I'm not entirely sure about this story. You guys will have to let me know how you feel about this story, and where you'd like it to go, because I'm not entirely sure. Thanks!

- Yerrie

Jack listened at the door, his hand on the hilt of his sword, ready to whip it out on a second's notice. He heard the waves the other ship pushed against his own ship as it came closer and alongside.

Jack grasped the handle more tightly as he heard feet hit the deck of his ship, then heavy footsteps approach his door. He backed up a couple of steps and pulled his sword out, ready to fight the intruder. But, instead of the door banging open, someone knocked.

"Jack?" a familiar voice asked, and Jack took another step back.

"Come in, Will." Jack said, and Will opened the door and came face-to-point with Jack's sword.

"Hello. I appreciate the warm welcome." Will slapped the sword aside, and Jack put it back in it's scabbard.

"As I appreciate the visit." Jack mocked Will's accent. "What brings you here, eh?"

"Spotted the Pearl. Thought I'd pop in." Will raised an eyebrow, and Jack sighed.

"Last time I saw Lizzie, she was with your son." Jack said, and Will smiled.

"Isn't William wonderful?" Will grinned wider. "Never thought I'd have a son, especially not after the whole, you know-"

"Death?" Jack supplied helpfully, and Will absently rubbed his hand over his heart.

"Yeah. That." Will dropped his hand. "You met any ladies?"

"Ladies? Hardly." Jack scoffed, and he saw, over Will's shoulder, Angelica coming towards the cabin. He eyed Will, standing in the doorframe. "Come in, why don't you."

"Alright th-" Will began before Jack yanked him in and slammed the cabin door. "What was all that ab-"

A knock interrupted Will, and Jack sighed heavily.

"Ignore it and it'll go away." Jack stage-whispered, and the knock grew louder before the door finally just banged open.

"Jack, who is that?" Angelica asked, sword drawn, Sparrow peeking around her leg.

"This is Will Turner, son of Bootstrap Bill, captain of the Flying Dutchman, and an old friend." Jack explaned. He turned to Will. "This is Angelica." He looked over at Angelica, who looked back expectantly. He thought a moment. "Angelica Teach, nuisance."

Angelica swung her sword and chopped one of Jack's dreadlocks off. She returned her sword to it's scabbard triumphantly and took a few steps towards Will. She kissed him on each cheek and smiled.

"Hello, Captain Will Turner." she smiled flirtily, and Jack pushed her away.

"Stop doing that, he's got a bride who I very much like and would not like to see become a murderer." Jack looked her over. "Though I can't say I'd blame her."

"Who's this?" Will interrupted their bickering, looking down at Sparrow warily. She stared back up at him shyly from behind Angelica's legs.

"Preséntese." Angelica whispered down to her. "Dígale a su nombre."

"Sparrow." Sparrow said her name softly, stepping around her mother and standing in front of Will.

"This is his daughter." Angelica said as Jack picked up his daughter proudly and held her out to Will.

Will looked at Jack with shock. "Daughter? Yours?"

"Yes, sir." Jack handed her over to his friend. Will cocked an eyebrow at her.

"You're Jack's daughter? Never thought I'd hear those words from someone who wasn't beating Jack over the head with a club." Will laughed, and the girl busied herself playing with his hair.

"Shut up, William." Jack took his daughter back and kissed her head.

That chapter wasn't really much of anything but an interlude-type deal. Let me know how you'd like this to go, and I'll think about what I'm going to do with this. :)