Title: We're Sick Like Animals

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Sex, language, future mpreg, violence

Spoilers: None

Word Count: 2,300


A/N: Sorry about the brief hiatus, Saturday was my mom's birthday, and Sunday was Father's Day, so it was a family bonding weekend. I hope this chapter makes up for the delay though!

The party was under full swing when Blaine managed to get Kurt alone. He had been playing the good host, directing everyone to where the refreshments and music was. He knew his parents wouldn't care that he had a party in their house, after all, anything to keep up their image of the perfect 'straight' son.

After the party had been going on for about an hour, Blaine found Kurt hanging back by the living room mantle, sipping delicately on a cup of punch. For a moment, Blaine simply took the time to stare at Kurt. God, seeing him dressed like that, it was almost as if his every fantasy had been fulfilled. When Blaine was younger, he used to dream about falling in love with a strong, muscular man, someone from muscle magazines. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined ending up with someone like Kurt.

But that didn't mean he would be happy with anyone but Kurt now, or ever again. Sure, the images of touch men with bulging muscles had provided him with material to jerk off to when he was younger, but now his thoughts were filled with Kurt.

Apparently he was the only one.

Seeing Dave Karofsky approaching Kurt-with the obvious drunken swagger-made Blaine's blood boil. Who even bought alcohol to the party? Probably Puckerman. Blaine was definitely going to have to remember to skin the Intershark alive.

Quickly sliding up to Kurt's side, he slipped an arm around his boyfriend's waist. "Hey good-looking. Enjoying the party?" Karofsky scowled in Blaine's direction, before composing his face hastily into a forced smile. He opened his mouth to speak, but Kurt had yet to notice him, so he addressed Blaine first.

"Hey yourself sexy. I'd enjoy it a lot more if I got to hang out with my amazing boyfriend." A vein pulsed in Karofsky's temple.

"Hi Kurt." Kurt turned to Karofsky and gave him a soft genuine smile. He eyed the boy's pirate getup, and said,

"Nice costume Dave. I'm glad you came. How have you been?"

Next to him Blaine softly grumbled. Sure, Kurt was glad that Dave Karofsky had come, but he sure wasn't. Blaine was not in any mood to deal with the one other person who had mated with Kurt. Sure, Kurt hadn't mated with Karofsky, but that didn't seem to be stopping the other Alpha Interwolf.

"I've been good Kurt. Your costume is pretty amazing as well."

Kurt clearly noticed the way Karofsky slightly leered at him, his gaze lingering on the outline of his crotch. Blaine apparently noticed this also, and growled protectively, drawing Kurt's body closer to his. "I think you should go hit on someone else's mate now. I'll be busy fucking my boyfriend for the next few hours, and you aren't exactly welcome to watch."

Kurt's jaw dropped, and he flushed, but he could find no protest to give to Blaine. He wasn't much of an exhibitionist, but he understood that with Karofsky clearly stepping over the boundaries, Blaine needed to be the dominant one for a little while.

And Kurt had no reservations whatsoever about this.

As Karofsky glared at the pair of them, Blaine grabbed Kurt's hand, and wove through the throng of people, taking the familiar path to his bedroom. As they reached the top of the stairs, Blaine quickly pulled Kurt in for a fierce kiss.

Kurt responded eagerly to Blaine, and when the Interwolf slid his hands under Kurt's ass, he quickly jumped up, wrapping his legs around Blaine's waist. Blaine paused, adjusting to Kurt's weight, and he quickly began walking to his bedroom, without breaking the kiss.

Pressing Kurt up against his bedroom door, Blaine pulled away from Kurt's mouth, and quickly began to work on his neck, pressing fierce, open mouthed kisses to his neck. "Mine." Blaine growled, and began sucking, eliciting a gasp from Kurt. Oh god, this was absolutely fabulous. "You're all mine. Karofsky-he isn't allowed to look at you like that. No one is. You're all mine. Only I can look at you like that. Only I can see everything that's underneath all this." Using the door as support, Blaine ran his hands down Kurt's black unitard.

"All yours." Kurt gasped back, in promise. He didn't want to belong to anyone else but Blaine. Blaine was his, and Kurt was Blaine's. That was the way it was. "I don't know what he was thinking. It made me uncomfortable. Only you have ever looked at me like that, well you and Marcus-"

Blaine growled possessively. "Who the fuck is Marcus?" He asked, fingers digging into Kurt's hips. Gasping at the pressure, Kurt fisted his hands in Blaine's dark thick curls.

"He-he's my ex. The person I was going to be mated to. He looked at me like you do, but I never liked it. I never once liked the way he looked at me, like I was something to eat. Like all I was good for was a quick fuck."

Blaine pulled away, and there was a pained expression on his face. "That's how I look at you?" He asked, his voice cracking. He swallowed past the lump in his throat. "I'm so sorry, Kurt, that's not how I feel at all, you know that, right."

Kurt chuckled, and shook his head. "No, Blaine. Sometimes you look at me like you want to ravish me, and it makes my knees weak. Because there's more than just lust in your look, there's love, and desire. It's as if we're the only two in the world, and all you want to do is make me feel as good as I want to make you feel."

Blaine smiled, and resumed placing open mouthed kisses onto Kurt's skin. "Well that's good, because that's exactly how I feel. And trust me Kurt, you make me feel good. God, you make me feel so goddamn good."

Kurt moaned, and reached behind him, and turned the knob behind him. The pair of them nearly fell into Blaine's room, but thankfully the Interwolf managed to regain his balance. He walked in with Kurt, and laid him gently on the bed, before crawling on top of him.

"God, you look so hot in that outfit." Blaine moaned into Kurt's mouth. "It's so tight. I can see everything. And-god-your ears, and tail. Oh god Kurt, you look so fucking hot."

Kurt moaned, and reached up to tweak his ears, and his tail was curling up. Blaine's hazel eyes widened, as he realized the implications. "They're real. They're my real tail and ears. It's easier for me to shift partially than most Interhumans. I thought you would appreciate the costume."

"I do, oh god I do." Blaine moaned, and began playing with the tie around Kurt's neck. God, his boyfriend was so hot. Kurt reached up, and began fiddling with the army suit Blaine was wearing, fingering the collar that opened, giving him a partial view of his chest.

"Fuck Blaine, you look so fucking sexy. You talked to Finn, didn't you? Holy fuck, I've been hard all night, ever since I saw you in your army costume. You're so fucking gorgeous. I'm so lucky, because you're all mine."

Blaine groaned, and tried to slide his hands across Kurt's bare skin, but the costume he was wearing made it impossible. And as much as Blaine loved that unitard, and he loved it sofuckingmuch all he wanted was to see Kurt's skin bare.

"How the fuck am I supposed to get you out of this thing?" Blaine growled, and Kurt chuckled at his boyfriend's frustration. He reached behind him, and his nimble fingers found the nearly invisible zipper on his back. He quickly slid out of the unitard, and was lying bare in front of Blaine.

"You went commando?" Blaine asked, his chest rumbling appreciatively. Kurt nodded breathlessly, and Blaine quickly bent his head down, and began attacking Kurt's skin, sucking every inch of naked flesh he could find.

"Y-you-too-too many clothes." Kurt stammered, "Take them off. Oh god Blaine, if you want to be able to fuck me, take them off, now!"

Blaine grinned at his boyfriend's obvious enthusiasm. Blaine was just as eager to bury his cock inside of Kurt, as Kurt was ready to be fucked, but he needed to have some fun with his mate first. After all, they had forever, there was no need to rush.

"Patience is a virtue baby. You'd best learn this quickly." Kurt whimpered, and Blaine decided to cut his boyfriend some slack. Tossing his cap off, he quickly unbuttoned his shirt, and made to take off his dog tag, but Kurt stopped him.

"No, leave it on. God, you look so sexy." He moaned, and Blaine bit his lip, and ran his hands down the sides of Kurt's body.

"I want to do something different tonight." Blaine said, and Kurt cocked his head slightly, wondering just what it was his boyfriend had in mind. But he soon found out, when Blaine pulled him up, so that he was sitting on the bed, instead of lying against the pillows. "Get on all fours."

Kurt scrambled to comply, and moaned, as Blaine kissed the base of his spine. "God, you look so fucking amazing." Blaine growled, quickly shedding his pants and boxers. "Bent over like that, with your ass in the air. God, it's like you were fucking made for me."

A shiver ran down Kurt's spine, one that Blaine saw. He smirked, and pressed another kiss to Kurt's body, this time lower, just above his ass. "You like that baby? You like what I'm doing to you. You love it, you're there, all bent over, waiting for my cock. God, you look like such a slut right now, waiting for me to fill you up with my cock. Isn't that right."

Kurt whimpered. He was barely able to speak. Blaine's dirty words were going straight to his cock, which was achingly hard. Wantonly, Kurt reached down and stroked himself, desperate for some friction. But almost immediately Blaine slapped his hand away.

"No." He growled, his voice low. "You'll come from my cock, and my cock alone." Smirking, he leaned down and pressed his lips lightly to Kurt's skin. "But you're such a cockslut, you'll just love that, won't you?"

Kurt moaned in response. He was getting slightly sore, from remaining in this position, but as long as Blaine kept up what he was doing, he didn't even care. "Blaine, please. You've been teasing me long enough. Please, fuck me!"

Blaine smirked. "Well, when you put it like that…" Stroking Kurt's long, swishing tail, Blaine plunged into Kurt without any warning. The teenager instantly froze, and let out a whimper of pain. Blaine hadn't prepped him at all, but he knew he could take it. And once the burning dulled slightly, all Kurt felt was pleasure.

"Move." He whimpered to Blaine, "God, move, just move Blaine!"

But Blaine was still staying still, watching his boyfriend nervously. The flow of dirty talk had stopped, and Blaine was slightly worried about his boyfriend. "Are you sure you're okay baby? It didn't hurt you?"

"Not enough so that my main priority changed from you fucking my brains out!" Smiling at his boyfriend's insistence, Blaine promptly began thrusting in and out of Kurt, moaning at his boyfriend's tight heat.

"Holy fuck baby, you're so tight. So fucking tight. God, it's amazing that you could slip a finger there, let alone my cock." Kurt whimpered, and Blaine gripped his hips so tightly, he knew that there would be black and blue bruises in the morning.

"Faster, Blaine, fuck! I need you, harder!" Blaine smirked, and began thrusting into Kurt's tight heat, and finally hit Kurt's prostate, which caused Kurt to cry out in pleasure. Blaine nearly came, from the sight of Kurt, hunched over and sweating, almost crying from pleasure.

"Is this hard enough? This fast enough for you baby?" Apparently it was. Apparently Blaine was doing everything right.


With Kurt's scream, he came onto the bed, nearly passing out from the intensity of his orgasm. Not caring how disgusting it was, he collapsed on the bed, unable to support himself on his arms and knees anymore.

Feeling Kurt clench and tighten around his cock, making it almost painful was Blaine's undoing. With a shout, he came deep inside of Kurt. As his cum filled up in Kurt's ass, he tiredly pulled out, and laid down next to Kurt, who turned over, removing himself from the sticky mess.

Seeing Kurt, with his kitten ears and tail, covered in his own cum was too much for Blaine to handle. Bending down Blaine dragged his tongue across Kurt's soft pale chest, licking Kurt's cum from his body. Kurt gasped at the sensation, and dug his hands into Blaine's hair. As Blaine finally pulled up he kissed Kurt, long and hard, so that Kurt could taste his own cum on Blaine's lips.

"God, I love you." Kurt said, when he finally pulled away. With shiny lips, and bright hazel eyes, Blaine smirked at his boyfriend.

"I love you to, my adorable little sex kitten."

Kurt groaned. Something gave him the feeling that he would never live that name down.