Authors Note: I don't really know where the idea for this came from but I hope you enjoy it :)- Bee x

Rainey Maguire had grown up like most of the children of her generation hearing of the Second Great War against Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Like all the children of her generation, she had been fascinated by the events and at the same time repulsed by the horrifying atrocities that had been committed and the massive loss of life. It was for all intents and purposes, the Wizarding version of a civil war.

During her teenage years at Hogwarts she had delved as deeply as she had been able to into the history of what had happened. She had discovered that there had been three campaigns against the tyrant and despot known as Lord Voldemort. The first had not culminated in outright and open warfare, as the baby Harry Potter had seemingly killed Lord Voldemort before it had come to that.

The second campaign began after Voldemort regained a body (she had never said human for it was a well known fact that the man had been so badly twisted by the Dark Arts that he was more reptilian than man). This culminated in the First Great War, which Voldemort and his Death Eaters won. There were casualties on both sides and for years the Wizarding World was plunged into Darkness. Rainey had imagined what it would have been like and, combining that with stories that her Father had told her; she had felt fear in her very bones for all those who had been forced to live under the regime. In arrogance, Voldemort had thought that the resistance was dead. What he had failed to take into account was, well from what Rainey had researched, it seemed everything.

After four years of watching, waiting and planning, the resistance came back and so the Second Great War began in earnest. The stakes were even higher this time and, as her Father had informed her, everyone on all sides knew that this was the last conflict. It was win or lose for all time. Thankfully, the Light side and Resistance had won this battle. Lord Voldemort's Horcruxses had all been destroyed during that four-year period and during the Final Battle it had been Hermione Granger who had picked up the Sword of Gryffindor and, with a little magical help from Severus Snape of all people, she had severed Lord Voldemort's head from his body.

In Rainey's eyes, Hermione and Severus were the hero's, not Harry Potter as everyone always said. Sure, he had played a part, but they had struck the final blow and opened the gates to freedom again. So, when Rainey received a letter from none other than the aforementioned pair, requesting an interview she felt as though Christmas had come early.

As the Editor of the Daily Prophet she normally didn't go out into the field and write reports or conduct interviews. In this instance though, venomous tentacula and a herd of Centaurs wouldn't stop her. She immediately hurried out of the office. The pair had requested that she come to Hogwarts, which made sense. Picking up some floor powder from the bowl on her desk, Rainey headed towards the fireplace, throwing the powder down and stepping in.

"Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts!" Rainey called out, clearly and precisely, squeezing her eyes shut as she was carried off through the network. She cracked open one eye, trying not to feel dizzy and spotted the fireplace where she was about to be deposited. She took a few steps forward and barely managed to keep herself standing up straight when she was propelled out onto the carpet of the Headmaster's Office at Hogwarts. She opened her other eye and took in a deep breath. As efficient a method of travel as it was, Rainey did not like to floo places, instead preferring broomsticks or apparation if she did not have the time.

She took quick stock of the Office, noticing that not much had changed from when she was a student. She would not have expected anything different though, considering the nature of the Headmaster and her Deputy. As ridiculous as Rainey felt it was, the Patriarch society that was the Wizarding World still referred to posts as male, even if the person occupying them was female such as was the case with the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

"Headmaster Snape, Deputy Headmaster Snape" Rainey said, politely inclining her head in their directions respectively. The Headmaster offered her a small smile in return and the Deputy Headmaster returned her nod with a polite one of his own.

"Please do sit. May I ask who you are?" Rainey sat down as requested and cleared her throat before speaking.

"Rainey Maria Maguire, Editor of the Daily Prophet. I felt that this interview should be conducted by myself, rather than one of our reporters" Rainey said, deliberately making sure that she didn't give away any of the excitement she felt at the prospect of doing the interview herself. Somehow though, she suspected that the two knew judging by the quick look that passed between them.

"You must feel that this interview is important then" The Headmaster said, with a small smile on her face. She was still young and bright looking, even though she was in her fifties. Her deputy had survived the ravages of time well enough, and he had twenty odd more years on her from what Rainey knew. All in all, they made an impressive pair, in pretty much every regard.

"Important enough that you would not wish less experienced reporters to ruin it" The silky smooth voice added on to what the Headmaster had said. Rainey found herself, internally at least, agreeing to a certain extent. Mostly though it was because she was fascinated with the story that the two were hopefully going to present her with today.

"It is an important interview, one which I am most gracious for you to give." Rainey replied, removing her charmed quill and parchment pad from her robe pocket. She always kept them in her pockets, just in case she needed them.

"Very well then, shall we get down to business?" Rainey said, reverting to her business like manner. She wasn't Editor of the Prophet for just any reason. The Headmaster nodded and the man beside her sighed.

"Yes we shall. Please though, you can refer to us as Hermione and Severus. This will be a personal interview, so-" Hermione's voice was warm and polite, which was a contrast to her husband's.

"You can drop the formalities Ms Maguire" Severus Snape cut in, a slight rasp to his voice. Rainey was unsure if that was due to his age or the injuries he had incurred in the line of his duty. It could be either, although she would have found it idealistically to be the second.

"Well then, Severus, Hermione. Where would you like to start?" Rainey asked, scratching the word's Snape's Interview at the top of the page. She then placed the pad down on the desk between all three of them and watched as the quill removed itself from her hand and hovered over the page, poised for word's to be spoken.

"After we lost the First Great War" Hermione started off, reaching her hand out to grasp hold of her husband's. Severus looked away from Rainey and placed his hand over his wife's, squeezing gently. His lips twitched into the closest that he could summon to a smile and his wife returned it.

"That's where the story begins" She said, and Rainey nodded, feeling herself on the precipice, ready to fall into the story of Severus and Hermione Snape nee Granger.