Another Witch?
Chapter Ten: "Sensation"

Deleted Scene

Note: Okay, I know I said chapter Nine was going to be the last chapter. But I just had to put this up. I didn't know where in the fanfic I could put it in, so I just made it a "deleted scene".

Anna moved away from the village. She thought it was nice that people didn't think she was a witch anymore, but she preferred to be in solitude and silence. She went to a small gravesite just outside city bounds. There were several marked graves and crosses above them. She pondered the graves, and wondered how many of them were plague victims; a whole lot she supposed. Then a certain grave caught her eyes. Scripted in stone, a name read "ADRIANA de VERGER." She surprised she was to see her last name on someone's grave. She sat down and stared at it. Had she been a long-lost relative she'd never met? Suddenly, she felt a strange feeling inside of her, sadness, loneliness. What if this woman had been relate to her? What if she had died by the plague, like her parents and siblings? These thoughts overwhelmed her. She put her head down and silently cried. There was a voice behind her:

"Is she a relative of yours?" Anna didn't bother turning around; she knew who it was. Elaina.

"I don't know." Anna squeaked out. Elaina sighed and put her hand on Anna's back in an attempt to comfort her.

"How many in your family died?" she asked.

"Sept. My parents and five elder siblings." Anna answered.

"It must be hard." Elaina sighed, sympathetically. Anna wiped away her tears and shook her head.

"Not so hard." she answered, "My mother always told me not to despair over a love one's death. Their souls are in Heaven now. They are happy."

"But it's hard living without a family." Elaina concluded. The truth of it struck Anna rather hard. She fought back tears. Another thought crept into her mind: she was alone. She clutched at her heart. Elaina saw the sorrowful look on Anna's face and wrapped her arms around the girl in a warm embrace. Anna still fought the deadening sadness and the threatening urge to cry.

"Let your feeling out." Elaina told her in a hushed voice. Anna wasn't sure she wanted to. But almost immediately she found herself sobbing. She grasped Elaina's sleeves and her face disappeared into the girl's chest. Elaina rubbed her back, quietly shushing and soothing her. For the first time in so long, Anna felt hopeless, alone. Her pride was shattered.

"Shhh, it's okay." Elaina cooed, "I'm here." Anna looked up into Elaina's soft eyes. They told her everything was all right. Elaina figured that Anna was suffering from the pains of loneliness.

"Tu n'es pas seule." she told Anna.

"Huh? I don't… I don't understand." Anna sniffed, "My family is dead. I have no one…" Suddenly she swallowed the last sentence. The look in her eyes seemed as if she had just remembered something important. Elaina rose an eyebrow.

"I have no one," Anna stared, "but you." Elaina held Anna closer to her. Now Anna felt a new emotion, a sense of belonging. She nudged her head deeper into Elaina's chest and took in her scent. A single tear escaped Elaina's eye as she held Anna lovingly in her arms.

"Anna." she whispered the girl's name, and the feelings that name brought to mind. Elaina cupped Anna's face with her hands, looking straight at her. They seemed to regard each other. Moments passed. Then, without warning, Anna forced herself on Elaina, locking lips with her. They closed their eyes. Elaina felt intrigued by the kiss, Anna felt loved. They moaned quietly. Then Elaina broke the kiss.

"Not here." she said. She got up and beckoned for Anna to follow her. Anna smiled and got to her feet. She followed Elaina back into town.

Elaina led Anna to a small house. She opened the door and let Anna in. Once inside, she sat Anna down on the bed. Eagerly, she leaned her head forward until their lips were touching. Neither of them felt nervous about the kiss, they just knew it felt right. Elaina pushed Anna's shoulders gently until she was lying down. Anna's soft moans aroused her. She was curious to experiment with this feeling. Without breaking the kiss, she felt Anna's chest, undoing the four small buttons on her dress, revealing more skin. She felt the inside of the opening, not quite to her breasts. Her hands were warm on Anna's skin. Anna broke the kiss.

"Enlever ma robe." she instructed, unable to hold her strong feelings in any longer. Elaina blushed and pulled off the girl's dress. Anna sighed from the cool air that hit her body. Elaina realized that Anna had bigger breasts than she had imagined. Anna took Elaina's hand and lined the outside of her own entrance. Elaina continued without Anna's hand there to guide it. Anna moaned and closed her eyes.

"Enter me." she requested. Elaina did as she was told, slipping two fingers into Anna's entrance. Anna groaned loudly and bucked, which aroused Elaina even more and took it as a cue for her to go faster. Elaina pulled in and out of her hard and fast.

"Elaina… Ahhhnn…!" Anna nearly screamed as she climaxed. Anna lay there, panting. Sweat dripped from her face onto the bed.

"Are you all right?" Elaina asked her, wondering if she had gone too far. Anna nodded her head quickly. Elaina was just about to get off of Anna when she got pulled into another passionate kiss. Their tongues collided. Anna embraced Elaina, her arms clasped together at shoulder-length.

"Elaina…don't...leave me…" she asserted between breaths.

"I won't." Elaina replied, breaking the kiss. She looked out the window that was on the opposite wall. She was thankful there was another house right next to it, so no one could've seen what they had been doing. She hadn't realized how dark the sky was.

"It's getting late. We should go to sleep." she suggested.

"Okay." Anna uttered. She got up and laid her dress on a chair at the other side of the room. Elaina pulled the covers open and was about to get in when Anna's voice stopped her:
"Attendre." She turned to Anna and rose and eyebrow. Anna motioned for her to take off her dress. Elaina nodded and stripped. Then she got in bed, Anna followed after her. Both their heads fit snugly on the pillow Anna's hand groped Elaina's breasts gently. The soothing feeling it had on her seemed to lull her to sleep. Anna smiled at the sight of her sleeping friend. She closed her eyes. Unconsciously, she hands continued to grope Elaina's breasts. The soft sounds of their breathing quietly filled the room.


French translations:

Sept means seven.

"Tu n'es pas seule." means You are not alone.

"Enlever ma robe." means Take off my dress.

"Attendre." means Wait.