Part 3


The taxi ride to the club was interesting in a squashed up against two women way for the Doctor. Oliver talking loudly to the cabbie on the other hand was an exercise in patience. The cabbie was entertaining with his answers though.

The Raspberry Fool was packed, but this time Oliver got them in easily; the bouncers obviously knew him as a regular. The Doctor had grabbed Donna's hand desperately, "You won't leave me alone in here, will you? I've no idea what I'm supposed to do in this environment."

Donna took pity on his wide-eyed look. "Don't worry," she consoled him, giving his hand a squeeze back. "I won't let the wolves get you. All you have to do is dance a bit, chat, and generally try to enjoy yourself. If you find anyone that takes your fancy just tip me the wink."

"Oh no!" he told her with feeling. "I have no intention of finding someone else. You're stuck with me for tonight."

"I had a feeling you'd say that," she replied as she followed Nerys to find a seat. "You still want to play this game then?"

"Of course I do!" he reminded her as they sat down. "I finish everything I start."

"Who have you started?" Nerys suddenly asked him. "What have you been doing to Donna?"

He blushed profusely. "Nothing yet," he mumbled in reply, and wondered why she laughed at him.

"Come on, Romeo, you can dance with me," Donna pulled on his hand, taking him away from Nerys' attention.

"Thanks for rescuing me," he said as soon as they got onto the dance floor.

"You won't be thanking me once I've accidentally trodden all over your toes, Spaceman," she teased. "Oops! I mean James. I'm still finding it hard to call you that."

He drew her closer and shimmied with her, whispering low into her ear, "You can call me anything you like tonight."

She threaded her arms around his neck, "Anything?"

"You're going to say Brad Pitt, aren't you? I can tell," he said.

"Nah!" She moved against him, causing something delicious to course through him. "I was thinking of Hugh Jackman, seeing as you're being all dark and mysterious," she whispered.

He smoothed his hands over her sides in admiration. "I'll be whatever you want me to be," he breathed next to her ear. Moving slowly to the music he touched her skin with his lips, working his way along her jawline.

"You're taking this dating lark very seriously. What do you think of being human so far?" she almost purred at him.

"Brilliant," he answered. "This bit is brilliant; you're brilliant."

"You seem to be stuck on the same word there, Handsome," she replied.

"Handsome?" he beamed at her. "You don't normally call me that."

"Ah! Tonight isn't normal, is it?" she insisted. Something caught her attention. "Don't look now but Pinky and the Brain are on their way over."

He groaned in frustration as he caught sight of Nerys and Oliver making their way over to them. Fortunately he managed to plaster on a polite smile when they arrived. Even more fortunately Donna's phone rang; and she hastily answered it once she saw who it was. "Hello Gramps! I'm in a club with… No! Don't worry! We'll be right with you. Don't you touch a thing! See ya," she said, hanging up. She turned to Nerys and Oliver. "Sorry folks but we have to go. Gramps needs me right away. It's his…," and she vaguely signalled something over her heart.

"Of course!" Oliver consoled her. "You'd better go straight away."

"Thanks!" Donna sighed at them. She kissed them both goodbye and hurriedly steered the Doctor out of the night club.

His suspicions had started right away, but the fact she hadn't told him anything as they made their way out confirmed them. As they broke out into the fresh air he asked her, "Well? Are you going to tell me what that was really about?"

She gave him a sly smile. "Gramps wanted to know where the decent tin opener is as the one he was using has caused him to spill baked beans down the front of him!" she smirked. They both laughed delightedly.

"You are rotten making them feel sorry for his shirt," he giggled.

"I'll have you know that baked bean juice can be very difficult to get out; that stuff stains!" she reasoned, and burst out laughing again.

Her phone rang with the same ditty. She hastily answered it. "Hello Gramps! Oh, you found it! Okay then. No, I wasn't worrying. Yes I'm with the Doctor. We won't hurry over but we'll see you later. Bye then. Love you!" she called out and hung up. She smiled at the Doctor. "It seems like I worried Gramps too for a moment."

Still holding hands they enjoyed the slow walk back to the TARDIS. As they reached a picturesque area she carefully asked, "So what do you fancy doing now we're free?"

He placed his arms around her waist. "We could carry on where we left off," he suggested. "We have a date to finish." He went to kiss her but she flinched away.

"Don't you think we've had enough of this for one day?" she hesitantly asked. "We can play this game another time."

He tried to have another go at that kiss, but she still tilted from him. He kept his arms locked around her anyway. "Donna! What's the problem? We both agreed this was part of a date," he griped.

"Yes that's true. But we're back to being friends now, aren't we? You can go off and apply this to the date you really want," she meekly replied.

"This is the date I want; we want," he insisted.

"We can't!" she breathed. "We don't do this."

"Think about it, Donna," he quietly implored her. "Why have you allowed me to take you out on the date from hell and then kissed you at every opportunity? Why was I so reluctant to let you go to a place full of available men without me?" He threaded his fingers in her flowing tresses, bewitched by the colour as it trailed over the surface of his skin under the lamplight. "Why are so many people willing to instantly believe we are married or a couple? Just think about the physical signals we must be giving off."

She broke away from her mesmerised thoughts. "They think that because we look similar in age. It's a natural mistake. We've discussed this before and decided that despite all the recent stuff," she argued.

"Can't you see that is my point?" he stressed. "All the recent stuff shouldn't have happened unless there was a proper reason for it. One that involves our true feelings."

"What? That you have a deep-seated desire to be a human bloke, or that you wanted to test out your dating skills?" she asked, holding her denial close to her chest.

He sighed in exasperation. "Look! You thought James McCrimmon was familiar, and knowing that you still allowed me… I mean… him to kiss you. I snogged you up against a flipping wall, Donna, and you let me! You kissed me back; don't deny it! You haven't since I owned up, but you certainly did back then," he insisted.

She gave an infinitesimal shrug of her shoulders. "Alright I admit it; I did snog you back when I thought it was James and I was aware it looked like you. I have no excuse, so make what you will out of it. It was nice, okay! So you can stop looking at me like that!" she demanded.

"Like what? How am I looking at you?" he huffily asked.

"Like I.. like you mean it," she said with a soft sigh. "I don't mind play acting with you, helping you work through this human hare brained scheme, 'cos that's what mates do for each other. But don't take the piss out of me; I don't deserve that."

"How am I…?" He growled in anger. "I know we play about a lot, dare each other, have silly mini vendettas, but I assure you this is not one of those games where I can win and you can't!" He moved his face closer to hers. "Honest it isn't," he whispered. "I appreciate everything you do for me; I can't imagine my life without you now which is why…"

"Come on out with it, Spaceman. What did you do and why?" she fixed him with a beady look. She had to strain her hearing to hear his reply.

He took a gulp before answering. "That's why I went in disguise to the pub and watched you. I wanted to see if you would try to pick a man up," he told her apologetically.

"Did you intend it to be you I met?" she asked.

"No! Yes. I was hoping, if I have to be honest about this, and it looks like I'm going to have to be…," he babbled on, as she waited patiently.

"I can't believe that you went to the bother of shaving off your sideburns! I mean, you're almost as precious about them as you are your hairstyle," she softly chided him.

His eyebrows shot up into his hairline. "I thought you hadn't noticed!" he admitted.

She reached up and stroked his cheek where his sideburn usually sat. "Of course I did! That's why I felt sure it wasn't you. I thought you loved them too much to lose them," she told him.

"Obviously my love lies elsewhere," he chuckled, enjoying her tender touch on his soft exposed skin.

"Do I dare ask where that love is? Perhaps I shouldn't as that would be prying. Oh no! I forgot! Prying is okay now!" she teased him.

"Donna, just let me kiss you, please," he begged. "If you genuinely don't like it then we'll stop; we'll never mention it again. But please, try it once knowing it's me."

How could she deny that puppy-dog appeal? "Okay," she agreed, wrapping her hand around the back of his head to bring his lips down to her.

Their kiss was tender at first; full of learning to trust each other. He turned his head so that they could deepen the kiss, hungrily savouring their embrace as she opened to him, pressing her body closer still. They inevitably broke for air, eyeing each other with wonder. "Did you like it?" he asked huskily.

She gave him a cunning grin. "Enough to fancy going to the pictures! Who's this James again?" she mischievously asked him as she sought his lips and let her tongue answer him in a different way.

The End…though I don't think it is