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Kayla was staring at the phone. She had been for the past 5 minutes. It was just part of her routine now. Wake up, eat, stare at the phone, play video games with Matt, eat, yell at Mello, stare at the phone, eat, eat more, and sleep.

It had been months since Light Yagami had been officially pronounced Kira and died. Of course, the public had never been informed of this. There were too many supporters that would likely cause riots if they found out that their precious leader had died in the horrific Yellow Box incident.

The only reason that Kayla knew all of this was because of a very short letter sent by the SPK to her, Matt, and Mello's house*. Mello had shredded the document before Kayla could read too much of it, and now she was afraid there had been something in there from Near for her. The blonde had suspiciously avoided her for days after the letter was sent.

Kayla thought back to her two roommates then. Matt had been very supportive when she told him about Near. However, Kayla made him swear on his PS3 not to say anything to Mello. To the day, the chocoholic was still in a fury that Near had once again beaten him. If Mello knew that the albino was the single predominating thing on Kayla's mind, he would probably have one of his signature temper tantrums.

Matt's hand on Kayla's shoulder interrupted her thoughts. "Kay… I don't think he's going to call…" he said to her with a concerned frown. "It's been 4 months now."

She shook his hand off and glared up at him. "He promised me he would!" she snapped. It was a rare sight for Kayla to get so upset at Matt, but she was lonely and frustrated. "Did you read the letter they sent us? I bet there was something in there from Near for me!"

Matt glared right back. "Kayla, you're acting like a brat! I'm not trying to make you mad, I'm trying to get you to face the facts!"

Kayla's eyes slowly lowered to the floor in embarrassment. 'Matt's right…I am acting selfish…' She sighed. "Mattie…I'm sorry." She hugged onto Matt's waist and tried not to sniffle. "I miss him. I want to hear his voice again."

Matt's face softened and he hugged Kayla back. "I know you do." He sighed deeply. "Look…if he doesn't call within the next week…maybe we could try to look for him. If he hasn't moved, that is."

Kayla just shrugged. "I don't think we should bother. You made a good point just now. I have to learn to get over him." She released Matt from the hug and stood up before giving the phone a final glace. "If he doesn't call me by Friday, I'm giving up on him."

Matt patted her on the back. "You're a tough girl, Kayla. You'll be fine." He suddenly smiled his signature cheesy grin. "Come on. Let's go numb your mind with some Portal."

A few hours later, Kayla was totally and completely engrossed in an intense game of Mario Cart with Matt when suddenly the phone rang. She jumped up and dropped her controller. "I'll get it!" she yelled and made a mad dash for the phone.

However, Mello had reached it first and had just pressed the Talk button when Kayla burst through the door. "Hello?"

Kayla stopped a few feet away from the phone and waited for Mello to react to the person on the other end of the line. If it was Near, she would know.

Immediately, Mello's face turned sour. He gritted his teeth and growled, "She doesn't live here anymore" into the phone. To Kayla's horror, Mello clicked the phone off and tossed it on the table.

"What did you do that for?" she squawked.

Mello glared at her. "What, Kayla?" he asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Wanted to talk to your boyfriend?"

Kayla's face turned paled. "I knew it…" she mumbled. "There was something else in that letter."

"Of course there was!" Mello exploded, snapping his chocolate bar in half with his crushing grip. "I can't believe you! How could you fall for Near? You're asexual, remember?"

Kayla began to get defensive. "I didn't mean to fall for him!" she argued. "I thought I was asexual, okay? But I'm not. I like Near and there's nothing you can do about it."

Mello's blue eyes widened in fury and Kayla made a break for it before he could strangle her. She snatched the phone from the table and ran to her room with Mello hot on her heels. Kayla barely managed to lock the door before Mello began to pound his fists on the it. "Open this fucking door right now!" screamed the enraged blonde.

Kayla ignored him and quickly hit the Redial button on the phone, praying that Near would pick up. After 3 rings, she was about to hang up.


Kayla gasped. "Near? Is that really you?"

"Kayla?" She could hear the surprise leak through his monotone voice. "I tried to call you earlier, but Mello had picked up instead. I didn't think he would tell you that I had called."

"He didn't," Kayla confessed, her heartbeat quickening at the sound of Near's voice. Just hearing him speak sent sparks of that familiar feeling through her body. "I just guessed it when he snarled into the phone and then threw it on the table."

"Did you receive my letter?" Near asked.

"Yes, but I was only able to read about Light before Mello threw it away. What else did it say?"

"It stated that I would be busy for the next few months. A lot of commotion arose over Kira's death, as was to be expected." There was a pause on the other line. "Kayla, I'm sorry that you had to wait so long. It was very rude of Mello to keep you in the dark like that."

Kayla smiled, even though she knew Near couldn't see it. "He's actually outside my door right now, yelling at me."

"Yes, I can hear him. Do say hello for me, will you?"

She giggled softly. "Near, let's meet up soon. It's been too long since I've seen you." 'And touched you, and kissed you, and…' Kayla stopped herself before her thoughts got too detailed.

"Of course. Whenever you get the chance, I will be happy to find a place for us to meet."

A suddenly inspiration struck Kayla. "Near, let's do something totally romantic and cliché. Let's sneak out and meet at Cheshire Park. Do you remember where that is?"

"Yes, and we can meet there if that's what you want to do, Kayla," Near agreed. "I will see you there at midnight?"

Kayla had to be extremely quiet as she snuck out of the house. She wasn't worried about Matt waking up, as he would understand and probably even offer to drive her to the park. It was Mello, of course, that Kayla didn't dare to disturb. Dinner had already been a very awkward affair, consisting of silence, glares, and Matt's pathetic attempts to try and start a conversation.

The moon was merely a sliver in the dark, starless sky, so Kayla had to walk in almost total darkness. She took a short cut through the woods behind the house and ended up at the park early. She sat on a park bench under one of the streetlamps to wait.

Kayla must have fallen asleep, because she suddenly felt someone gently shaking her by the shoulders. "Kayla," whispered a voice. "Kayla, wake up."

She opened her eyes slowly and rubbed them to clear her vision. When she looked up, she saw Near with the tiniest smile on his pale face, illuminated by the overhanging light.

Kayla's lips slowly formed a smile and she leaned up, kissing Near on the lips. It was then she knew that no matter what obstacles they faced, no matter who tried to get in their way, no matter how hard it would be, she and Near were going to be okay.

Kayla pulled back after a minute and couldn't help but smirk. "So, how do we tell Mello?"

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