Another Witch?

Chapter One: "The Accused Will Suffer"

Note: There are some French words and sentences. If you don't know French, go to the bottom and there will be translations.

"There's the witch!" one of the guards called to his fellow counterparts. I know he meant me. How? Because I was the one running from them in the first place. I haven't a clue why or how they would believe me to be a witch, but I wasn't planning on sticking around here long enough to find out. I ran though crowds of people, hoping to find a place to hide.

"Arrêt!" another guard yelled my way. No thanks! Did he really expect me to give up? I kept my eyes forward, and I saw the gaped hole surrounded by stone that led out of Avignon. My way out. I started to push people out of my way and headed toward the opening. I was nearly there, but then I felt a hard yank on my arm. I gave a quick pained cry from the firm pressure of a strong hand that caught a hold of me. I struggled to get free, but seeing as the hand stayed secure, I stopped fighting. I looked up at the guard that had me restrained. I looked at him angrily.

"Désormais vous n'échapperez pas." he said, grinning. If he hadn't had a grip on me, I would've knocked that look right off his face. The two other guards that were chasing me soon met up with us.

Damn them… I thought to myself. The one who held my arm started pulling me. I followed obediently.

I was taken to the town square, where a priest named Debelzeq, whom I hardly knew, stood before me. People were on all sides of us, whispering, which soon led to shouting. "Silence!" Debelzeq raised his voice to the crowd, motioning with his hand for everyone to be quiet.

"Elaina van Midi, you have been accused of witchcraft." he said in a stern voice. This caused the crowds to become wild again. "Silence!" he shouted again and the crowd became quiet.

"We have been informed by a certain someone that you have been reciting rituals of the black man. Do you have anything to say on your part?" I stared at Debelzeq with anger in my eyes.

"Vous êtes tous des imbéciles." I spat. He slapped me across the face and I fell backwards.

"Do not forget your place, girl!" he told me. I got back on my feet and glared at him, hoping it would turn him to ice. But it didn't.

"Who turned me in?" I asked.

"That is of no concern." he answered. Of no concern? I want to know who turned me in, you I can destroy them later! "So, you deny the crime of which you've been accused of?" he continued.

"I've done nothing wrong." I growled. Debelzeq narrowed his eyes.

"You've been found guilty." he declared, and the people around shouted insults at me. I ground my teeth and stepped forward, trying to strike him. But the guard that held my chains pulled me backward. "By the Church's order, you will be burned at the stake for your crime in two days." With that, he walked off. The guard pulled on my chains, forcing me to follow him. I could still hear the crowds shouting, calling names.

The priest took me to a dungeon at the bottom of the Church. It was dark except for the few torches that lit the chamber. From what I could see, I counted six jail cells. The guard opened the first cell on the left and pushed me inside. I couldn't shield my head from the fall because my wrists were still chained. My head throbbed as I sat up to look around, though there wasn't anything to look at. The guard locked me in the cell and stood elsewhere, away from my view. I remembered all the townspeople looking at me at the square, glaring, hateful eyes that stung me as if they had been needles. Not one person had looked concerned or called out to Debelzeq on my behalf. That's because I didn't have any family or friends. Seule. I was alone. I had never known my mother or father; they died when I was a baby. Obviously, I grew up on the streets as an orphan. And none of the children were allowed to talk or play with me because I was considered "impure". A tear escaped my eye. I quickly wiped it away. Now here I sat, about to be killed, with nothing to lose or to gain. I decided that I no longer cared if I lived or died, and I awaited my death sentence in peaceful silence.


Here are the French translations from the story:

"Arrêt!" means Stop! or Halt!

"Désormais vous n'échapperez pas." means You cannot escape now.

"Vous êtes tous des imbéciles." was a witty thing my friend came up for me, it means You are all idiots.

Seule means alone. So sad.

One last thing, Elaina's last name "Midi" means "midday" or "noon" in French.

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