A/N: So, today is Beth's (Poet on the Run) birthday, and I asked her what sort of story she wanted. And she asked for Dandy (a pairing I dreamed up but have yet to really write anything for.) She also asked for a Jess (which I promise is coming). Anyway, that one Dandy fic turned into a drabble series. So here is drabble one of "Fine & Dandy". (Dandy= Dana/Andy, btw.)

Happy Birthday Beth!


Fine & Dandy

(97. Sound)

"Dana, where are you off to?" Axel Turner's stern voice called.

Dana huffed in frustration but turned to face her father with a big smile. "Dad, Hi!"

"You're going across the lake, aren't you?" Axel asked as he quirked an eyebrow at her.

"We've talked about this, dad," Dana said pleasantly as she fished her oar out of the canoe. "Remember? When it's my free time I can go where ever I'd like. That includes visiting my friends who just happen to attend Camp Rock."

"This isn't because of Brown's nephew, is it?"

Dana rolled her eyes. "No, dad. We broke up, remember? You offered to buy me a car as a congratulations gift."

"Which you refused for reasons I still don't understand," Axel said with a teasing grin. "I think that's a big accomplishment. You're no longer dating the nephew of my rival. That's a good thing for me. Besides, you have to admit that a new car would have made you feel a bit better about the whole thing."

She smiled softly and shook her head. "No, dad, it would not have. Now, if you'll excuse me I told Ella I'd meet her on the pier by four o'clock. I'll be back for dinner. Promise."

"I'll hold you to that," Axel said with a small smile and a nod. He helped Dana into the canoe and watched her row off with a displeased expression. The problem he had was not with Camp Rock itself, but with Brown Cesario. Dana knew from past experience that anything Brown did, and did well, upset her father. So, her spending time with people so close to Brown worried him. Dana had told him numerous times that she never visited Camp Rock for Brown (although, Dana respected Brown Cesario a great deal. That was something she would never tell her father.) Dana visited Camp Rock for everyone else. For the girls, mostly. She wasn't particularly close to any of the guys (well, other than Nate.) Speaking of Nate, their relationship was odd. They were no longer dating, and they were trying to be friends. But it was hard to be friends with someone when you knew things about them that only a boyfriend or a girlfriend would know. She and Nate were still trying to figure out how to deal with that. She definitely didn't have feelings for him anymore. If she did then she wouldn't have grown so close to Ella.

Ella had accidentally let it slip at the beginning of the summer that she'd had a crush on Nate for nearly two years. Once the words had been out of Ella's mouth the shorter girl had turned pink and said, "I—I didn't mean to say that. Can we pretend this never happened? I'd rather no one know that I have—well, I mean, that I—have feelings for you know who."

That was the moment Dana knew she was over Nate. The knowledge that someone else wanted her ex-boyfriend hadn't bothered her one bit. In fact, she'd found herself wanting to help Ella. From then on Ella became one of her best friends. Ella and Nate were very close. They weren't dating, but apparently over the course of the school year they'd ended up texting and e-mailing frequently. Nate knew of every big event that had happened in Ella's life over the past year, and Ella now called Nate out whenever he struggled to admit what he was feeling. They had inside jokes and everything else you'd imagine two best friends would have. Only there was something else between them that lingered and encircled them every time they were together. Dana saw it for herself every day.

"Dana!" Ella said excitedly as Dana finally pulled up to the Camp Rock dock.

"Hey, Ells!" Dana replied as she tied off the boat and got out.

Ella approached and grabbed Dana's hand to drag her off toward the tiny and rather crowded Wardrobe Cabin. Ella had made all the arrangements with Brown on her own. She'd called Camp Rock alumni and had managed to find enough people who would sponsor the wardrobe department and give them money for supplies and fabric. No one really knew how she'd convinced so many Alumni to help her out, but she'd definitely worked hard to make the wardrobe department what it currently was.

"You have to come with me," Ella said urgently. "I've made you something completely fabulous. You'll love it."

"For what?" Dana asked curiously.

Ella shrugged. "I don't know. I was bored."

Dana chuckled. "Okay, well thanks."

They headed off to the wardrobe cabin but Dana was distracted by something else and stopped mid stride. She tilted her head and glanced through the door of the cabin to her right. She recognized it as the drum cabin. Ella finally noticed Dana wasn't walking beside of her and turned to look at her.

"Dana? What's up?"

"What's that sound?" Dana asked with a furrowed brow. It didn't sound like the normal drum set that Nate often played.

"Probably Andy. He's always in the cabin banging on or hitting one thing or another," Ella said casually.

Dana slowly approached and peeked inside the door. There was a guy about her age playing a pair of conga drums. His eyes were closed and he was pounding out complex rhythms with extremely fast hands. Her eyes widened and she looked genuinely impressed. She looked behind her at Ella who had stepped up onto the bottom stair on the porch.

"He's good," Dana said with a small smile.

"He should be. He spent last summer at a music conservatory studying percussion," Ella told her.

"A conservatory? As in…a place for serious classical study?" Dana asked.

Ella nodded. "He decided he missed Camp too much to go back this summer. He and Nate are splitting the drum classes this year."

"Wow," Dana said as she continued to watch him play. "Why haven't I met him before?"

"He's kind of shy," Ella told her.

"I'm kind of shy," Dana told her.

Ella laughed. "Dane, you are not shy. You're just…an introvert. There's a difference."

"So then if I'm an introvert…what are you?" Dana asked with a grin.

"An extravert. Definitely."

"And who taught you all of this?" Dana asked knowingly.

Ella blushed and smiled secretively. "Nate."

"Figures," Dana said with a chuckle as she turned back to watch Andy play some more. "Do you think I'll ever actually get to meet him?"

"Sure," Ella said brightly. "If you want I could introduce you during free time tomorrow." Ella smirked at her. "Why? Do you find him interesting?"

Dana shrugged unconvincingly and bit her bottom lip. "He just seems cool, that's all."

Ella chuckled. "Yeah, he's cool. That's what it is. Come on, I need you to try this outfit on before our free time ends."

Dana hesitantly stepped away from the door and followed Ella. "Fine, I'm coming."