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Sonic had his hands full. He was going to the bank to drop of his latest coin collection, when he came across Jet and Knuckles arguing in the woods.

"I WILL SNAP YOUR BOARD IN HALF!" Knuckles bellowed, throwing a punch in Jet's direction. Jet let out a high-pitched screech and held his board out. The thing snapped in half like a twig under Knuckles' spiked fists.

"Woah woah woah… What's going on?" Sonic said, holding his bag of coins in wide view. Jet made a lunge for the money before explaining:

"I was flying around MY woods when Knucklehead ran into me."


"Oh yeah? Well it was worth it to hear you scream like a baby! Gahaha-"

"That was you, birdie."

"Haa… Anyway, now that my board is broken we have no way to cross the stream."

"And I got a haircut. No gliding for a week."

Sonic frowned, and then began to slip off in the direction of the river.

"Yeah, well, I'm gonna… Go…"

"You have a boat, don't you?" Jet and Knuckles said simultaneously. Sonic tripped over a root and took a spill, curling into a spin-dash afterwards.

Jet followed in an ungainly hop-skip, and Knuckles trucked through the trees towards the river.


Sonic stopped on the bank next to his small boat. Knuckles and Jet followed swiftly.

"This boat is too small for all. I can only carry one thing at a time." Sonic pulled his large bag of rings out. "This weighs about as much as Jet's board, so I was only planning to carry this. If I leave the Jet and take the coins, Knuckles might eat him…" Knuckles nodded sagely, "… and if I take Knuckles Jet will take my coins. How am I supposed to do this?"

"Mebbe you should just go and let me STAY HERE." Knuckles said, cracking his name-sakes angrily. Jet shrunk away, before throwing his opinion out. "Why don't you take Knuckles and leave me to watch your money?"

"How about… I go, and you guys stay?"

"NOOO!" A loud rumble was heard. Sonic pulled the rope from the peg holding the boat to shore.


"NO!" Pebbles around the area began to shake angrily. Sonic grabbed an oar from behind a tree and threw it into the boat.


"NIAT!" A tree one mile north of the river snapped and fell. Sonic pushed the boat into the water.


"BU!" Sonic was halfway across the river when a sharpened pencil flew into the water like an arrow. Seven thudded into the boat's side.


"MIEN!" A paper airplane containing blue, black, and red pen marks on it landed in the water. Sonic was too scared to even look at it.

"Ye.. What the f-" Knuckles managed to say before trees began falling all around them.


A horde of rabid fangirls holding pencils and paper charged forward. Jet attempted a weak flying attempt away before a pencil with a string viciously wrapped around his legs and ripped him down. Jet got out a final yelp before being yanked into the waiting arms of Jet-fans. The Sonic fans had tried to get to the hedgehog, but he was too deep in. One unlucky fan was washed down the river.

Knuckles had wrapped his fists in leaves to soften his punches and was giving what-for to the fan girls. Some adventurous fangirls were now throwing paper balls at Knuckles, throwing his sense of balance off. A fangirl finally jumped on Knuckles' back, and as Knuckles reached for her, another five tackled his legs. With pre-readied rope, Knuckles was brought down screaming, kicking, and even biting.

"GET OFF OF ME! WHEN I GET LOOSE I'M GONNA-!" The mass of fangirls smothered him, and he was unable to speak further.

Sonic walked into the bank.

"Hey, Alex. Got my coin deposit." Sonic reached into his fur. "Wait, where… Where is it? Where is it? WHERE IS IT?"

Sonic had left it at the site of the fangirl attack. In the time he spent going back to search for it, he missed his scheduled foiling of Dr. Eggman's plans. The Doctor completed project Shad-0 without resistance, and he quickly took over all of Spagonia with it, establishing Eggmanland. Nothing was ever the same on Mobius.

But hey, at least the fangirls got their wish.