A/N: What's up? Aaron is back. Summer vacation started today for me and most of the other students, who go to Zion Benton. Alright, I felt as it is summer there has to be another summer story on here, Fanfiction. I picked our favorite pair of cousins: Duncan Rosenblatt and Dash Marshall. The two heading their father's seaside mansion for the summer. Isabel Vasques, Kenny Rogers and Jenna Shwartzendrube are coming with their friends. Man, I can't wait to start but final words are HAPPY READING.

Disclaimer: Firebreather (c) Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn

Stephanie Dash and Blazer Marshall (c) Me

The bell rang and signaling summer vacation for the unusual group of students. Duncan Rosenblatt and his cousin, Dash Marshall were a part of this group. Both, Duncan and Dash had the heritages of Kaiju and human. Isabel Vasques was also part of this group as the Kaiju expert and the loner, Kenny Rogers as their best friend. The student council representative, Jenna Shwartzendruber was Duncan's girlfriend. All of them were planning to spend the summer together at seaside mansion. Dash only been there once but it was always his favorite place in the world. He didn't expect that Belloc and Blazer were going to show and have a great time with their sons. The teens walked towards Duncan's house where Dash and his mom, Stephanie were staying for some time. Dash and Duncan share a room like when they were younger but they're not that short anymore.

Dash opened the door. The other followed and crashed onto the couch from just watching Dash jump. To Duncan was hilarious. It got the others tired just watching him. Margaret walked out of the kitchen with her best friend, Stephanie. She was always surprised at Dash's excitement each time seeing it. It really reminder her of what Blazer was exactly when she met the Kaiju. He couldn't stay still for a minute or second but that was without coffee. Man, he was a handful when he was like that. Dash got the gene bad.

The three humans went home and planned to come by the next day in the morning. Dash and Duncan were excited. They only been there once but Dash only had the memory of it. He couldn't think of why. He shrugged the thought off for awhile. He and Duncan were told to go pack up by Margaret. Dash moaned of boredom when he hit his bed. Duncan chuckle at his cousin's exhaustion. The half-breeds were waiting until tomorrow official days of fun to start. The smaller built half-breed wondered why that place was so familiar. He has been there before when he was four or younger and Duncan caught the fly with his cousin's thoughts.

"Hey, what are you thinking?" Duncan waved his hand over Dash's face.

"Huh?" Dash looked from Duncan's hand to his face. A smile come to it and Dash looked like he was going kill his cousin.

"What's up? You're all spaced out."

"I just have a feeling that I've been there."

Duncan looked with shock towards the other half-breed and spoke, "I know. I feel it too."

Dash put a hand though his hair. Something was familiar about the villa of their fathers. They packing their luggage and carried them to the door. Stephanie and Margaret watched them fool around. If they didn't know it, they probably acted like brothers very time.

"Step, they're a lot like their fathers and they don't even know." Margaret said giggling.

"I know but I wondered if that's good or not." Stephanie said worried.

"They're going to fine plus Barnes is going with them."

"I doubt it. Dash doesn't like Barnes much."

"You worry too much." Margaret side-hugged her friend, "You know both will be fine."
Stephanie shook her head as it was usually Margaret giving her the prep talk of the centuries.