Well, this is my very first fanfiction, so please be kind. I plan for this to be a multi-chapter, although I don't know exactly how many chapters. (Kayla is my Wammy OC by the way; she is about a year older than Near.) This takes place right after Matt meets up with Mello after the 5 year time-skip following L's death.

Kayla glanced over at her albino captor. She had been trapped in the SPK building for a week now, but it felt like much longer. Although she liked seeing Near again after 5 years, she missed Matt like crazy. The longest she had ever been from her best friend and "brother" was about a day.

Near was currently occupied with building a toy Lego city and didn't notice Kayla's stares. He, in truth, was also quite happy to see Kayla again, although he didn't show it. The reason she was here was to obtain information, not to have a formal visit. However, Kayla was being stubborn and refusing to spill any secrets about Mello.

Near thought about how suspicious it was that Light Yagami, or the second L, wanted so much information about Mello. The sheep-like boy did not care about Mello's name or whereabouts, but Light sure did. He had asked that Near actually capture him, but he had instead decided to kidnap one of Mello's friends to indirectly get info about the blonde. However, Near had only managed to narrowly miss Matt and snag Kayla instead.

Near's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of music. He looked towards Kayla to see that she had plugged her iPod into a speaker that she had found. Near made a mental note to figure out where Kayla had managed to find a speaker without leaving the room, and continued to build his towering Lego city.

The music began to play and Kayla started to sing.

You're so hypnotizing,

Could you be the devil?

Could you be an angel?

Your touch, magnetizing

Feels like I am floating,

Leaving my body glowing…

Near held back a smile when he heard Kayla's beautiful voice fill the room. She had always been a good singer ever since she was a young girl. Near knew she wanted to be famous one day.

Kayla began to stroll around the office slowly as she continued to sing:

…They don't understand you.

You're from a whole other world,

A different dimension

You open my eyes

And I'm ready to go,

Lead me into the light!

Kayla made her way over to Near and began to affectionately run her fingers through his snow white hair. A very light pink blush sprinkled over Near's cheeks, but his face remained expressionless.

Kiss me!

Ki-ki-kiss me!

Infect me with your love and fill me with your poisen!

Take me!

Ta-ta-take me!

Wanna be your victim!

Ready for abduction!

Suddenly, Kayla took Near's face in her hands and turned it so he was looking right at her as she sang. Surprise flashed in Near's emotionless gray eyes, and he paused midway of clicking a block into place on his tallest skyscraper to watch Kayla sing the final verse of the refrain.

Boy, you're an alien!

Your touch so foreign!

It's supernatural,


She smiled at him and let go, continuing to walk around the office, singing. Near gulped silently and turned away quickly so Kayla wouldn't see his face, which was quickly turning red. He had always had a tiny crush on Kayla ever since they were kids, but he knew he never had a shot with her. No one did, because Kayla was asexual. The actions that some would consider flirting were only her way of showing affection.

Kayla's voice was slowly getting to Near. She kept walking around the office, singing and unconsciously bouncing her hips slightly. It was driving the small albino boy crazy.

Towards the end of the song, Kayla plopped down next to Near.

I wanna walk on your wavelength

And be there when you vibrate

For you I'll risk it all


Kiss me!

Suddenly, a strange impulse took over Near, contradicting his calculating and second-guessing nature completely. Before Kayla could sing any more, he turned and kissed her right on the mouth. Near closed his eyes and savored the taste of Kayla's lips. They tasted like chocolate and Monster energy drink.

Kayla was shocked. Her bright green eyes remained wide open for the 2 seconds the kiss lasted. When Near pulled away, she stared at him with her mouth hanging half open.

They stared at each other for a full 10 seconds before Kayla stuttered, "U-um…I have to…use the b-bathroom…" She quickly stood up and hustled out of the room.

Near looked at the ground, very quickly swiping his eyes with the back of his hand. He should've known better.

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Song- E.T. by Katy Perry

Near belongs to Tsugumi Ohba. Kayla belongs to me.