Chapter 20 Final Fantasy.

Phoebe casts a spell to make her baby's powers become hers for 24 hours.

"We're all set?" Piper checked again and again and again.

"Piper. Chill!" Prue advised.

They orbed into the underworld.

"Okay, the plan one more time." Paige asked.

"The spell paralyse them, we throw the potions that disarm their powers, Phoebe daggers. Then Piper uses the potions to get inside their body and blows them all up." Paige answered.

Neena and Hogan shimmered behind the sisters attempting to thwart their plans. Phoebe knocked them out with her king-fu like skills. They all said the spell. It paralysed Emperor Leva and Diosus as they just appeared. They all threw the potion, Phoebe went to dagger Emperor Leva but she grabbed Phoebe.

"I am immune to your powers and I will turn your sister evil. Once more." Emperor Leva cackled and they vanished.

To be continued.

Look in episode 2 to find out what happens next!