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Ever since she could remember, Rachel Berry had been aware that there was something different about herself. It wasn't until she got older that she figured out her life was entwined with someone else's. She'd have phantom pains with no physical evidence of having been hurt: she'd feel a skinned knee burn into existence though her knees were flawless, and when she was eight, her wrist was excruciatingly broken – twice. Obviously the person she was connected to hadn't taken it seriously when they were told to take it easy.

In the beginning, her parents had taken her to the doctor at every pain, convinced there was some kind of disorder she was suffering from, or that it was all in her head. But no physician could explain it, and as Rachel grew older, she started having a sneaking suspicion (aided by her sixth sense) that what she was experiencing was akin to the cases of twins having a special awareness of each other. This theory was bolstered when she realized that a lot of her sudden and intense mood swings that had started intruding on her life weren't coming from her, either.

Eventually, she convinced her fathers that what she was feeling was real, and that it wasn't mental or physical; it was more likely metaphysical. They decided to support her, understanding when she would abruptly change emotions or groan in pain. They wrote her notes for school when she needed them, and they tried to brainstorm ways to find the person she was connected to. Rachel was very interested in if the person felt what she felt, and hurt when she hurt; and if they were, indeed, her soulmate. Because there had to be a reason she and another person were connected…

To be honest, love was the best reason she could hope for.

Unfortunately, as the years passed, she came no closer to figuring out how to find someone who you could only identify by asking when and how they hurt, and if they were unreasonably angry last Sunday morning. Though she didn't give up, Rachel was beginning to understand that with the billions of people on Earth, she'd probably only meet the person when she was supposed to meet them. However, that didn't stop her from being afraid that when they did meet, it would be too late.

But she needn't have worried. Near the end of her junior year of high school, Finn Hudson accidentally broke her nose.

Getting knocked to the floor and feeling a spreading hot pressure radiate from her nose, Rachel didn't have a chance to register what had happened before a loud screamed "Jesus Christ!" echoed through the choir room, followed by a, "God dammit, that hurts. Christ."

Looking up through already swelling eyes, Rachel swore her heart stopped when she met the eyes of the last person she would have ever expected to be her soulmate.

Because, hands clapped over her nose and eyes darkening with pain, fury, and dawning comprehension, Santana Lopez stared back.