Oh Doctor, My Doctor


Oh Doctor, my Doctor, the time is almost here

Where you will learn about who I am for soon it will be clear

How your past and my future were unfortunately set

To rub against each other every time we met.

I'm sorry, so sorry,

But now things will change.

Every time you see me

Will never be the same.


Oh Doctor, my Doctor, you must understand!

That it is you who started this, you who held my hand!

You who led me into a world that no one ever knew!

You who told me of places that surely can't be true!

But me, a child,

Too young to comprehend

So your words grew wild

And rooted in my head


Yes, I have killed a man, the best I've ever met

It was one of the things that I've done that I will most regret

I'm locked up under guard and key, but that won't hold me down.

I'll find a way to help you save the day but not this time around.

I have to stay behind and wait

As you try to find your friend,

For the truth is revealed on this date

And simplicity starts to bend.

A/N: Thanks for reading!

This is a "rewrite" of sorts of the Walt Whitman poem, "Oh Captain, My Captain". I hope you enjoyed it!

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