Memories or Just a Dream

Dash's POV
I slept uneasily unlike I do on a daily basic. I mean I was dreaming if watching my younger self with dad and mom. I couldn't imagine where we were at a villa. A seaside villa. Man, this is freaking me out. Maybe I was having a flashback. I was running around like crazy. Dad was chasing me and I was smiling, which I didn't remember dad ever come to visit mom and I. It was a very rare sight for people see even Dun knew that. I never smiled even at a funny joke. I only smiled around him, Aunty M and mom. I watched my younger self escaped my father's grasp. I laughed and Dad's expression was like what happened. I smiled. I felt the place shake. A sandstorm started up in my dreamland or memory. I couldn't decide on which it was. I was shaking.

Normal POV
Isabel was excited. Kenny and Jenna arrived to the home where the half-breeds sleep. Margaret asked them go wake up her son and nephew. Isabel had a video camera with her because she wanted record the whole trip. A seaside villa is a great place to let them star in their own film.

"We are about to enter the cave of the half-breed' resting grounds." Isabel announced into the camera.

"Don't you mean Dash's and Duncan's room?" Kenny raised an eyebrow.

"Fine but my way of saying it is much cooler." Isabel pouted.

"You guys!" Jenna yelled quietly.

Both of them shut up for their own good. Dash was sleeping towards the wall. Hardly, he was making a sound. Duncan, on the other hand, wasn't much noisy but he was loud. How does Dash sleep across from him? The three shrugged. Isabel sneaked to Duncan's bed and whispered, "This is Duncan Rosenblatt. He's the son of king of the Kaiju." The camera was turned towards Dash now, "Dash Marshall is the next specimen."

"Isabel, get that camera out of my face." Dash moved the camera out of his view. He sat up and looked at his friends. He told them, "You're all crazy."

Dash threw his pillow at his cousin. Duncan yawned into his pillow and tossed his cousin's pillow back at him. Dash laughed. Jenna, Kenny and Isabel went out of the room so the guys could get dress. Duncan came out with a red shirt and old blue jeans. The other had his green sleeves with black top and light blue jeans. Dash yawned heavily and fell onto the couch to watch some cartoons. He laughed at their idiotic high jinks. Jenna had Duncan's arm around her. Isabel was sitting on the floor in front of Dash. Kenny was sitting on one of the chairs. Dash took a pillow and threw it at Duncan again. Jenna, Kenny and Isabel started laughing but Isabel's laughing was stopped by the same pillow.

"You've got to love our lives." Dash joked.

"Being half-monster has it preps or something, Dash?" A voice came into play.

"No, it doesn't but transforming and superpowers. Nope." Dash answered his gym teacher.

"Whatever. Those abilities are powers that you wheel." Blitz said

Dash thought, 'Yet, I'm still normal.'

"When are we going?" Kenny asked.

"The two Kaiju are already there." Blitz said tensely.

"They know where it is. You don't, Barnes." Margaret scowled. She turned to the two cousins and hugged, "You two, behave got it?"

"You know it, mom." Duncan grinned.

"Got ya, Auntie M," Dash smiled. Barnes huffed. He was crushing on a woman in love with a monster and had his kid. The two boys laughed it up. They were inseparable and knew that their bond wasn't going to be broken. The five teens got into the van of their gym teacher. Duncan got the front. Kenny was sitting up by Jenna. Kenny wanted to sit by Isabel. Isabel pulled Dash along with her to the back seats. He didn't mind she was his best friend. Kenny kept on glaring at him. He felt eyes watching him. Isabel pulled away.

"Hey, Kenny," Dash whispered.

"What?" Kenny whispered harshly.

"Me and Isabel have nothing."

"Like I believe that."

"Ken, I'm not kidding. Is is like a sister to me."

"I don't believe you."

"Fine, don't. That's the truth."

Dash felt that this vacation was going to be a long one. His friend, who has a crush on his best friend, has a problem with him. Now, he might have to deal with this and maybe a monster attacking. Dash sighed, closed his eyes and muttered, "This is going be the longest vacation I ever had."