Title: Sparrow

Pairing: Jack/Angelica

Rating: PG-14 [[for this chapter]]

Word Count: 897

Disclaimer: I own none of this. Characters and all that crap are property of Disney. None of this happened. Pure work of fiction. Plagiarize my work, and I will find you.

Warnings: Implied Sexual Activity

Chapter Summary: Jack and Angelica "confess" their feelings for one another, one thing leads to another...

A/N: This is actually my first Pirates of the Caribbean anything. I have written before, of course, and not only do I have a thing for the movies, I have a thing for pirates, sailing, and fantastical stories in general. I think you'll enjoy this. Well, I hope you will.

May 25th, 1754

One who had met Captain Jack Sparrow would never believe that he had the ability to love, only to live and lust. One who knew him wouldn't believe it, either. Angelica Teach, however, got the rare opportunity to not only believe in his love, but also to receive it.

She now knew, thanks to overhearing Jack talking in his sleep, that he did love her. Despite how much he tells her, and everyone else, that his love is just "stirrings" or "feelings", she knows of the power of dreams and the honesty that they bring. Therefore, Jack has to deal with the fact that, not only does he love someone, he loves someone who knows that he loves her. Huge problems arise when he least needs them, don't they?

A heavy, creaking door being pushed open slowly broke Jack out of his thoughts. He sat up on his bed and cocked his head, looking at the doorway curiously. A thin face poked in, brunette hair swinging into view with the new arrival.

"I thought you were sleeping, Captain." she said softly, and Jack shrugged.

"Got a lot on my mind." Jack laid back down, stiff as a board, and pat the space next to him. "Come lay down." Jack shut his eyes; he heard Angelica's boots click over to his bed before she slipped them off - they landed on the floor with a couple of dull thuds - and the slight dip in the mattress as she laid down beside him. He felt a slim hand snake across his chest.

"Why do you have all your effects on?" Angelica's quiet voice asked. She tugged at his jacket, pulling it off and dropping it heavily onto the floor.

"I wasn't really planning on sleeping." Jack sighed, keeping his eyes shut as he allowed Angelica to strip off everything extra he had on.

"What were you planning on doing, then?" Angelica's voice trickled down as she sat up to take his boots off.

"Waiting." Jack jerked his leg up when Angelica touched his foot. "Ticklish."

"Sorry." Angelica murmured. "Waiting for what?"

"Something that was bound to come." Jack opened his eyes up. "You. I know you heard me."

"Heard you what?" Angelica asked, clearly knowing what he was referring to. Her accent thickened when she tried to act or lie.

"Heard me dream, luv." Jack twisted his neck so he could see Angelica more easily. "I know you heard me."

"How do you know?" Angelica demanded, shoving Jack's boot off. Jack cocked an eyebrow.

"Temper." he warned, straightening his neck back out and closing his eyes again. "I just do."

"Sorry." Angelica repeated, laying back against him now that he was just a shirt and pants. She tugged his bandana off and tied her hair up with it.

"Well, I know how you feel about dreams, Angelica." Jack waved his hand absently. "It's all just a bunch of-"

"Is it true?" Angelica whispered. Jack's hand fell and wrapped itself around her shoulders. He sighed the sigh of a trapped man.

"I s'pose." Jack groaned when Angelica's weight left his side. "Come on, now I'm cold."

Angelica's warmth against his side was replaced with weight on top of his waist. "Better, Jack?"

"Immeasurably." Jack opened his eyes and found Angelica staring down at him. "Yes, how may I help you?"

"I think I love you, too." Angelica said softly. Jack blinked.

"I wish I could've had someone else around to hear that." Jack smiled. "Angelica Teach shows emotion. Most surprising of all, the emotion of love."

Angelica laughed once, and her slender fingers began undoing Jack's shirt buttons.

"You'd be surprised what I can do." she said softly, smiling and pulling the shirt off.

Jack awoke groggily, trying to reach for his face to rub at his eyes. He discovered his hands weren't coming to him, and looked up at them.

They were tied together with his bandana by the wrists to the bedpost.

All of the memories of the previous night came flooding back and Jack shut his eyes again against the onslaught of emotion.

Never before had Jack loved someone, certainly not enough for anything loving to happen. Certainly not enough for the previous night to happen.

Eventually, Jack came back to his senses; it was then that he realized his was the only weight on the bed. He opened his eyes and realized Angelica was gone.

Twisting his body up, he undid the knot in his bandana with his teeth and freed his wrists. He sat up, rubbing them absently and grabbing a bed-sheet to use as a makeshift sleeping gown.

He stood up and tied the bed-sheet around himself, searching around his captain's cabin with his lethargic eyes for any sign of Angelica left behind. He had been on the other side of this often enough; he knew it was hoping against hope to expect her to be here in the morning. Particularly someone he loved. Particularly Angelica.

Finally he came upon a parchment note on his table that had not been there the night prior. The ink was dry, the feather and bottle laying beside the bit of parchment, the feather no longer warm from her hold.

Jack studied the note, reading and rereading her swooping letters before crashing heavily back down onto the bed and shutting his eyes again.


I don't know what to do with myself. I know I love you but I don't know how to handle that. I'll come back when I do.

All my love,