Heroes of Arcadia - Ani-Earth - A Hero's Virtue 2
by Anthony Bault

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Author's forward:

So...Ashura's Ani-Earth is now a world of Arcadia. A new world for the Gamemaster to explore and aid if the need arises.

This fic will describe what happens when the need does arise...and helps to bring a solution to three problems that exist on the new world of Arcadia. Let us see if Gamemaster is up to the test...

(P.S. That sound you hear is the fourth wall completely shattering!)


Chapter 1 - Courage

"There...that should do it..."

Shadow sat up as the glass chamber of the Deroboticizer slid away, and looked towards his left arm. Previously a metal weapon used against the Master, it was now restored to the flesh and black fur it once was. After putting his gloves on, he turned towards Bookshire and Dr. Light, who were consulting their instruments.

"Thank you, Doctors," Shadow said. "I'm glad I could be made whole again."

"No problem at all, Shadow," Light said. "I'm sure Mina will be glad to see you a full flesh and blood creature again."

"Indeed," Shadow said, with a mischievous grin on his face, "in fact, I think this calls for a celebratory date. If you'll excuse me..."

Shadow then ran out of the lab, causing several papers to be blown to all corners of the room, much to the dismay of the two doctors.

"Hmmf...and I thought Sonic was a problem at times..." Bookshire said.

"Which one?" Light asked. "We have two Sonics to deal with now."

"Either will do...if what Crystallis said about him was right..." Bookshire answered as he picked up one large stack of papers.


Mina was gazing out of the window of the Masaki home, seemingly lost in her own thoughts. She seemed to have a look of worry on her face as she watched the waves crash against the shore at regular intervals. She was so distracted, that she didn't even acknowledge a voice that called out for her...

"Mina...your black blur has arrived, and is whole now!" Shadow exclaimed. When he noticed she didn't react, he placed a paw on her shoulder. "Mina?"

Mina jumped slightly, calming down when she saw Shadow. She then turned back towards the window.

"I may not have the Gamemaster's psionics, but I can tell something's wrong," Shadow said, sitting down next to Mina. "What's wrong?"

Mina looked sadly over towards a small stack of magazines that was situated next to her. Shadow noticed that they were all Sonic comics, and the top one caused his eyes to widen. "TWO Eggmans?!?"

"Yes," Mina said, talking quietly and showing a bit of fear in her voice. "I'm worried about my version of Mobius now..."

"Why?" Shadow asked. "This is your home now, and if that world's Sonic is like ours, I'm sure they can handle themselves."

"I know, but..." Mina began to say, and then tears began to form in her eyes. "I'm still worried about them, Shadow. Their Robotnik has gone mad, and I can't help thinking what might happen to them next. Besides...I kinda miss home..."

"A home where the princess has you on her hit list?" Shadow asked.

"Perhaps...but it's still where I came from, no matter what happened to me," Mina said.

Shadow nodded in understanding and drew Mina into a comforting hug. "I understand, but what can we do?"

Mina then whispered something Shadow couldn't believe. "Send them the Gamemaster..."

"What?!?" Shadow said, releasing the hug. "But...I just said they could..."

"I know, Shadow," Mina said, "but they deserve the same chance Arcadia's Mobius had. We can even send them the deroboticizor plans to help restore all the Robians!"

Shadow thought about this for a while. He knew this Mobius had no way of knowing about Arcadia, but also knew that Mobius would know about alternate realities after the incident with Washu's portals.

"Alright...I'll go ask Gamemaster," Shadow said. After giving Mina a quick peck on the cheek, he ran out of the room towards the Masaki Shrine and the transit gates.


The Heroes Council had gathered inside the palace of Mobotropolis...their reason for gathering: to welcome Ani-Earth's representatives to the Council. The Ani-Earthers had chosen five to represent their group: Tenchi, Vegeta, Serena AKA Sailor Moon, Tai and his Digimon Agumon, and Spider-Man. The Ani-Earthers decided it would be too confusing to include their version of Sonic or his friends, since there were already a Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles on the council. At the present, Anthony was addressing the new members.

"So basically, we gather to handle any problems that may effect Arcadia as a whole," Anthony was explaining. "We can then make the necessary plans to combat whatever problems arise. All present will have a voice...and even though I head the Council, I am not in charge by any means, so you can contradict me or anyone else here."

"So, it would be like the Round Table of old," Spider-Man remarked.

"That is one way of putting it," Anthony continued, "which is rather interesting since I DID have to pull my sword out of a pedestal." After a brief round of laughter, Anthony concluded with, "So...any questions?"

"Will there be food served at later meetings?" Agumon asked, causing several present to facefault.

"Agumon..." Tai said, "must you ALWAYS think with your stomach?!?"

"I have a better question," Vegeta said. "Will we have to come to these meetings on a regular basis? I'd hate to think I was living in a Dilbert comic strip..."

"Thankfully, no," Sonic said. "We only meet when the need arises. I know how you feel, Veggie, I hate meetings too. I remember when Sally had this one..."

"We canna talk about that later, Sonic," Mario interjected.

After the others said they had no questions, they all got up to leave. It was at that point that Shadow ran into the room.

"Oh, good...you haven't left yet," Shadow said. "I need to talk to you all."

"What's wrong, Shadow?" Tenchi asked.

"Well...it concerns Mina," Shadow explained. "She's worried about the state of her version of Mobius after seeing the latest Archie comic, and wonders if someone can go help if necessary."

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Link asked. "We all KNOW how cruel that version's Sally was to her."

"Perhaps," Peach said, "but we should at least offer our help, even give them the plans for the Deroboticizor Chuck and Light developed."

"...and kick some Robuttnik as well," Vegeta said, cracking his knuckles.

"Hold your horses, Veggie," Protoman said. "They might be scared if we send the entire contingent of Arcadia there."

"I agree," Zelda added. "We should just send one person to talk with the King Acorn of that reality, and then we can make the battle plans once relations have been made."

"Hmmf...typical," Vegeta said in disgust.

"So...who should we send?" Anthony asked the group. Suddenly, he noticed that all eyes pointed at him. "Um...why are you looking at me like that?"

"Simple," Serena said. "As Gamemaster, you essentially represent all of Arcadia, so you are best suited to make the introductions."

"Just like when I first reunited the worlds, huh?" Anthony remarked. "One problem...there's still a distrust of Overlanders amongst the people there..."

"Anth...I read those comics," Knuckles said. "They trusted Nate Morgan, and later, of all people, Robotnik's own NIECE to live amongst them. So I'm sure they won't turn you away because of your race..."

"I hope you're right, Knux," Anthony said. "Alright, any objections?" Vegeta raised his hand. "BESIDES Vegeta?!?" Seeing none, Anthony then continued. "Alright then...Tenchi, can you get Washu ready to make the portal to Ani-Mobius?"

"Sure...ANI-Mobius?" Tenchi asked.

"Probably the best name for it, since it's connected only through Ani-Earth," Anthony explained. "The rest of you, be ready near any portal entry to come to Ani-Earth if necessary."

As the meeting concluded and everyone left, Anthony took Shadow aside and said, "Shadow...I need to know one thing..."

"What?" Shadow asked, confused.

"Mina...she's homesick, isn't she?" Anthony asked.

Shadow nodded and said, "She didn't say as much, but yes..."

Anthony then smirked and said, "Then lets see if we can make her home safe for her to live in again."


Washu's lab was full of activity as Washu began fiddling around with her portal makers. Anthony watched the procedure with much interest, since he was curious to know how Washu could make the portals without the side effects he had seen when he first encountered some of the Arcadian portals. After a while, Washu then turned towards Anthony.

"Alright then, Anthony," Washu said, handing Anthony a small device. "This thing will allow you instant access to Ani-Mobius and Ani-Earth. Just point it at any open area, and the portal will appear. All you need to do is focus on a location and press the button."

"Thanks, Washu," Anthony said. "Do you think the Ani-Mobians will be willing to accept Arcadia's help?"

"Not sure..." Washu said. "If the King Acorn and Queen Alicia of that world are like their daughter, then I doubt it. Still, it may worth the effort to try."

"Alright," Anthony said, pocketing the device next to a disk that contained the information about the Deroboticizor. He then walked out of the Masaki residence and chose a nice open piece of land to aim the device towards. He then pulled out the device and pressed the button, causing a portal to appear with what looked like a forest bound city on the other end.

"Knothole...just where I wanted to be," Anthony said. He then turned towards Washu and said, "Wish me luck!" He then jumped into the portal, which immediately closed behind him.


"Sire, you have a visitor who wishes to speak to you!"

King Maximillian Acorn and Queen Alicia Acorn looked up as Geoffrey led a red armor clad human into the throne room. He continued to have a crossbow trained on the human as the human walked up. Of course, he was also surprised to see the human bow down towards the Acorns upon reaching them.

"I found him near the outskirts of Knothole, your majesties," Geoffrey said. "He claims to come from an alternate reality called 'Arcadia'."

"Arcadia?" King Acorn said, surprised. He then looked down towards the human and asked, "What is your name, Overlander?"

"My name is Anthony Bault, your majesty," Anthony said, looking up but not standing from his kneeling position. "I have come in peace to establish diplomatic relations between your Mobius and Arcadia, as well as provide aid for your Robotnik problem if wanted."

"I see..." King Acorn said. "Rise, and tell us about this Arcadia..."

Anthony then went into a lengthy description of the worlds of Arcadia and told them of the events that had happened as of late. The Acorns were shocked when Anthony described the events on Arcadia's Mobius, even when Anthony presented them with the disk with the Deroboticizor information. They even reacted to the description of the event in which three different Sonics, including their own world's version, fought Eggman.

"Yes, we are aware of that incident," Queen Alicia stated, referring to the multi-Sonic event. "So, is there now a permanent portal between our Mobius and this Ani-Earth?"

"No," Anthony explained, "but the creator of the device that allowed me to come here said she can make such a portal. All that would be needed is your approval, your majesties."

King Acorn made a thoughtful pose and considered what Anthony had told them. Anthony looked over to the side, where Geoffrey still looked at him with disdain. Finally, King Acorn stood up and said, "Very well...you have our approval. I'll have Dr. Charles Hedgehog look at this information you gave us. In the meantime, St. John," he said, addressing the skunk guard, "please give Anthony all the information you have on Robotnik's current activities."

Geoffrey nodded and bowed towards King Acorn and then led Anthony out of the throne room. As soon as they had left, King Acorn turned towards his wife and asked, "What do you think, Alicia? Do you think Arcadia can really help?"

"If what he said happened on Arcadia's Mobius is any indication, then yes," Alicia said.

"I agree," King Acorn said, and then looked at the disk handed to him. "I just hope he's wrong about one thing though..."

"What's that, Max?" Alicia asked.

"I just hope robotization isn't as fatal as it was on Arcadia's Mobius..."


Very little was said as Geoffrey led Anthony to the war room of the palace. Anthony could still sense Geoff's distrust, which was more than understandable. Still, he tried to break the ice...

"Geoff, I know of your hatred of Overlanders, which is understandable, but you can trust me. I hate what Robotnik has done as much as you do," Anthony said. "Besides...I prefer the term human or Overlander."

Geoffrey gave him a sideways glance and said, "You look like an Overlander to me..."

"Perhaps," Anthony said, "but I refuse to believe Robotnik and I are the same race. What he did is what we call...'inhuman'."

Geoffrey gave Anthony a confused glance after hearing that. "You really don't consider Buttnik to be the same race as yourself?"

"After what he did?" Anthony said. "He's a monster, pure and simple..."

Geoffrey, still surprised, gave Anthony an interesting smile after hearing that. "You know, Gamemaster...I think you may be the first 'human' I may consider liking..."


The information Geoffrey gave Anthony was brief, especially since Anthony had prior knowledge due to the comics on his world. They were currently reviewing the data.

"Okay...so basically, his only troops are Swatbots, and half of those are put to the task of building other Swatbots..." Anthony said.

"Yep," Geoffrey said. "Without any Robian workerbots or the support of the other Overlanders, he's forced to use them. He only uses enough Swatbots to patrol Robotropolis and to protect his butt."

Anthony snickered at that. "I've seen how fat his ass is...he'd need a LOT more Swatbots than he could create to protect it!"

Geoffrey laughed loudly at that statement. "Oh man...you and I are DEFINITELY going to get along! So...what are you planning to do to remove our Robotnik problem?"

"What else?" Anthony said. "Face him in combat...kill him if necessary..."

"Um...as much as that appeals to me," Geoffrey said, "you can't touch him. If he touches you, you'll be roboticized on the spot and turned into a metal statue like Nate Morgan was."

"I know," Anthony said, "which is why I hope Chuck and Rotor get done with the Deroboticizer plans I gave you guys. That device will be crucial to what I have in mind..."


After several hours, the Freedom Fighters gathered in the throne room of the palace. All were present: Sonic, Tails, Sally, Rotor, Bunnie, Antoine, Geoffrey, Hershey, King and Queen Acorn, and all others who fought. Anthony was also present to present the plans, and kept a psionic eye on Sally, wondering what he was going to do about her and Mina once all this was over. He regained his focus and then started the meeting.

"Okay...as you all have been informed, I am planning a raid on Robotropolis to take care of your world's Robotnik once and for all," Anthony started. "This raid will be a joint effort between this kingdom and the worlds of Arcadia. The plan will be simple...while the rest of you take care of Buttnik's Swats, I'll be making my way into the compound to face Robotnik and Snivley."

"Yo Anth," Sonic said, interrupting Anthony, "I heard about how your version of Mobius was freed, but what you're doing sounds risky. Even I'M not that gutsy!"

"Oh really?!?" Sally said. "I seem to remember several times when you..."

"Oh yeah..." Sonic said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

"I understand your concern, guys," Anthony said, continuing, "but your world's Robotnik doesn't have the manpower he used to anymore, so he virtually powerless. But, as long as he's in power he's still a danger since he may find a way to rebuild that power he once had."

All nodded in understanding and then Anthony continued. "Once I get word from Chuck about the Deroboticizer, we'll ready the battle plans and I'll get the Heroes Council. Once Robotnik is defeated, we can then get to the roboticized Overlanders and deroboticize them."

"Are you sure they're still alive?" Rotor asked. "I mean...that robotization could've..."

"Stay positive, Rot," Anthony said. "He may be just wondering how to start moving again."

All present nodded in understanding, and then Chuck came into the room. Of course, the sight of Chuck caused Sonic to double-take.

"UNCLE CHUCK!!!" Sonic said. "You...you're...DEROBOTICIZED!!!"

Chuck looked down at his now flesh and fur body and smiled. "I am indeed. The Deroboticizer is working perfectly and is ready for use. I hope your majesties don't mind that I used it on my family..."

Sonic's eyes widened upon hearing that. "Mom? Dad? Muttski? EXCUSE ME!!!" Sonic then ran out of the room and out of the castle.

"Really..." King Acorn said, disdainfully.

"Father...can you blame him?" Sally said, calming Max down.

"Hmmm...I guess not..." King Acorn said. "Alright...Anthony, get the Arcadians together.

Anthony nodded and all present went off to get ready. As Anthony walked out, he took Chuck aside. "Chuck, I need your help..."

"What with?"

"That Derobotization process...you saw it was a two part process, correct?"


"Good...I need something done...with the first part of that process..."


A crowd gathered outside the outskirts of Robotropolis. The Freedom Fighters, both Ani-Mobian and Arcadian, were joined by the ranks of the Arcadian Heroes Council, the Digidestined, the Z Fighters, Tenchi, Ryoko, Ayeka, Kiyone, the Sailor Scouts, and Spider-Man. The Ani-Earth versions of Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Shadow also joined the group, despite the fact that the sight of THREE Sonics was making both Geoffreys and both Antoines wince.

Anthony surveyed the area, looking at the Swatbot and Stealthbot movements and mentally mapping out his plan of attack. He knew he had to find a way into Robotnik's area to face him, and hoped the attack by the Arcadians and Ani-Mobians would be enough to distract Robotnik.

"Everyone ready?" Anthony asked the group.

"We're ready on your order, Anth," Arcadia Sonic said. "But...you sure you know what you're doing?"

"Yes, Sonic," Anthony said, looking at Arcadia Sonic. "I even made some preparations beforehand to ensure my safety."

Arcadia Sonic nodded in understanding, and thought he saw something strange about Anthony's appearance, but shook that thought aside.

As soon as Anthony saw they were ready again, Anthony nodded towards Ani-Mobius King Acorn, who immediately said "Everyone...ATTACK!"

Everyone gave a battle cry and charged. "ARCADIA FOREVER!!!"


"Snively...what do you make of this?"

Robotnik observed the attack from his control room, and addressed the roboticized and diminutive human next to him. Snively looked at the battle and said, "It would appear that the Freedom Fighters want to take us out...and got some additional help to do so!"

"Yes...though I wonder about the stability of these other warriors," Robotnik mused while watching a costumed Gohan take out several Swatbots and doing his poses.

"Fear me, Robotnik," Gohan said, "for I am the great...SAIYAMAN!" Gohan soon had to duck as a Swatbot he didn't see was destroyed by a lightning blast, and Sailor Jupiter ran up to him.

"Keep your eyes on the BATTLE, Great Saiyadork!" Jupiter said.

Robotnik shook his head at this attack. "If these warriors are anything like him, we should have no trouble...wait, what's THAT?!?" He focused on what looked like three blue blurs running through the Swatbots, and then cringed when he saw the three forms finally stop and high five each other. "WHAT?!? THREE Sonics?!? IMPOSSIBLE!!!"

"Unless, Doctor," Snively said, "this is a repeat of that incident earlier, with those weird portals."

"Perhaps..." Robotnik said. Suddenly, a perimeter alarm went off and Snively checked on it.

"Sir," Snively said, "a single Overlander has entered our building! He appears to be fighting our units easily!"

"So...he wants to face me, does he?" Robotnik said, and then looked towards the door. "Let him come. If he's with those fighters out there, we should make an example of him..."

"How so, sir?" Snively asked.

"By making a nice metal statue out of him..." Robotnik said, with a chuckle.


Anthony broke through the outer doors leading to the main area of the control room. He looked around, wondering where Robotnik had gone off to.

"Come on out, Buttnik!" Anthony yelled. "It's over! Give up and I MAY let you live!"

As Anthony ventured further into the room, he was soon tackled by a metallic Snively. As Anthony threw him off, he was picked up by a pair of large arms, and noticed in terror that his arms were turning to metal.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Anthony said in fear, as he looked in Robotnik's eyes.

"Nice try, now become a statue for your arrogance," Robotnik said as he watched the gray metal cover Anthony's entire body. He then set Anthony down as soon as the transformation had completed, leaving Anthony covered in metal, his eyes and glasses converted to a pair of electronic goggles, his ears converted to speaker like receptors, and his nose and mouth replaced by what looked like another speaker. He remained motionless, lying on the ground where Robotnik threw him.

"A pity...to come all this way, only to fail now..." Robotnik mused as he returned to watching the battle. He attention was soon interrupted by an unfamiliar voice.

"Excuse...do you dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?"

Robotnik and Snively turned around and did a double take as they saw the robotic Anthony standing up and brandishing a lightsaber.

"WHAT?!?" Robotnik said. "THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!! What manner of being are you?!?"

Anthony readied himself for an attack and said, "Call me...Maverick."

"I'll call you scrap instead!" Snively said, jumping on the back of Maverick and distracting him as Robotnik aimed a blaster, secreted in his arm, at Maverick. Maverick noticed this and threw Snively off of him and into Robotnik. The blaster went off, taking out part of the ceiling and dropping a lot of debris on Maverick.

Robotnik regained his bearings and aimed his blaster again, only to have the shots deflected by Maverick's lightsaber. Maverick then ran forward to engage Robotnik up close, only to be tripped by Snively. However, this turned out to be Snively's last act, because as Maverick fell, the lightsaber hit Snively and sliced through his head, destroying him.

"The fool..." Robotnik said as he approached Maverick. "But, at least he gave his life so I can eliminate you...pest!" He then aimed his blaster arm at Maverick, which ended up sliced off by a lightsaber attack.

"Give up, Buttnik," Maverick said. "You cannot win."

"Perhaps, not...but I can sure take you all with me..." Robotnik said, quickly pressing a button which caused an alarm to go off. "Robotropolis is now set to self-destruct...and there's NO WAY TO STOP IT!"

"DAMMIT!" Maverick said, talking into a communicator built in his arm. "Guys! He set the entire city to self-destruct! Get out of there and back to Knothole!"

"Got it, Anth!" he heard Sonic's voice say.

Maverick then turned his attention back to Robotnik, an act which surprised Robotnik. "You aren't going to escape with the others?"

"Nah...I've got something I need to do first..." Maverick said. With that, he promptly rushed towards Robotnik and attacked with his lightsaber, only to have that lightsaber blocked by one of Robotnik's own, kept within his remaining arm.

"Fool...you should never have risked your life to face me," Robotnik said. The two them exchanged lightsaber blows, and Maverick was surprised at how fast Robotnik was moving, considering his bulk. Eventually, Maverick slashed away Robotnik's lightsaber, and stabbed the despot in the heart. He then pulled away, and as Robotnik fell to the ground, he slashed again, beheading Robotnik.

"Good riddance to bad..."


"I only need five," Maverick said, as he used his Teleport power to escape.


Near the outskirts of Knothole, the entire group watched as the city of Robotropolis went up in flames. Many of the group, including the Ani-Earthers and Ani-Mobians wondered where Anthony was.

"Did sugah-Anth make it out alright?" Ani-Mobius Bunnie asked.

"Anth?" Arcadia Sonic said. "Yeah...he knows a power called Teleport, so he can get out of there in a moments notice."

"So...where iz he?" Ani-Mobius Antoine asked.

Suddenly, the entire group heard Anthony's voice say "Right here!" They then turned around to see him, and gasped when they were all staring straight at a roboticized human.

"Wha?!? Robotnik got you?!?!?" Ani-Mobius Sonic asked.

"Not...quite..." Maverick/Anthony said, "and the Arcadians know why."

"I KNEW something was odd with your appearance earlier," Arcadia Sonic exclaimed. "You turned into MAVERICK!"

"Who?" the Ani-Mobians asked, confused.

Maverick asked everyone to watch, and then collapsed the metal parts of his body, replacing them with what looked like normal skin, hair, and clothing. "The reason Robotnik couldn't roboticize me was because I was already roboticized! The first part of the derobotization process is something called Kintobor mode robotization, which creates a robotic body which can refit itself to look real, like I have just done."

"Wow..." Ani-Mobius Bunnie said. "Wish ah could've gotten thaht upgrade earlier..."

"Well, now you can just have those metal parts removed, Bunnie..." Anthony said. "I've actually done this before, for a rescue mission. Glad to see the trick can still work..."

"So are we," Protoman said. "By the way, we managed to rescue the roboticized Overlanders before the city went up. Robotnik was too busy fighting us to notice Vegeta getting them out of there!"

"Excellent!" Anthony said. "Looks like we have reason to celebrate then! Come, let's head back to Knothole!"

The group started walking back towards Knothole. Bass and several of the Z fighters were busy carrying the frozen forms of the roboticized Overlanders.

"How did we get this stuck with THIS job again?" Trunks asked.

"Because no one else can lift these," Bass said.


Several hours of work found all the Overlanders and Anthony back to flesh and blood. Plans were being made to start deroboticizing the Mobians as well, and Anthony was currently talking with Ani-Mobius's King Acorn about recent events.

"I think I'm getting used to being roboticized for missions like this..." Anthony said. "Still can't believe how painful that is..."

"Now you know what my people went through, Anthony," King Acorn said. "I can't thank you enough for what you have done. With Robotnik out of the way, things should be rather quiet on our version of Mobius from now on."

"Hey, it was Arcadia's pleasure to help," Anthony said. "I'm just grateful this world's version of robotization isn't as fatal as Mobius's version. As for thanks..."

Suddenly both individuals heard a child's voice say "DADDY!!!" Both of them looked out of a nearby window and saw one of the adult deroboticized Overlanders being hugged by a young girl, namely Hope Kintobor, an Overlander girl who asked to live in Knothole.

Anthony smiled at this occurrence and continued. "...I already received my thanks, King Acorn."