Lily: Yo what's up people of fanfic?

Momo: hey we are back from our camping trip. It was pretty cool…

Lily: so onto the business! Mo and I are doing one of those fanfics where you readers submit your OCs and we write and now the opening! This was inspired by Jayce Signmorou's fanfic Digimon Academy! Check it out!

Hello people! I am Honey! And I am Jake. We are the opening a Digimon Boarding School! So if you want to become a student here just fill out the form below.

Student Entry Form


Age & Gender:

Appearance (clothing as well):



Digimon (you can have more than one but four is the limit you can make up one but give a good description!):

Digimon Personality:

Digimon Evolution line:

Bio of both you and digimon:

Facts (basically anything interesting about you or your digimon):

That's the form! So anyway these are the teachers here at the Boarding School. Well there are many teachers here but the main ones you will mostly see are myself (Jake), Honey, Cassia G., Cory, and Jay. Then there's the dean, Safi. If you need help don't be afraid to come to us.

Lily: So send an OC to help this school get started!

Momo: If you were confused I am Honey and Lily is Jake.

Lily: Shut up! Anyways send an OC by PM or comment (preferably PM) and look forward to more chapters!