- rockinthemBriefs [RB] began pestering ectoBiologist [EB] at 14:17 -

RB: Hey John.

EB: hey!

RB: Hey, you know those people I was telling you about?

RB: Panty and Stocking?

EB: yeah, what about them?

RB: Well, I couldn't get them to agree to play with us...

EB: oh that sucks

RB: I should have figured, knowing them, I just thought maybe they might wanna try it.

[EB: well, you're going to have to keep trying because, i don't think i'll be able to make it either

RB: Huh? Why not?

EB: well, my dad's been talking about piano lessons

EB: he said i'm gonna start taking some soon

RB: Oh man, you need to do everything you can to get out of them.

RB: My dad made me take piano lessons, and they were AWFUL

EB: i dunno, it seems kinda fun

EB: but i'll do everything i can to delay them though

RB: Of course, that might've been because I was also learning the violin, the bassoon, and the clarinet, but whatever.

EB: ah

EB: i'm not gonna ask

RB: Oh, happy birthday, by the way!

EB: oh thanks!

RB: Did you get the beta yet?

EB: no not yet. it's probably in the mail, but i'm not gonna risk running into my dad to get it

RB: Oh, alright.

RB: I mean, as long as it's there to be taken.

RB: Well, if you manage to get a hold of it today, maybe we can start playing?

EB: i'll give it a shot

EB: i guess i'll talk to you when i have it then?

RB: Yeah, sure. I mean I've got my copy in my bag right now, hold on a sec, lemme grab it.

RB: ...Uh oh.

EB: what's wrong?

RB: Oh man, I must've left the thing at school!

EB: oh no!

EB: how are you gonna get it?

RB: Well, it might take me a while, but I guess I can hoof it down to the school.

RB: It's probably sitting in my locker.

RB: I'll probably be back in like 45 minutes, I'll give you a shout once I get back with it, maybe you'll have your copy by then.

EB: ok

EB: cool

RB: Alright, later!

- rockinthemBriefs [RB] ceased pestering ectoBiologist [EB] at 14:18 -