~Two Weeks Later~

"Stop fidgeting," Sasuke hissed to me. I glared at him. I was not fidgeting, I was straightening my tie. Again. I glanced down at my black suit, fighting the urge to tear it to shreds.

The clearing was beautiful, the clouds softening the sunlight. There would have been singing birds if there was not a number of demon foxes and raccoons in attendance.

I stood in the gazebo, Sasuke at my side. I glanced at Hiruzen, presiding over the ceremony, and he nodded encouragingly. My eyes turned to Sakura, dressed in her lavender kimono. Her eyes were turned down the aisle of chairs, catching my attention.

The world melted away when my eyes caught Hinata-chan. She looked stunning, her kimono elegant and simple, embroidered with silver sakura petals, just like the kimono I had lent her so long ago. The dress was a paler purple than the bridesmaids' dresses, the obi pure white and stitched with silver branches. Her blushing face was hidden partially behind a sheer lace veil pinned into her hair. Her dark hair was smoothed into two buns, not unlike Tenten's normal style.

She walked easily, gracefully, down the aisle at her father's side. She met me in the gazebo, her father lifting her hand and placing it on my own arm. I couldn't help but smile.

You look so beautiful, I thought towards her. Hina-chan's blush darkened and she tightened her grip on my arm, smiling shyly under her veil.

I found myself not hearing Hiruzen, the background fading away as I gazed at Hinata-chan. When it came time to say our vows, I smiled broadly.

"I, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, vow that though time may pass, fortune may smile, trials may come; no matter what we may encounter together, I will love you, Hyuuga Hinata, always and everywhere."

"Hinata?" Hiruzen looked at Hina-chan. She smiled, her eyes watering.

"I, Hyuuga Hinata, vow that I will stay at your side, no matter what tries to part us. I swear to laugh with you in good times and to comfort you in bad. My body, heart, and soul all belong to you. I love you, Namikaze Naruto, always and everywhere," she smiled, tears falling down her cheeks as she stared into my eyes.

"Then, by the power vested in me as the Sandaime Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, I now pronounce you man and wife. Naruto, you may kiss your bride." I smiled as I lifted the veil covering my mate's face. I pulled her into my arms and the witnesses clapped and stood up when our lips met. Parting all too soon, we were soon rushed by our friends and family, all coming to congratulate us and wish us well.

"I hope for your sake she's not too troublesome," Shikamaru sighed. Temari smacked the back of his head.

"What he meant to say is that he hopes that you are happy together," Temari growled. Shikamaru shrank before the Suna kunoichi as she grabbed his wrist and pulled him away. Tenten and Neji took their place. My jaw fell just a bit as I noted their joined hands. Tenten released her hold on Neji, moving to hug Hinata-chan.

"Aww, Hinata-chan! I'm so happy for you," she smiled. Hina-chan blushed, beamed as her cousin nodded towards her, a small smile on his face.

"Thank you," Hinata-chan blushed, smiling towards me. I talked a little with Neji before Tenten dragged him away. I chuckled at the behavior, so much like their future- past?- selves.

"The infamous Kiiroi Kitsune settling down with a mate? Never thought I'd see the day," a familiar voice behind me chuckled. I turned, smiling at Gaara.

"Are you still upset that you weren't best man?" I joked. Gaara stuck his tongue out at me, stopping when Haku pushed him aside in her rush to congratulate us. After another tackling hug, Gaara pried the former Kiri kunoichi off of me and my mate.

The second he let go, Hinata-chan tackled Haku in a hug. I rolled my eyes at her revenge.

"Hinata-chan! You're in your wedding dress! You can't roll around on the grass," Ino scolded. Hina-chan stood from the ground, mumbling apologies as her blushed deepened even more. Her anger forgotten, Ino continued on to squeal about how beautiful the ceremony and Hinata-chan were. Gaara rolled his eyes at the change in personality.

"Does that happen a lot?" he asked out of the corner of his mouth. I sighed, nodding.

"Everyday. I'm pretty sure it's a kunoichi-" my reply cut off as I spotted movement in my peripheral vision. Turning my head, my face broke into a smile as I saw Sasuke, his arm around Sakura's waist as they both laughed. Gaara followed my gaze.

"It's about time those two decided they don't hate each other," Gaara chuckled. I nodded before glancing at Ino, hoping she hadn't noticed.

"So Ino, how's your dad? I haven't seen him around the Stand-By Station in a while." Ino shrugged.

"He's all right. He and Ibiki-san are still busy interrogator the Oto nin from the invasion." Hina-chan raised an eyebrow, concerned.

"The invasion? That was over two weeks ago," she frowned. Seeing the change in demeanor, Ino glanced around her, looking for something else to talk about. I winced when her eyes zeroed in on Sasuke and Sakura. Hina-chan followed Ino's eyes and smiled. "I thought there was something going on between them."

Ino glared at the pink haired kunoichi, almost growling.

"Billboard brow," she growled. I winced and grabbed her arms. "No! You- let go- of me!"

"Not if your going to go over there," I said calmly as the blonde struggled against my arms. Not giving up, Ino leaned to the side, trying to knock me off balance. "Not going to work," I said in a singsong voice. Ino huffed, still trying to break away. Haku sighed and stepped forward, hand raised. She smacked the back of Ino's neck, knocking her out.

"All done," she smiled at the now unconscious kunoichi. I sighed, picking Ino up.

"Haku-chan, you didn't need to knock her out; you should have let her blow off some steam. Now she'll wake up angry," Hinata-chan frowned, studying the blonde kunoichi's face.

"What's done is done," I sighed. "Let's get back to the house. We still have a party to throw, don't we?" I shrugged, holding out my arm. Hinata-chan accepted it, Gaara and Haku staying behind.

"We'll make sure everyone gets to the house," Gaara suggested. I smiled knowingly at the redhead and he blushed, clearing his throat. "Get going, lovebirds- foxes? Either way, get out of here."

"Sure thing, love- raccoons?" I winked. Haku blushed and Hinata-chan bit her lip, trying not to smile. We Hiraishined away, to the kunai I left on the coffee table in the living room. I placed Ino down on the couch and walked outside as Hinata-chan placed a blanket over her.

Staring at the backyard from the porch, I smiled. Paper lanterns hung from ninja wire over all the tables, winding around the patio and the pool. White hibiscus floated lazily on the rippling water, reflecting the setting sun. The tables were all covered with a pale lavender tablecloth and set with silverware. In the center of the patio, a long table stretched from one end of the patio to the other, covered with food. In the center of the long table sat the wedding cake.

Going along with Hina-chan's wishes, I had made my super crazy amazingly addictive triple chocolate cake, as it was now named. The cake itself was built into three tiers, each wider than the one above it. The two lower layers was frosted in dark chocolate frosting, the last in milk chocolate. Cherries and lilac blossoms made of sugar dotted the cake, a small figurine of Hina-chan and I sculpted out of ice- courtesy of Yuki Haku- adorned the top.

Finishing admiring my handiwork, I took my place at a table, as assigned by Sakura and Hinata-chan. Hinata-chan came outside, her kimono replaced by a white dress. No longer reflecting the Hyuuga clan, Hina-chan opted for a strapless floor length gown. The fabric darkened as it got closer to the ground, ending in a dark violet at the hem. She smiled at me, taking the seat beside me.

We watched as people drifted in, saying congrats one more time, and take their assigned seats around the patio. When everyone was seated, a voice yelled out for a speech. Pushing Sasuke up, Sakura smiled deviously.

"Okay, okay, I'll talk," he coughed, smiling between Hina-chan, myself, and Sakura. "First, if anyone here gets married, don't make me the best man. I suck at speeches." A few people laughed and Sasuke glanced at me. I nodded encouragingly, and he sighed. "First, congrats you two. Hinata, I'm so sorry you're stuck with my dobe of a sensei," he chuckled, lifting his glass to me.

"Oi," I called warningly. Sasuke only chuckled at me. "That dobe of a sensei can kick your ass."

"Yes, I seem to remember you cracking my femur when we were sparring," he chuckled. "But then, after all that crap I put you through, every insult I tried to throw at you, you still looked out for me. You'd make sure I was okay after our spars and you were next to me through every tight spot I've been in. I once told you that everyone I cared about was dead and you looked ready to punch me in the face. You told me that I cared about people whether I wanted to or not. It was only when we were in Wave that I realized something. We are brothers, Naruto. So, Hinata? Welcome to the family," Sasuke smiled, sitting back down as the crowd clapped. Sakura got up next, blushing slightly.

"Tough act to follow," she mumbled, glancing at Sasuke. "First, congrats again," she smiled at us. "Naruto, I remember the first thing I did when I found out you were our jounin sensei with Kakashi-sensei, back in my happily abandoned fan girl days. I saw you and thought, 'how is this baka stronger than my Sasuke-kun?' Then you shut me up before I could say anything. Do you remember what you said?" she asked me, smiling as she told her story. I chuckled.

"Glaring is not going to make me any weaker, just as it will not make you and Sasuke stronger. Instead of complaining about my position, work on improving yours," I answered. Hiruzen chuckled in the background at my maturity.

"And I kept hating you," Sakura said, shaking her head in disbelief. "I don't think I even liked you until I started learning medical ninjutsu. You taught me that there was something other than fighting, in both my career and my attitude with people. Hinata-chan, don't lose this one," she smiled at my mate before sitting back down.

Hiruzen stood, holding his glass.

"A toast," he proposed. Everyone picked up their glasses, staring expectantly at the Sandaime. "To the Namikazes, let Kami keep you in this world both happy and together, safe from harm and hardship."

"To the Namikazes!" everyone chorused, lifting their glasses to their lips. Hinata-chan and I laughed, intertwining our arms before drinking the white wine.