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The next day Brennan awoke to Booth's face looking down at her questioningly.

"What?" She asked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"You were talking in your sleep." He said, amused. This was odd, Brennan was sure she didn't talk in her sleep, never had anyone ever said that she did.

"What did I say?" She asked, curious.

"Oh nothing, nothing at all." Booth replied with a smirk. She bopped him with a pillow.

"Booth! What did I say?" She demanded.

"Alright! Alright!" He laughed putting his hands up in surrender. "You said Seeley." He said with a smile that was almost proud.

"Seeley?" She asked. She didn't call him Seeley, why had she said that? "Why did I say that?" She questioned, voicing her thoughts.

"I don't know you're the one that said it Bones, not me." He was grinning and Brennan felt rather embarrassed.

"That's rather odd considering I almost always refer to you as Booth. Have I ever called you Seeley?" She asked him honestly.

"Not that I remember, but I liked it." He glanced at her lovingly and she blushed. He brushed his lips across hers and she felt as though she could spontaneously combust, a notion that was simply ludicrous considering spontaneous combustion is impossible. Just as things started getting too heated Brennan pulled away.

"Well Seeeleyy, I need to go take a shower and get ready for work. You're welcome to accompany me." She said, drawing out his name seductively.

"Nothing would make me happier Temperance." He smiled as she grabbed his hand and pulled him in the direction of the shower.

A little while later they were in Booth's SUV, on their way to the hospital to visit the Hodgins clan when Brennan brought up the one thing they hadn't discussed the night before.

"When are we going to tell people?" She was looking at him and he was looking at the road. He thought for a moment before answering.

"Well it doesn't really matter to me, I could tell them today, next week, next month, whenever you're ready." Brennan nodded contemplating his answer.

"I find that there really is no purpose in waiting. If we wait we will still have to deal with all the questions but then there will also be the questions of why he hid it for so long. Also I'm sure some of our friends may find it offensive that we hid it from them. I would like to inform Angela first, seeing as she is my best friend and I was the first she told when she was pregnant with Michael, and I would like to reciprocate the gesture, although I told you first, I'm sure Ange would understand. So in conclusion I find it logical to tell people as soon as possible, the quicker we do it, the quicker they will get over it."

All Booth could do was smile at her analytical way of telling him she wanted people to know that she was pregnant with his child. Of course he had wanted to tell people right away, hell he wanted to yell it from the rooftops, but he was sure she would want to wait and adjust to the news herself before letting anyone else know. He was shocked when she said she would rather tell people right away.

"Of course Bones, anything you want." He didn't look at her because he was driving but he took one hand off the steering wheel and grabbed her hand, lacing his fingers through hers

When they arrived at the hospital Angela was laying in her bed with a gurgling Michael in her arms and a tired looking Hodgins at her side.

"Sweetie!" Angela exclaimed in a hushed manner as to not startle the baby in her arms.

"Hi Ange. How's Michael?" Brennan inquired, instantly going over to hug Angela and peer down at him.

"He's amazing." Angela whispered in a tone that was almost trance-like. Booth came over next to Brennan and held his arms out in a question. Angela handed the fidgety child over without hesitation. Brennan stood next to Booth and looked down at the baby. Then they both looked at each other with identical looks that said "that's going to be us in a few months". Angela instantly noticed something was up.

"Ok spill." She declared causing Brennan, Booth, and Hodgins to look up at her in confusion.

"Come on guys? Seriously? What's going on? You two are acting funny." She insisted. A wave of understanding washed over Brennan. Wow, her best friends was good.

"You're right Ange. Booth and I have something to tell you, both of you ." Brennan said gesturing to Hodgins. Hodgins took the baby from Booth and everyone (besides Angela who was already laying her hospital bed) took a seat.

"I find it is easiest when giving this news to do it fast and get straight to the point. " Brennan began looking at Booth to confirm that she should continue. Booth nodded and Angela grew increasingly suspicious.

"I am pregnant." There it was out, Brennan had said it. Angela's earsplitting scream caused Michael to begin crying and two nurses came running into the room to make sure everyone was ok and there was not a murder taking place.

"Oh. My. God." Angela said, turning to Brennan after she had finally gotten Michael to quiet down. She hugged her friend fiercely. Hodgins cleared his throat.

"Congrats Dr. B but do you mind if I ask who the father is?" It had slipped Booth's minds that no one other than Angela knew of their relationship change but Brennan seemed to think it was obvious.

"Booth of course." She said as though she had just given the answer to 2+2 to a college student. Hodgins nearly choked on air.

"Wha-What?" He asked, shaken up.

"I said Booth is the father." Brennan repeated, mistaking Hodgins' question for an indication that he had not heard her.

"I heard you just… Wow… When?" He asked completely baffled.

"You mean when did we engage in sexual intercourse?" Brennan asked bluntly. This time it was Booth who began choking on air.

"NO! No, I just mean when did you guys start, you know, being together?" Hodgins asked, his cheeks grew bright red in embarrassment at Brennan's question.

"Well considering we started being together when we first engaged in lovemaking the questions are the same, just worded differently. To answer both questions, the night Mr. Nigel Murry died." She explained. Booth was cringing and Hodgins and Angela were staring in shock. Hodgins cleared his throat.

"Oh well congratulations again. To both of you." He said, starting to get past the initial shock and began feeling genuine happiness for his friends.

"Thanks Hodgins." Booth said awkwardly. The two couples conversed for another hour before Booth got a call. They had a case.

"Come on Bones, time to go." They said their goodbyes and off they went, leaving the Hodgins family in a state of excited shock.

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