Hey, STKB here. I'm trying my hand at a one-shot collection, or a "drabbles" collection (credit to that person who knows who they are). I guess I'll start with a classic Sonic v. Shadow fight. Open to suggestions.

Location: Eclipse Canon

Time: ?

Our favorite blue hedgehog was trapped. Shadow had stolen his chaos emeralds, and was currently flying next to the long stretch on which they had been previously battling. Sonic was out of breath, and Shadow hadn't even broken a sweat.

"What's the matter, faker? Had enough?"

Sonic managed to gasp out a reply: "I'm… Not… Done yet…"

Shadow laughed at the thought, and charged Sonic for the finish. The blue hedgehog made a dodge on his unaware darker counterpart, but Shadow quickly rebounded and struck Sonic in the face. The hedgehog flew through space, landing a long distance away at the heart of the canon.

Sonic was running out of options, and had nothing left to do but run. Even that was useless, seeing as Super Shadow was 5 times faster than Sonic. He tried to shake him, but Shadow blasted the path with a Chaos Spear.

Sonic turned to face his assailant, and with one last breath tried to convince Shadow not to try to kill him.

"Buddy, listen. You'll regret trying to kill me. So why don't we just go home?"

"NEVER! I will NEVER show mercy to you, HEDGEHOG!"

"Okay then, your funeral." Sonic's fur began to rise.


From his fur appeared the seven super emeralds, with each emerald having ten times the power than a chaos emerald. Sonic's fur glowed yellow for a split second, then he exploded in energy and his fur turned white. His eyes flashed the colors of the rainbow. He turned to Shadow, and cried:


But Shadow had caught sight of the hedgehog's eyes, and the flashing lights imputed too much into Shadow's brain. He began to feel nauseated, and lost control of the emeralds. The Chaos Emeralds fell to earth, and Shadow fell with them, spastic motions capitalizing on the awkward defeat. Hyper Sonic shook his head, and flew down to catch all eight of the items.

"I tried to warn him… Now he goes to the hospital."

As Sonic flew down, letters appeared across the screen:

SUPER SHADOW has been knocked out! Final Act complete!

"What was that?" Sonic took out a pill, swallowed it, and mused: "I really need to talk to a therapist."

Yay! So, my first oneshot complete! I guess I'll be accepting requests. I have some ideas, but yours would be fine! Tell me who or what you want to see (or both) in the next drabble, and you may have it! See you later!`