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The Sister Returns

Summary: Four years have passed since Kara left her brother's now she's back. Stronger then ever but there's a problem two strangers have invaded her lands, and they want revenge on Kara and her brothers

Prologue ~the Wind Returns~

Moonlight covered the village as Suki hid in the shadows if anyone saw her she would be scolded for being out too late at night. She was the daughter of the village elder she had a role to portray, but Suki didn't care she was still a young girl who wanted nothing more than to wander off into the meadow and play in the wild flowers. Suki smiled when she ran out of the village, unseen by anyone of course this wouldn't be the first time she's snuck out of her home just to go into the meadow. There was a reason why she snuck out every night, because she still hoped that the wind would suddenly appear once again.

Four years have gone by and the small village has long forgotten the wind. Suki could still remember how it was like, the wind in her face, playing with her as she danced around. How she missed the air element, but of course she knew why the element disappeared. Because the owner of the air was no longer with them, Suki laid down in the grass hearing the sound of the river close by. The strong smell of the forgotten cotton field floated it's way to her. She knew what she was doing was dangerous for the past few days her village has been attacked by demons. Of course they were weak demons, but her Father feared that upper level demons might attack them they were still in danger since their barrier had vanished. Suki sighed, if only there Lady would return to put up the barrier, they have survived these last four years without any attacks, of course who would attack the lands of the child of the great dog demon himself, but now her village was put in danger. If this continued they would have no choice but to send word to the nearest monks for assistance. Suki herself would head out to find Lord Inuyasha, he was one of the sons of the great dog demon surely he would help them, sure she was still a young girl herself, but her home needed help. And if the demons kept attacking she feared that death would overtake them all. Suki stood up, if she didn't hurry her Father would notice she was gone. As she smelt the flowers one last time before leaving she closed her eyes making a wish.

'Please Kami, bring back Lady Kara to save us.' she sent out.

When she turned around, she froze in place standing in front of her was a demon, and not just any demon but a snake demon. His yellow eyes stared at her with hunger his tongue slithering out.

"I've found a sssnack." it hissed out making her shiver in fear. Even if she screamed no one would be able to save her by the time the villagers heard her, she would be dead.

"Demons aren't allowed here." she said her voice coming out brave, and not terrified like she felt inside.

"Sssooo, it ssseemss there isss a bounty out on this village we will kill you humansss, and your master will return." it hissed as it opened its mouth revealing its fangs. Saki screamed as the demon charged at her she dodged it, but its tail surrounded her in a circle she was trapped.

"Farwell child." it hissed at her, Suki didn't have time to scream, she watched with wide eyes as it was about to swallow her whole when a light blue whip appeared around the snake demons neck. Suki turned to see a person standing across from them, a black cloak covered their body, and face that Suki didn't know who her savior was.

"Who are you!" the demon demanded. The cloaked figure didn't say anything instead it raised it' hand in the air, claws out and ready.

"You are not worthy to die by my sword weakling." the person said, and with a leap in the air, they cut through the demon cutting it into pieces with one swift move. Suki watched not knowing whether she should run, or cry that she was saved in the end.

The cloaked figured wiped there hand on their cloak as there whip disappeared.

"Fool, did he not know whose lands these belonged to?" they asked turning around. Not even bothering to check if Suki was alright.

"Wait!" Suki shouted the figure stopped.

"You're safe, what do you want?" they asked. Suki couldn't help hear the annoyance in their voice.

"You have to go find Lord Inuyasha! He has to save the village!" Suki said. The figure turned to look at her now.

"Inuyasha." they said softly. Suki nodded.

"Yes, he has to re-put the barrier, or else more demons will come." Suki said.

"What makes you say that?" the cloaked figure asked.

"The demon, he said there's a bounty on our village, demons have been attacking us. If this continues then we'll die!" she said. The figure stood still as if they were thinking.

"Why do the demons want this village attacked?" it asked.

Suki thought about it for a minute, "Lady Kara. They want her to return." she said. The figure laughed throwing their head back as the hood of the cloak fell. Suki's eyes went wide at what she saw.

"Don't worry, they won't be attacking anymore." they said, and with a wink at Suki they jumped into the sky climbing to the top of the cliff. Suki watched as the figure stood in front of the late priestess Satsuki's grave. Suki knew who that person was, but she had to confirm it. So she ran up the hill side hoping they were still there, but once she reached the cliff the figure was gone. Suki walked towards the grave, and noticed a single cornflower rose in front of the grave. When Suki looked up at the sky, she felt it. At first it was just a light touch, but soon it began to dance around her, the wind.

It moved around Suki's body as if it never left at all, Suki smiled because she knew now who that cloaked figure was that saved her.

Lady Kara had returned home.

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