Phoebe felt her heart beat speed up and her cheeks blush crimson. She tried to look away, but her mind firmly held her eyes captivated. A demon walked closer and closer to her, inching forward, snarling and laughing, while teasing her with his dagger. "Afraid Charmed One?" he asked, enjoying Phoebe's terror as she squirmed, not able to move her feet and run. She felt a tear squeeze itself out of her eye and she felt anger at her self for showing any weakness. "Or maybe I'll just go see how the children are" Her eyes widened as she thought of her three daughters asleep at home, unprotected. The demon disappeared in a shimmer, leaving Phoebe alone in the dark, damp alleyway. "PHOEBE…PHOEBE….phoebe….Phoebe wake up"

Phoebe sat bolt up right, gasping, almost choking on air. Coop sat beside her looking worried. "Phoebe, are you okay? You were crying out" Phoebe looked at Coop puzzled. It was a dream, and yet, it had felt so real. It couldn't be,could it? She jumped up out of bed and ran in to the hallway. Coop ran after her, sensing her panic. "Check Peace" she ordered, going to look in Paisley and Payton's room herself. Nothing. She ran back to Coop, who stood in the doorframe to Peace's room. Phoebe felt herself relax. There were no demons, it wasn't a premonition…it was just a bad dream. Coop held out his arms and Phoebe smiled weakly, falling into the hug, snuggling into his warm chest. "Bad dream?" he asked her and she nodded meekly in reply. She had had a lot of them recently. "Coop, what's wrong with me?" He picked her up in his arms, so he was carrying her and lifted her back into their bed. "Phoebe, nothing is wrong with you, you're just a big worry wart. It's okay, there aren't any demons anymore, we all know that." Phoebe cuddled closer to her husband, comforted by both his words and his warmth. She shut her eyes, letting Coop lull her back to sleep with soft strokes running through her long brown hair. He kissed her forehead as she fell asleep and snuggled down close to her himself.

"Mommy! Wakey wakey!" Paisley and Payton jumped up and down on their parent's bed, startling Phoebe and Coop awake. "You little monsters" Coop growled, pulling Paisley down for a hug. Phoebe rolled over, trying to get back to sleep, unnoticed. "Mommy!" cried Payton as she crashed down on her, leaving Phoebe yelling out in pain. "Okay, everyone who is under the age of ten has to get off this bed in 3…..2…." The girls jumped screaming off into the hallway, knowing there'd be trouble if their mom got to 1. "Works every time" Coop laughed, rolling over to kiss Phoebe. Phoebe dodged his kiss and laughed. "Catch me if you can" she ran out of bed and into the rest of the house, leaving Coop smiling in the bed.