Chapter 1

Hey everyone I am starting a new series! This one takes place of course after "Stranger Tides" and it takes place in a made up town next to Port Royal that will be called Port Prince and it's not too far from Port Royal and it is a pirate port that the guards of Port Royal know nothing of. I changed the fate of Will and Elizabeth and they are happily married in Port Royal with a 17 year old son. Angelica wasn't exactly lying when she said she was "with child" but instead of saying she was pregnant she instead already had a child in Port Prince, a daughter named Alayna who is also 17 years old. Only Angelica knows Jack is the father, but Alayna doesn't know the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow is her father… yet. Hell, Jack doesn't even know yet! Hope you guys enjoy the story!

"Okay, okay, I, Alayna Beard, will not climb through Garrett Turner's window, ever, again," Alayna said as Garrett laughed and held the bag of ice to her swollen wrist.

"Well you can climb through just don't fall on the way in next time," He said half chuckling. Alayna knew he was trying to hide his laughter but the moonlight revealed his gleaming smile.

"Well maybe if I wasn't trying so hard to be quiet so I wouldn't wake up your parents I would not have fallen into your room and twisted my wrist," she retorted.

"Yes and in trying to be quiet you made more noise," He commented back.

"Well if we hear footsteps I'll hide under your bed. Besides I'm sure there's enough hiding places for every member of this town to hide in considering this mansion is so large," Alayna took the ice bag from him and looked at her wrist. She walked towards the window so she could look at the damage under the moonlight since all the candles in Garrett's room were out. She couldn't blame him though since it was about 2am.

My wrist was turning all sorts of unnatural colors. Yellow, blue, maybe some green in there too.

"Did you break it?"

"No, I would imagine it would be more painful, I'll be fine,"

"There's no way you can leave the same way you came in without screaming in pain though,"

"Yes that's probably correct," Alayna admitted trying to turn her wrist.

"Well you can of course stay the rest of the night if you'd like,"

"Oh yes I'm sure your parents would be thrilled to see me exiting your room in the morning, just like they were even thrilled to meet me…" Alayna said, staring off into space mentioning the last part of that sentence.

"It's not that they don't like you…"

"No Garrett they really don't like me. I can't even tell them where I live or they'd report it to Norrington and your grandfather is the governor and it would just be a mess, and every time they see me my hair's a mess, my clothes are dirty and my face is dirty,"

"Well that's not your fault," Garrett said attempting to make her feel better, "I like your dirty black hair and you can barely notice the dirt on your face with your tan skin," He concluded sticking his tongue out at Alayna.

"Well anyways, how's that girl you've been courting? What's her name?" Alayna asked settling herself in the window sill.

"Mary, and she's alright I suppose. I just don't know if she's the one I'll marry, you know? But she's already making wedding arrangements! I'm feeling a little trapped, but my parents really like her," Garrett confessed to her while settling himself opposite Alayna

"Sounds like a tough situation, glad I'm not you!" She said pointing at him and laughing.

"Well what about you missy?" He called her missy a lot, a nickname she didn't hate but didn't absolutely love either.

"Port Prince really doesn't have a lot of good options in case you didn't know," Alayna responded, "besides I don't think I'll be married for a long time,"

"Well maybe, and maybe not,"

"Yeah, let's just go with that," she said smiling looking at the moon. It was a full moon and there was an ocean breeze coming through the window.

"How's your mother?" Garrett asked curiously.

"Angelica? I don't see her very often, she's home every once in a while then she takes off again with my grandfather, but she never lets me go with her," Alayna said solemnly.

"Is that why you're here now?"

"She wouldn't care either way if I didn't come home for nights at a time but yes she is currently gone right now, she hasn't been back in two months,"

"Where do you sleep, Alayna?" Garrett asked concerned.

"Oh we have a small home, thanks to my grandfather Blackbeard, he has his, "persuasive" ways,"

"You mean using the point of a sword?"

"Well yes but not just any sword… his sword, which can control almost anything,"

"Oh fancy, but don't you get lonely?"

"Well that's why I'm here isn't it?" Alayna said laughing. Garrett laughed too, but not in an agreeable way.

"Alayna I've known you since we were 10 and your mother has never been gone for this long, in fact you never even told me that she leaves you alone,"

"It's a pirate's life I suppose," she whispered. Alayna looked at Garrett. His brown hair came down close to his eyes but not long enough to hide them. They were bright hazel, while Alayna's were brown. Plain old brown. Then the two heard thuds coming from outside the door. Before Alayna could duck under the bed, Garrett's father William Turner barged in and was shocked to see them sitting in the window sill.

"Good evening Mr. Turner," Alayna said calmly and smiling slightly. Will nodded slightly confused and looked at his son who, even though it was dark, was turning multiple shades of red.

"Alayna, nice to see you, but not at three in the morning,"

"Is it really? Sorry I can't keep track of the time," Alayna said slightly sarcastic.

"I think it would be best if you left, I'm sure Garrett can show you to the door,"

"Sure thing," she said quietly. It was awkward walking past Will with Garrett following close behind.

Will studied Alayna carefully as she walked by. He watched his son escort her down the stairs. When he knew the coast was clear he hurried back to his and Elizabeth's room.

"She was here again," He whispered to his darling wife who was still half asleep.

"Who?" She asked sleepily.

"Alayna," Will responded quietly.

"What time is it!" Elizabeth asked getting up quickly.

"It's 3am, but Elizabeth, I saw her, the black curly hair, tan skin, big eyes, all the same facial features…"

"Oh Will you're not still thinking about this are you?"

"Elizabeth she even acts like him, even slightly walks like him, you must believe me…"

"I'm really sorry about that Alayna," Garrett began to say as Alayna walked out the front door.

"No, don't worry about it, really," Alayna smiled only half looking back at Garrett. She sighed as the door shut quietly behind her. It took Alayna a moment to decide to not look back at the mansion as she continued walking. It was lonely growing up with barely a mother and no father.

The walk to Port Prince was about 30 minutes. It was a beautiful walk by the ocean and then through the woods. It was a walk that Alayna had taken so many times she could walk it in her sleep. She often thought of her father when she walked along the ocean shore. Her mother told her many stories of how her father sailed the seas and how he was always on the run from some form of legal control. He was a fearsome pirate, but Alayna's grandfather, Black Beard, despised her father. Apparently Alayna also looked a lot like her father, maybe that's why her grandfather didn't always pay much attention to Alayna.

The walk along the ocean veered off to the right to a tiny trail in the woods. Most people would not even notice it. In fact, it wasn't even an official trail. Alayna's many trips back and forth from Fort Royal to Fort Prince formed a small trail about the width of an average adult. Alayna's fear of the woods at night alone always made her weary even though she had little to be afraid of. There was only one time that a man tried to capture her in the woods back when Alayna was 13. He was a large, husky man. The smell of rum was heavy on his breath and he was stumbling through the woods and tried to grab Alayna but his drunken stagger caused him to fall over himself while Alayna ran away. She didn't travel to Port Royal for almost a month after that. When she finally went back through she practically sprinted the entire way. Garrett thought she had seen a ghost.

Alayna had actually met Garrett when they were 10 years old right at the opening of the trail. He was sitting on the beach playing with small figurines. Alayna had gotten lost in the woods and was trying to find her way back. She thought she had made it back to Port Prince. When she asked Garrett though, he told her where she was and she sat down and cried.

"What are you crying for, girl?" Garrett asked innocently. That's where their friendship began.

When Alayna arrived back at Port Prince, the streets were awfully quiet considering it was basically the same as Tortuga. Those in Port Royal didn't know about Port Prince even though it was merely miles away. The town of Port Prince was in the shape of the letter L, with the horizontal part of the "L" down by the ocean and docks. The vertical part was crowded on both sides of the road with pubs, stores, and more pubs. Along the outskirts of the town there were houses, one being Alayna's. Right in the middle of the stores was the main pub. The central pub was of course open, and seemed to be where everyone was that evening. Alayna decided to see what was going on in the busy pub. She could barely squeeze through the masses of drunken men and women.

"What's going on?" Alayna asked one of the more sober, maybe sober isn't the right word, more like less impaired, men.

"That man right over there ya see las? That be Captain Jack Sparrow," The man said. Alayna had heard of the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. He was famous in the pirate world. Alayna had seen him very few times; he rarely came to this port. When Alayna asked her mother about him though, she got very agitated and changed the subject, just calling him a foul man.

And there he was, sitting on a barstool with a typical saloon whore sitting on his lap. He was actually pretty sober. He was telling of his latest adventure to find the Dead Man's Chest. Alayna crossed her arms and leaned against one of the buildings support beams listening to the man's stories. Alayna was captivated in wonder of this man. The way he talked and told stories. She was simply hypnotized. When story time was over, Alayna continued to look at him. He talked for a moment to the woman sitting on top of him, then smiled and she got up. She pecked him on the lips and whispered something to him. Then she headed towards the stairs, he followed close behind. He caught Alayna looking at him. They stared at each other for a few moments before Alayna looked away and walked out of the pub. She walked to the far vertical end of the "L" and veered off to the right towards her small two bedroom home.

Alayna yawned as she walked inside and closed the door. She hardly noticed Angelica sitting at the kitchen table, almost waiting for Alayna to come home.

"Where have you been?" Angelica asked quizzically.

"Hello Angelica. I've been out,"

"It's nearly five in the morning, what makes you think it's safe for a young girl to be out and about?"

"You haven't been here in two months, why would you care?" Alayna asked Angelica angrily. Angelica could only look down. She looked exhausted.

"I know, I didn't intend to be gone that long, I apologize, now why don't you go to bed," Angelica said.

"No, I don't want to, I'm 17 years old, I don't have to listen to you," Alayna declared sitting down across from Angelica, "In fact I want to know where you've been for two months. For those two months that I had to scavenge for food, dress like a man just to find work, worry every night that I stayed here that someone would come kill me in the night, or that I'd be raped just walking through town?" Alayna asked a little angrier.

Just then Black Beard came bursting into the kitchen from the next room over.

"How dare you talk to your mother that way you insignificant little wench!" He screamed, walking across the kitchen to Alayna and smacking her hard across the face. The initial pain stung, and a tear jerked from Alayna's eye. She was shocked and frightened.

"Father!" Angelica yelled. Black Beard glared at Alayna then at Angelica.

"She was a mistake, Angelica, I can't believe you even kept her!" Black Beard yelled. Alayna could smell the whisky on his breath.

"You're drunk, father, get back to bed, please," Angelica pleaded, getting up and holding her father back. Alayna got up from the table and stormed out of the house.

"Alayna, please, come back!" Alayna heard Angelica yell from the house, but she kept walking.