better. Thank you again, Sakura-chan." Hinata-chan thanked Sakura wholeheartedly, causing Sakura to blush slightly.

"That's okay, Hinata-chan. I'm just glad you're okay. I'll need to keep you here for the next few days- if we're not attacked again, that is." Hinata nodded quickly and Sakura stretched before saying goodbye and leaving to check on another patient.

"Did you tell her yet, Naruto-kun?" Hinata-chan asked after a long pause. I shook my head before glancing in Sakura's direction. She was smiling over a woman, chatting away as her hands glowed with green light and she healed numerous cuts running along the villager's arms. "You're going to have to tell her eventually."

"Do we? We'll disappear, go back in time and change everything. This world will cease to exist, another future will be born. Hopefully a better one." I shuddered, hoping my words were true.

"I can't see one much better than this, Naruto-kun." She smiled brightly as she pulled our daughter to her chest. I smiled for a long second.

"Hopefully next time we can start a family without a war looming above our heads. Besides, if we can stop the Uchiha massacre, Sasuke-teme won't go looking for Orochimaru."

"I suppose… When did Kyuubi say we were leaving?" Hinata-chan spoke with such confidence, it always amazed me how she used to be such a shy and timid girl.

"He said as soon as you're ready to leave without raising suspicion. The cover story is we are going on a mission with Kakashi-sensei to investigate an abandoned Iwa base."

Hey Kit! That's not what I said! I told you to drag her-

I'm well aware of what you said, Kyuu. I just thought that saying that to a hormonal Hinata-chan would be a very bad idea. God, Hinata-chan's almost as bad as Sakura when we were all on Team 7.

Well hurry up! I told you and the girl, it would be easier to do this before the invasion got here. Now you've gone and depleted my chakra stores, chakra that just might save your life if something doesn't go exactly to plan!

What? There's a chance this won't work?

There's a chance everything might not work, baka! Go talk to your mate, you're annoying me.

Love you two, Kyuu.

Kyuubi muttered something intelligible before he severed the connection. Hinata-chan looked at me with worried eyes.

"What'd Kyuu say?"

"Not much, just that we should've left before the invasion. Same old, same old. He thinks it was a bad idea to wait around and use some of his chakra for the battle. He's just worrying again."

"You know, Naruto-kun, he is sealed inside of you. It might not be a bad idea to be a little friendly to him. After all, you're the only company he has, whether he wants it or not."

"I know, I know." Blah, blah, blah, OW!

"I know what you're thinking Naruto. I wouldn't do that again, if I were you." Hinata-chan raised her eyebrows, her fist still in the air, waiting to punch me again.

"I'm sorry… Love you?" I asked, uncertain if this was the answer she was looking for. Hinata smiled and lowered her fist back onto her lap.

"Love you too Naruto."

"Okay. You have your instructions and plans if something were to go amiss while we're gone. If that is all, I'd like to get started."

"Yes, Hokage-sama!" The various jounin and ANBU filed out of my tent just as Temari walked in.

"Temari, what a surprise!" And it was; her Leaf Hatai-ate was held in her fist and her eyes were watering slightly. I sighed, expecting this moment, dreading this moment. "You're leaving the Leaf, correct?" For a moment the woman looked stunned before she recovered and nodded once.

"Yes, Hokage-sama. It has been too long since I have seen Gaara and Kankuro. I-I don't even know if-"

"Temari. It's okay, I understand. You can go back to Suna, I wouldn't hold it personally. This isn't your village anymore, now that Shikamaru is- now that he's gone. You're free to leave, if anyone asks, you have already gotten my permission. Just- before you leave- do one thing for me?"


"Never call me Hokage-sama. I'm Naruto to you, and Gaara, and every single villager in both Konaha and Suna. It is an empty title now, I'm just another shinobi now. I'm not even sure if Hokage Mountain is still standing, let alone intact."

"Okay… Naruto."

"Thank you, Temari. Say hello to Gaara for me?"

"Sure thing. Goodbye Naruto. I'll see you soon." Temari left with a wave and a small, hopeful, smile. I watched her disappear out of sight before sighing. No, you won't.

I stood from my desk and stretched. Looking out of my tent, I saw an ANBU, still guarding the tent. I rolled my eyes, perfectly able of defending myself. I waved him over and instructed him to fetch Kakashi and Hinata. I could feel the ANBU's confusion, even behind his mask.

"Shino, I know its you. Just go get them."

"Hai!" He vanished and soon returned with Kakashi, Hinata not far behind. I thanked him and sat back down at my desk, saved from the invasion. I propped my feet up and waited for Kakashi-sensei and Hinata-chan to sit down.

"I think we should leave today." As expected, the two before burst into questions and complaints on the timing, but I held firm. "Listen to me, both of you. If we wait around, there is a chance that Iwa will find us and I will need to use more of Kyuubi's power to drive them off. If that happens, we will need to wait again till he is at full strength. The time-traveling jutsu is extremely draining, even for a demon like-"


"Shut up, Kyuu! I know your title!" I returned focus to the pair in front of my and flushed just a little, already embarrassed. Kakashi snickered and Hinata-chan smacked him on the arm. I cleared my throat and the two stopped playing around. "Come on, I'm going to need both of you uninjured. Hinata-chan, don't beat up Kakashi-sensei; Kakashi-sensei, don't pick a fight you can't win. Back to the plan: We're leaving today, deal with it. If I need to, I will pull rank," I raised an eyebrow, the corners of my mouth twitching into a smile. "We go under the ruse of a mission before we mysteriously disappear. The ANBU have instructions, but that shouldn't be needed. Once we're in the past, the future should automatically rewrite itself and this time will disappear."

"And what's keeping us from disappearing with it?" Hinata-chan asked.

"We are. The way Kyuu explained it, we basically just go back to when we were born, all of our memories and abilities intact but we will look like normal infants. Kakashi, Kyuu and I will mess with the jutsu a bit so you don't end up having to live you're entire life again, only the time where Hinata-chan and I overlap with yours. Before you ask, you cannot go back to save Obito. I'm sorry, but you're going to need your Sharingan when you're older.

"As I said, Hinata-chan and I will go back to when we were born. This means that I'll be around a few months before you, but a that shouldn't matter much. However, I'm orphaned. So you, Kakashi-sensei, are going to 'adopt' me, whatever the old man says. Just tell him that its because I'm your sensei's only son or something. He should buy that. After that, we just have to wait to make the right decisions at the right times and hope we don't screw up and end up killing someone important. Like Tsunade-baa-chan. That would not help anyone. Anything I missed?"

"Yeah… Since when am I adopting you?" Kakashi asked with a strange mix of anxiety and annoyance clashing in his mismatched eyes.

"Since I decided that if an ANBU captain is watching, people will be less likely to- I don't know, throw a kunai in my leg? 'Cause that really sucked the first time around. I'd rather not do that again."

"Okay… What about Sage-Mode? If I 'raise' you, Jiraiya might not take you in."

"Irrelevant. With the Demon Fox Summoning Scroll, kindly provided by one Kyuubi no Kitsune, I can master Sage Mode in my free time. Something I guess I'll have a lot of when I'm a toddler. Hinata-chan? Any questions?"

"Yeah. Who throw a kunai at you and where-"

"No killing villagers, Hinata-chan. I'm still in charge, I can't let my mate go on angry rampages throughout the camp." Hinata-chan looked a little disappointed, but I didn't buy it. "And I mean no."

"You're no fun," she pouted.

"And you've been talking to Kyuubi too much," I muttered, glancing at the seal on Hinata's left shoulder. It showed a golden fox with blue eyes standing beside a dark blue vixen with pale gray eyes. I glanced down at my own shoulder, the seal repeated. "Okay! I think that's it! Well… No real need to pack, but we should throw something together so we aren't too suspicious looking…" My voice drifted off as the three of us stood and began to walk towards the door.

Ten minutes later, Kakashi and I stood at the camp entrance. We were surrounded by a small pack of ninja dogs as well as ninja foxes that I had personally trained with Kiba when he was still alive. The dogs repeatedly growled at my foxes who just danced around the canines grinning. Kakashi ordered them to quiet down when I suddenly heard Hinata-chan running towards us from the center of the camp.

"Sorry… I … took so long," Hinata-chan smiled, out of breath.

"It's okay. What happened?"

"Oh! Sakura-chan didn't want me to leave Hana behind so early so I convinced her to take care of her while we were gone." I nodded in understanding, seeing the disguised distress hidden deep within my mate's lavender gray eyes. It almost hurts to leave her here, I thought to myself while Kyuubi sighed in agreement.

Welcome to parenthood kit. Foxes are especially protective of their mates and their kits.

Kyuu? You're a dad?

What, you think I've been stuck inside a human my entire life? No! I have two sons and a daughter.

Aww, what are their names?

The boys' are- Wait! Why am I telling you?

'Cause you love me?

Shut up and run, kit. Hinata's getting ahead of you.

I smirked at the bijuu sealed into me and laughed once at his expense before closing the distance between myself and Hinata-chan.

"We're almost there," she said, sounding distracted.

"It'll be okay, Hinata-chan. Everything will turn out right this time. I won't have Sakura's obsession with the lonely Uchiha, you won't deal with my obsession of Sakura, and we'll be together again. And, just for good measure, your father can stuff it."

"Oh my god! He'll be alive again! And Hanabi!… I'm not sure if I should celebrate or cry."

"I'd celebrate; everyone else will be alive again too. Or is that they're not dead yet? God, I hate time." I groaned to myself before Kakashi stopped dead in a wide clearing.

"We're here," he announced using his best 'I'm-so-bored-kill-me-now' voice, as I liked to call it.

"Good. Kyuu? Do you want to take over from here?"

Sure kit. Okay, you three close your eyes, its about to get really bright. And there might be a lot of noise. I've only done this once, and even then I didn't go to a set date… Hold on a minute…

A bright light filled my eyes as I struggled to close them. I heard a woman yell and another woman announce something to the rest of the room.

"It's a boy!" I kept my mouth and my eyes shut, not sure of how to react in this particular situation. "Kushina? Kushina! Hold on! I need a doctor over here! Kushina, do you hear me? Stay with my, Kushina, don't you want to see your son?"

"Na-Naruto?" I heard a very faint voice cough and I felt my head turn sharply towards the source as I opened my eyes slowly. On the hospital bed lay a red-headed woman who, in all seriousness, looked as if she were about to die. My eyes widened in shock as I realized what was happening. My mother is dying in front of me. I can't do anything to stop this. I spent the next few minutes in a painful silence, wishing my mother's heartbeat to start once more. It didn't.

A pair of hands grabbed at me and I began to cry, confused and dazed at what was happening. I heard a man yell something about the Yondaime and a battlefield. My stomach rolled as I realized what was happening; my father, the fourth Hokage, was about to seal the Kyuubi no Kitsune in me, sacrificing his life for the village he had sworn to protect with his life.

I felt a gentle hand on my arm, an attempt to distract me from the needle that was being embedded in my skin. I felt the anesthetic rush into my bloodstream and felt my energy leave me. I closed my eyes, giving up the urge to fight the drugs any longer.


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