A large flop eared walker hound sat on the porch of his masters cabin watching his mentor an old wolfhound cross spralled in the shade of the sickamore tree.

"Cheif." The young hound said.

"What Copper?" the old dog Cheif growled.

"Where do you think Master went to?"

"Why Copper you should know he went off to town."

"Town?" the year old walker asked.

"Yeah town." Cheif snarrled "Now go to sleep."

Copper couldn't sleep so he got up and streched and started to wander off.

"Copper. Where are you goin' off to?"

"Just to look around."

"Well if the Master comes back and sees you wondered off he ain't gonna be to happy."

"I know Cheif I wont be long."

Cheif slumped his head back on his paws and let out a sigh.

"Puppies." He said.

Copper had been walking out along the fence line when he saw a racoon coming up a path. Lately they had had pullets dissapearing at night and he saw the coon had that look that he wanted a tender juice larpin' good pullet. Coppers upper like currled and he started to growl the coon stoped and looked at him. Copper let out a long beep bawl as he took off toward the coon as he dissapeard up a tree Copper heard the sound of his Masters truck pulling up to the house.

"Copper! Cheif! Come here boys I got a little surpise for y'all." He took out a small burlap sack and Copper and Cheif sat at his feet wagging their tails and licking their lips.

"Well what y'all think." Master said as he pulled out a little flop eared Bluetick coon hound jip. (Female)

"She sure ain't much but she'll grow sure as you did Copper boy." Master set down the 6 week oldpuppy at their feet and she tripped over here ears and rolled right into Copper.

"Well call her Bell what you think Copper does that sound like a name?" Copper lifted his head and bayed and Bell did the same her little puppy voice being higher piched.

"It seems her name fits her." Master laughed petting both Coon Hounds between the ears.

Copper started to walk away and Bell followed behind him.

"So where ya goin' Copper?" Her bell like voice sounded.

"Theirs a coon over yander who needs to be tended to."

"Can I come?"

"Well if yer goin' ta make a good huntin' dog you better." Bell trotted along behind Copper.

Coppers long legs were taking five steps every time she took one. Bell saw the coon up by the chicken coop at the same time Copper did. Copper crouched down his tail strait up in the air with his nose to the ground. Bell coppied him tripping over her ears. When Copper was on the coon he grabed it around the neck and threw shook him untill it stopped moving then flung him aside. Bell lookd on in aw at Copper he had killed this rodent and the coon saw them. From that moment on Bell knew when she grew up she wanted to be a hunting dog just like Copper. That night Copper and Bell were laying cuddled on the porch.

"Copper?" Bell asked.

"What Bell?"

"When I grow up I wannabe just like you." she whispered as she fell into dreams of coons foxes and bears.