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summery – Harry's having the usual bad summer with the Dursleys until he messes up a spell which turns him into a panther cub but that's not the worst of it oh no the Dursleys sell him to a magical pets store where he get's bought by ... well you will just have to find out by reading won't you?

Pairings - Harry x Lucius there will be a Draco pairing in this but I'm not sure who I'm gonna pair him up with yet as well as a pairing for Severus.

Harry is 17 in this fic and Lucius is 36 (I know that's probably the wrong age difference but I don't care)

I'm not sure of the age for using magic so let's go with 17.

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"Cat talk"- not in ()


Chapter one - Umm oops

(Harry's Point of view)

Waking up in the Dursleys is never a good experience for me it usually consists of Dudley or Uncle Vernon banging on my door telling me to get up and cook breakfast for them. I thought to myself glumly, today was no different Vernon had awoken me up today extra early since they were going shopping but it's not all bad, Hedwig and most of my other important wizarding items were with Hermione minus my wand and school work.

"You'd better not make a mess in my nice clean kitchen!" Aunt Petunia all but shouted at me as I passed her in the hallway next to the kitchen. Like I ever do, I would get a frying pan to the face if I did. I wanted to shout back but it's not worth it so I just bite my lip and keep moving.

After cooking and watching them demolish breakfast, it wasn't a sight enjoyable to the eyes. I started cleaning but I look back to see them walk out the door, I had done most of the house work last night so now I am bored, very bored, there was nothing else to do so I decide I might as well start on my homework whilst the Dursleys can't screech at me for doing something freaky. I climbed the stairs to go to my room to see what I have to do. One week into summer break and I'm already doing homework, wow Hermionewould be so proud of me right now. I thought to myself cheerfully, I decide on transfiguration since I have to actually change an object such as a tissue or pebble into a kitten "Right, so just circle my wand around my chosen object clockwise three times and sayPuer Convertens feline (1), right seems simple enough." I said to myself before figuring out what to use, spotting a tissue on my desk, I decided to use that. Standing next to my desk, the tissue right in the middle, I circle wand around the tissue three times and said, "Puer Convertens feline" but nothing happened the next thing I know, I doubled over in pain, my whole body feels like it's on fire, that's all I remember before blacking out.

An hour later, when the Dursleys got home, it was quiet very quiet "I'll go get the boy to make us some lunch." Vernon told his wife as he climbed up the stairs. It didn't take long to reach Harry's door, banging on it hard while loudly shouting. "Boy! Get downstairs now and make us some lunch!" Vernon paused waiting for an answer, when he didn't get one he yanked the door open, nearly tearing it off its hinges. Not wasting a moment to really look around, he started to yell, "Boy did you not hear me call?" he asked as he glanced for him, his anger only building by this point, he stopped cold when he saw what was in the room however. "What on earth is that? Petunia! Get up here quick!" Vernon started to worry, confused and a bit freaked out, there asleep on Harry's bedroom floor was a midnight black panther cub.

"What's wrong Ver...?" Petunia started but was stunned into silence once she saw the adorable cub. Not even she knew what to make of it; this wasn't something that happened every day. "It...It must be the boy; look his wand is on the table. What are we going to do with him?"

Vernon kept his eyes on the cub, still quite shocked at the discovery. "We're going to...get rid of him."

Petunia stared at her husband in shock; they were supposed to keep the kid, even if they didn't want too. Yet, the stiff and curt reply was simple, as if she couldn't believe in what he had said. "What?" She spoke, her eyes on her husband.

Seeing the surprised and stunned look, Vernon replied. "You heard me; we're going to get rid of him. I'm sick of his freakishness around here."

"There is a pet shop not far from here where Lilly got her owl from. The owners are one of them, we'll sell it to them and if one of his kind shows up around here, we'll just say he ran away." She told him with disgust evident in her voice, the shock and hesitation had quickly vanished at the chance of having a normal household without the freak.

"Not a bad idea, we'll go right now, in case one of their kind comes around to see him." Vernon replied, hurrying to find a box or something to put Harry in.


The Dursleys had made it to the pet shop in less than half an hour. The shop was filled with all types of creatures, though they bothered not to look and went right to the shop owner. The exchange was quick, having sold Harry for £3000, leaving a lot happier then when they walked in.

Harry woke up just in time to watch them leave, making him frown, well as much as a Panther cub could.

"Um, where am I? Where are they going?" Harry murmured, confused as to what was going on. His head was killing him; the pounding feeling was truly unwelcomed. However that was not the worst part, no, he soon realized he was in a small cage. Confusion gripped his mind, though he reacted on instinct. Jumping back, Harry looked down only to shake his head and look down again. "I have paws?" It was a question that garnered no reply, but his mind went back to what had happened awhile ago. The pain in his body, the homework, and he soon realized something had gone wrong for he was now a cute baby panther.


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(1) - Puer Convertens feline is just Latin for change into a young feline nothing fancy.

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