Garrett's POV

Just like that, she was gone. She was just there with him this morning. Her beautiful smile hovering over him. He should have woken up with her. Instead he just went back to sleep. He ran out of the house after Jack.

"Where are we going to look?!" Garrett hollered to Jack as he walked briskly back towards the woods.

"I don't bloody know yet boy!" Jack screamed back at him. When Garrett caught up to Jack he went to grab his shoulder. At the feel of Garrett's touch, Jack whipped around and punched Garrett square in the face. Garrett fell backwards onto the ground forcefully.

"What the hell was that for?!" Garrett yelled, scrambling to his feet.

"This is your fault. You were with her this morning why didn't you go with her!?"

"How would I have known?!" Garrett screamed in disbelief.

"STOP IT! BOTH OF YOU!" Will screamed.

"That's what you don't understand about her Garrett. I haven't even known her for a year and I know what she's like! She's my daughter! It's no surprise she went off alone and did something stupid like this!" Jack rebelled.

They both took a step back to breathe for a moment. Garrett looked at Jack who had his back turned and his hands on his hips.

"The compass! That's the answer!" Jack yelled.

"What?" Garrett asked confused.

"It will bring me to her, she's what I'd want most!" Jack took off into the woods. Garrett barely had time to think about it, he just took off after Jack and Will did the same. They ran straight back into Port Royal and right up to the house, without regarding the confused towns people.

Angelica's POV

She was waiting with Elizabeth in the kitchen, pacing back and forth.

"What if something happened?" She posed

"She's probably fine Angelica," Elizabeth reasoned, "She was just going to gather a few things,"

Just as Elizabeth finished her thought, Jack, Garrett and Will came bursting through the door out of breath.

"She's gone," Jack gasped. Angelica and Elizabeth's jaws dropped. Jack fumbled around looking for his compass. When he found it he practically ripped it from his body. He opened it and waited for the compass to settle. Except it didn't point south out the door and towards the sea, it pointed right at Angelica. Jack looked up at her with wide eyes. He took a few quick steps forward, grabbed Angelica by the waist and gave her a big kiss on the lips. When he let go he looked down at his compass again while Angelica, Elizabeth, Garrett and Will all looked at Jack in disbelief. No luck though, the compass was still pointing to Angelica. Jack looked up at her and gave an awkward grin.

"Nice try, now we can't find our daughter," Angelica said angrily and smacked Jack across the face. Jack took a step back caressing the side of his face where he had been hit and looked at Angelica with slight hurt.

"Give me the compass," Garrett demanded. Jack turned, still rubbing his face, and handed him the compass. Garrett turned it towards him and watched as the needle spun and pointed in all directions, trying to decide the fate of Garrett's biggest desire. It finally settled south. He turned and looked out the door from which the just entered and saw the needle pointing towards the ocean.

Garrett turned back towards the others and smiled, "Let's go get her, shall we?" At that, everyone scrambled. Elizabeth ran to her room to change into other clothes, Angelica got changed and Jack gathered his other things and Will and Garrett waited.

"Let's go we can't waste any more time!" Garrett hollered. They all hurried down the stairs and out the door. The first place to go was to Port Prince to actually get to Jack's ship. Elizabeth had not been on the trail to Port Prince in so long she had forgotten how much she hated it. She stayed by Will's side the entire time. Garrett, Jack and Angelica were practically running. It was still early morning, so not as many people were out in the streets questioning what they were up to.

"Go to the ship, I have to rally up as many of me crew as I can," Jack said. The rest did as they were told, except Angelica. Angelica went right with Jack.

"Jack, are we going to find her?" For the first time, Jack saw Angelica let her guard down. He stopped and turned to her with sympathy. If he hadn't come back to this port none of this would have happened. He gently put his hands on her shoulders and looked her in the eye.

"Yes lass, we're going to find our daughter," He tried to say with all the confidence he had. Angelica looked down and nodded.

"Now come on, we have to get moving," Jack said taking her hand and leading her towards the pub where Jack first saw Alayna spying on him.