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Severus has a pet wolf pup he named Demon.

But once Harry came along we found out he was really a mixed wolf/dragon Demon whose REAL name is Fang Howler who got turned into a wolf pup and was bought by Severus.

Im sorry to the people who got confused but I did put in one of the chapters that I will only use the name Demon for him when Severus or someone else (except Harry who knows his real name) is talking to him otherwise I will be using the name Fang for him.

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Chapter 11 – Order of the fried chicken

(The Burrow)

As Molly and Arthur went into the kitchen with Ron, Ginny and Hermione who they had picked up from Diagon ally Lucius noticed that Molly and Arthur looked quite pleased with themselves, for what he could not imagine but wasn't going to think on it now, he'd talk to Severus later about it and get his view, for now everyone seemed to be here the headmaster had come through the floo with mad eye and Tonks just walked through the door.

Molly spotted Lucius and glared at the panther in his arms "What is that? As if the mangy thing Severus has wasn't bad enough." she muttered not to quietly but was soon interrupted by Dumbledore "Molly please don't. We have much more important things to worry about than Lucius pet panther." The headmaster looked sternly at her as he spoke leaving no room for arguments.

Once everyone was seated Dumbledore began to speak "Right then there are a few things I wanted to talk to everyone about today, firstly it was brought to my attention yesterday by Alistor that Harry has gone missing, now I don't want to panic anyone but it goes without saying that we need to find him as soon as possible, Petunia Harry's aunt told Severus, Remus and Alistor that Harry had run away however all three men believe this to be a lie so if anyone dose find any information on this they need to contact me strait away."

Getting nods around the table he went on to ask Severus and Lucius about any plans the dark lord was making, both replied that he had not called a meeting for over a week, which meant that he probably was planning something big if even the inner circle was not involved. He went on to ask Remus about the werewolf packs he had contacted turns out none were willing to join either side of the war for now.

After that Lucius tuned out the conversation and absent mindedly petted Harry who was cuddled on his lap and looked about as board as he felt, the meeting went on for another half hour, after it was done Dumbledore asked Severus, Lucius, Draco and Mad eye to talk with him in the living room about plans to find Harry, once the five were seated Lucius put Harry on the floor next to his chair keeping the leash loose but holding a firm grip.

Harry saw this as his chance to have a little time with his friends and carefully chewed his way through the leash and slipped out of the room and up the stairs but stopped outside Ron's room when he heard Ron and Ginny talking he looked through the door which was cracked open slightly.

"Run away again, probably just to get more attention. Merlin I can't wait till mum and dad say we can get rid of him, just being around him is starting to make me sick to my stomach." He saw Ron kick a piece of furniture, Harry was shocked, angry and upset. How could Ron say such a thing? He was hoping it was only Ron but that hope was soon crushed.

"I know Ron but remember I have to marry the moron first that way I can be Lady Potter and we can get access to all his vaults, so far mum and dad can only get access to one and that has the least amount of galleons of all of them." Harry wrinkled his nose up at this he'd never marry Ginny he saw her as a sister well he did but no more, besides he knew he was gay since his forth year when he had talked to the twins about it, after seeing them both snog a Gorgeous blond together. Their conversation and Harry's train of thought was cut short by a loud panicked shout of "Charon!"

Harry's ears flattened at this he meant to be back before Lucius noticed he was gone, strangely he felt slightly guilty for making the man worry and started to walk back when he was lifted up into someone's arms, he struggled until he heard Hermione say to him "Now now what are you doing up here little one? Come on lets take you back to Mr Malfoy hmm?" he looked up to see her smiling kindly at him and couldn't help but wonder if she was only his friend for his money too.

"Hermione what are you doing don't take that thing back to Malfoy lets get rid of it." Hermione gasped when she heard Ron say this and unconsciously held the baby panther tighter.

She turned round and Harry saw Ron and Ginny smirking at him he flexed his claws ready to at least make a mark on the two but Hermione got in first. "What? Why on earth would you think of hurting a baby animal Ron what could possibly justify that?" Harry relaxed a bit as he thought to himself, same old Hermione always looking out for creatures that can't defend themselves.

Ron however wasn't happy at her answer "oh I don't know maybe the fact that if Malfoy had his way Ginny would be dead in the chamber of secrets or did you forget that?" this did not deter Hermione though who took a few steps back towards the stairs.

"That was because he was under the influence of a potion besides Harry saved her didn't he?" she had a nasty look on her face which didn't suit her at all Harry thought as she continued to edge her was towards the stairs, Ron and Ginny took a few steps towards her and Ron continued with a harsh laugh "oh please Hermione he only came out alive because the headmaster sent that bird in to rescue him not that im glad he survived."

Ginny rolled her eyes at this "You idiot now we have to obliviate (1) Her." But as they turned back to Hermione they saw her dart down the stairs.

Hermione had tears in her eyes as she ran, how could they say such a thing about Harry? If it weren't for him we would all probably be dead. She ran down the stairs as fast as she could into the kitchen before knocking strait into Severus which sent both of them sprawling to the floor, Harry though stayed firmly in Hermione's arms.

"Miss Granger I hope you have a good reason for trying to … why do you have Lucius panther?" there weren't many things that made Severus lose his train of thought but when he stood and looked to question the girl only to find her in tears and holding onto Charon/Harry as if he were a lifeline he wasn't sure what to do luckily Lucius saved him from making a fool of himself.

"Oh thank Merlin." He heard Lucius mutter from behind him when he turned he saw the relief in his friend's eyes. "Thank you Miss Granger I don't know how he managed to get away but … Are you alright?" As Lucius took his pet off her he noticed she had tears running down her face which she quickly wiped away.

"Yes thank you Im fine I just..." she was interrupted however by Molly who appeared from upstairs with Ron and Ginny "Hermione dear you don't look to well, why not have a lay down upstairs for a bit."

Molly had a smile on her face but Lucius noticed that it didn't reach her eyes and Hermione seemed to get paler at the thought, sharing a glance with Severus he knew his friend noticed as well, making a quick decision he decided to intervene. "Maybe it would be better if I take you to see a healer Miss Granger? You seem to be getting paler by the minute."

Hermione was confused for a second but caught on quickly and seemed relived at the idea of leaving. "I think it may be best thank you Mr Malfoy. Are you sure its not going out of your way?" Lucius had to hold back a glare when Arthur came along. "I don't think that's a good idea you probably just need a bit of rest that's all."

Again Lucius noticed the kind smile that did not reach the holders eyes and could barely keep the anger from his voice as he spoke "Its no trouble im going to visit St Mungo's anyway on ministry work and its always better to get a professionals opinion rather than leave it and make things worse."

"I think Lucius is right Arthur its best if Miss Granger sees a healer cant have her coming down with something now can we?" Everyone turned to look at the headmaster and wondered how long he had been standing there. "But Lucius please let me know what's going on once you know, I'll be at Hogwarts."

Arthur looked ready to protest but Lucius just ignored him and nodded to the headmaster before turning and walking out of the house Hermione following close by with Severus, Fang/Demon and Draco not that far behind.

As they got out the door and walked to the aparation spot Draco spoke up "Father is it alright if I go with Professor Snape to Diagon ally ive got some thins I want to pick up." Looking to Severus who just nodded and he answered his son with a simple yes and watched the two apparate away before re-adjusting Harry/Charon so he was in only one arm and holding out his other arm for Hermione to hold onto once she did he apparated them to Malfoy Manor living room and guided her to a chair before turning to Her.

"Well now that were away from everyone else why don't you tell me what's wrong? I know you're not ill but you were definitely upset about something back there." Lucius spoke in an unusually kind voice which shocked Hermione at first but she soon answered "I couldn't stay their not after finding out that…" She couldn't finish her sentence before bursting into tears once again and started sobbing into her hands.

Lucius immediately put Harry onto the floor and brought the crying girl into his arms "There there come on now well work it out your safe here Hermione." He told her in a soothing voice as she rapped her arms around him and continued sobbing. Harry on the other hand was too shocked to move who the hell was this man and what had he done with the cold hearted bastard he meet in his second year?

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