Dear Readers,

Hey readers this is Lily and Momo. We are so sorry about not updating but we have so much last school day stuff. I know we shouldn't be wasting a chapter on this but we don't have that much time to write this. I hope y'all reading are not mad at us! We will update way more this summer, promise.

We want to thank all of you reviewing and putting up with us. Even though we have received a couple of flames it doesn't matter! As long as you have enough heart to post flames or good reviews we love you all! Well Momo does anyway. We need some time to get everything down so don't worry. Oh and those of you reading and waiting for TOD with TMM don't worry it will be updated we are working on it! So one of these letters will be posted on We Get Sucked In and it will be answering some questions in the reviews, we are truly sorry.

Your Writer's,

Lily and Momo