I woke up tears were running down my face "its ok Ella, its ok" I chanted to myself. It calmed me down a bit but not entirely. I hated that dream. It was the same I had since the incident last year.

I tried to get back to sleep but couldn't so I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. When I got down stairs I found a familiar figure rubbing against my legs. "Hey what do you want" I said to my cat, Figaro. I followed him into the kitchen. "Of course you want food" I sighed.

I looked outside and saw the London skyline in darkness, then at my watch it was 4 am. After I gave Figaro the food.

I started to make me something to stop my nerves. While I was waiting for the kettle to boil I fiddled with the necklace my dad gave to me after the incident. Subconsciously my fingers trailed the white scar running down from the back of my ear to my shoulder under were my birthmark was, a small star. The scar was a clear reminder of what happened last year.


It was the day before my 12th birthday December the 20th. My dad and I were decorating the Christmas tree. We were almost finished; we had to decorate it so late since dad was busy.

We were in Spain visiting family. We don't come often since we travel a lot due to dads work. He's a professor and gives lectures all around the globe.

I just put the star on top of the tree, and half listening to Tia Katarina about how we should put an angel instead of a star since it's more holy.

My dad retorted back it was their choice and she should desaparece* and mind her own business. She then left in a huff and cursing about how rude he was.

Soon after that abuela Rosa came in scolding her son. "Edwardo what have you done now to your sister" " only telling her to stop poking her nose in other people's business " Dad replied innocently we glanced at each other trying to stifle laughter. " you know you shouldn't do that it gets her in such a mood" .

Her mood changed when she saw "mi pequeña Estrella**" she cried .I jumped of the ladder and gave her a hug. "I missed you so much and you've grown as well" she said excitedly. "I missed you too abuela*** "I replied back. "I need to get back to cooking dinner the food won't cook it's self you know" she said wagging a finger at us.

Me and dad gave each other looks then we booth burst out laughing. I and my dad were really close since I never knew mum. Dad glanced up at the star, it reminded him of mum. I never knew why but whenever I brought up the subject he would say. "I'll tell you why when the time is right Estrella", I did hate it when he said that but I learnt that he would only tell me when it was the right time annoyingly.

We stepped into the courtyard. When all hades broke lose. A lady stepped out, no she slithered out she had two snake trunks instead of legs. My dad stepped in front of me "you will not have her" he yelled, "get out of my way you puny mortal" she hissed she then pushed my dad out of the way and sent him flying across the courtyard.

"DAD", Then I did the most sensible thing I could think of, run. I suddenly felt a burning pain down by my ear to my shoulder and I felt something wet on by back. I didn't need to see that it was blood. I then stumbled and fell. I looked up and saw the snake woman raise her sword. I prepared myself for death. Suddenly a silver arrow came out of nowhere and pierced the monster she screamed and crumbled into yellow dust. I looked up and saw a group of girls in silvery parkas emerge from the edge of the buildings. Then I passed out.

When I woke up, I was in a haze of pain but I knew what was happening around me. I was in a warm tent being fed something that tasted like Abuela's homemade stew. I heard someone entering. "How is she?" said a gentle voice said. "She has a bit of a concussion but that's it milady" another voice replied. "You may leave now ".

"Mi pequeña Estrella" said my father. He sounded fine so I was relived. "Do you see why you have to give her over" the gentle voice said but now it was lined with steel. "No, I can't she's all I have left" replied dad. "more monsters will come after her"," we will travel more often, they will stay of her sent" dad replied.

"It will not work she'll soon be hunted down, let her join the hunt she'll be safe", "NO!" my dad yelled. "Edwardo, I said to her mother I'll protect her, I can't do that if she's traveling around with you" the voice replied trying to calm my dad down.

"Then break your Oath, Oaths have been broken" My dad said with a snarl." I can't, I swore on the river Styx, and any way this is the result of an oath being broken." Thunder then boomed or was that my imagination.. "The oath wasn't broken lady Artemis", whoa back up the lady Artemis the goddess I thought that was a myth, Anyway I listened closer." The oath wasn't broken, she is still a …"" She had a child that's all that mattered, the oath was broken and the gods while punish her" Artemis replied sharply.

"I'll still not let her go and join you milady or camp half-blood" dad replied strongly and what was camp half-blood. "I admire your determination Edwardo, but you are putting her and you in danger",

"I appreciate your concern Lady Artemis but if she goes she'll be in more danger than now". "You may be right in that case but at least let me give her a gift that her mother wanted"

I heard a rustling of chains when the gift was handed over. "Thank You "My dad said. I felt strong arms around me as I was lifted up and carried away. "Don't make me regret this Edwardo". "You won't "Dad replied sharply.

As I was carried away questions buzzed in my head. What was camp half-blood, what did mum do so bad and was that really Lady Artemis? I knew if I asked my dad he will not tell me anything but I wanted answers. The last thing I remember before slipping into a dreamless sleep was my saviours coming out of the edge of the buildings.

I grimaced. Ever since that incident I kept on having that dream. I would wake up in the middle of the night tears running down my face with the images of the monsters eyes and my nearby death experience, which was followed by unanswered questions. I made myself some tea and sat there thinking what actually happened. When I woke up I was told that an earthquake had happened and when I fell I got my scar.

That didn't explain what happened in the tent though. I tried to mention it to my dad once but he clamed up and said it was a hallucination. I would have bought it but I when I said that I saw panic in his eyes which left me suspicious.

I touched the necklace that I got for my last birthday the day after the incident. It was a simple silver chain with a luminous star pendant. I looked out of the window and saw eyes staring at me. I quickly put down my tea and backed away. When I looked again the eyes were gone. "Stop being so jumpy Ella, It's nothing" I murmured.

Oh how wrong I was.

Here are the translations:

* Desaparece- go away

** Mi pequeña Estrella- my Little star

***abuela- grandma