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Eric/Calleigh drabble

He pulls her into his arms and relaxes as her familiar Calleigh scent hits him: it is indescribable but he knows that this is his cannabis, his relaxant. He can never be tense around her because… because she is the only thing in his life that is truly perfect and keeps his grip on reality. Whilst everything in his life can be destroyed, she is the one thing that remains.

She sighs as she loosens up in his arms, the feeling of utter content spreading through her body faster than she thought possible. When Eric isn't around, it's harder to keep this equilibrium of her emotions, all the while part of her mind wonders what he is doing, wondering where he is. He captivates her so entirely… whilst things in her life may change, he remains her constant, the one thing that she requires to have…

He smiles into her long, blonde, perfect hair as she places her head on his shoulder, feeling the pumping of his blood in his muscular chest. Her hand rests lightly over where she knows his heart lies and she wishes she could know how much of his heart she occupies… after all, the way that he is with her shows he must have at least some feelings for her, right?

Part of him wants to whisk her away to another room but the rest of him just wants this truly sweet, innocent, version of his girl that he loves. She has a steel mantra for work, the rock that holds them all together under her innocent Southern appearance she gives to the world. But in this moment, in the way he is holding her, she is a perfect and fragile little doll. She is so breakable, so easy to dispose of if you were inclined to go that way, but that would horrify him to consider that.

Yet she is his little fragile doll: her blonde tresses frame the sweetheart shaped face of Calleigh Duquense, his girlfriend. The adoration he has for her is plain to the unobservant eye, lined in every plane of his face, but the possessiveness is there as well.

She is his doll… and she always will be.

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