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Chapter 1

Logan and Julian sat on the piano bench in Logan's room. The brunet snuggled into the blond's chest, whose arms held him closer. They were both relishing in the feeling of being so close to the person they loved, even if they had only confessed their feelings a few moments before.

"Now, princess," Logan looked down into adoring brown eyes, "will you stop being such a diva and tell me what's going on with you? I want to help."

"Two insults in one sentence? I had forgotten what I was missing by not talking to you." The brunet returned the Prefect's gaze. He knew now, without a doubt, that Logan loved him. Well he's going to find out sooner or later. It might as well come from me… I am probably going to regret this later. Thank God he's been taking his pills, Julian thought as a smile came across his face. "Yes."

Logan tightened his embrace around the actor, hoping to impart some kind of reassurance. He didn't want to admit it, but he was a little afraid of what Julian was about to say. "So… why have you been barracked in your room for the past 5 weeks?"

Even though Julian was now committed to telling Logan everything that had happened, he was still hesitant to say it all out loud. Biting his lip, he looked up into hazy green eyes, surprisingly finding comfort and courage in the gaze.

"Ok. I have no clue how to say this without you flipping out… so I'm just going to say it." Julian took a deep breath. Here goes nothing. "I have a stalker and on the night of the Valentine's Day Fair they left a bunch of rose petals and red stuff and a mutilated photo of me and stuff on the front steps of Stuart so needless to say I freaked out and locked myself in my room and Derek was with me when it happened so that's why he knew." Words came out of his mouth so quickly that he was surprised Logan had even caught any of it. The actor sighed deeply, relieved to get all of that off his chest. This was the first time he had verbalized anything that had happened that night. He had been avoiding the topic with Derek for weeks now.

As what Julian said sank in, the smile disappeared from Logan's face and a small hint of rage found its way through the medication. "A STALKER! And they did WHAT? How could you keep something like this from me, Jules?" Logan stood up, knocking over the piano bench, Julian toppling to the ground along with it. He stood there, fists clenched at his side, towering over the actor who was now sitting awkwardly on the floor.

"Because I knew you would react like this!" Julian pushed himself off the floor to stand facing the blond. "You couldn't have done anything about it anyway if I had told you." He crossed his arms, turning around and walking slowly away from Logan. He whispered, "actually, 'wouldn't' is probably a better word."

Logan didn't catch the whisper. "I could have helped. If not as a friend than at least as a Prefect! That stalker left you all that stuff on the steps of my house and threatened one of the students I'm responsible for. Of course I could have helped!"

"No, you wouldn't have." Julian's words dripped with venom. He was still standing with his back to Logan. He could feel the blond's eyes piercing the back of his head. "You would have just freaked out… like you just did, only probably worse because you wouldn't have been medicated. And then you would have lectured me about how I needed to just deal with it, referenced some stupid situation of your own that's really nothing like what I'm dealing with, and then waltzed on out to go in pursuit of that little Windsor fairy again." Julian's shoulders slumped. "I didn't tell you because you wouldn't have cared. You never cared about anything in my life."

Logan saw the brunet's posture change. He knew Julian was still in pain after all that had happened. He strode across the room to stand behind his friend. his arms circled around Julian, taking hold of his hands. With his hold on Julian, Logan turned him around, looking his friend straight in the eyes.

"Well I care now. Maybe I wouldn't have cared - actually, I'm not going to lie. I've been a jerk to you ever since we've met. I probably wouldn't've… but that doesn't matter. I do care and I hope you know that, because that's all that should matter. How I feel now…"

Julian let Logan's words sink in for a moment and let out a small chuckle, "You really were a jerk. But why do you think I'm telling you all of this right now? Maybe you are still a giant squid of ignorance." He took advantage of the fact that Logan still held his hands and gave the blond a little push.

But I wonder if you'd still feel the same way if you knew why I was outside Stuart that night…

Logan hadn't asked, so Julian had decided not to tell him why he had even gone outside Stuart that night; that he had planned on leaving Dalton, and Logan, forever. He didn't want to overwhelm Logan with what now seemed like pointless knowledge. Anyway, my reasons for leaving are kind-of invalid as of 20 minutes ago…

Julian was enjoying the feeling of his hands being held by the boy he loved. He wasn't going to go anywhere, at least not permanently. Nope. He doesn't need to know.

"Oh…" Logan continued to look at the boy in front of him. "Well what do we about it now?" 'We'… I liked the sound of that. "I was thinking we should probably tell Dean Ramsey… oh, and the police too. And I could probably pull a few strings and get some of my dad's body guards to protect you and look for the stalker. The stalker obviously knows where you are, so-"

"Stop!" Julian pulled his hands out of Logan's grasp, taking a step backwards. "I didn't tell anyone for a reason. I can't let it get out that I have a stalker… or especially that they've gotten this far. It's better if I just try to ignore it for now."

"Ignore it? How the hell can you just ignore something like this? Jules, you need to do something! Maybe you can-"

"NO!" Julian started to angrily pace around the room now, unable to keep in one spot any longer. "I'm not doing anything! It's been five weeks. The stalker hasn't done anything else since the night of the fair! If they were going to do something else, don't you think they would have done it by now… especially since they obviously know where I live? JUST LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE, WRIGHT!"

Julian sat down on the edge of Logan's bed and put his head in his hands. Julian was still stressed out and had been sleeping for only an hour or so at a time. He was exhausted.

Logan stood across the room from where Julian sat. He knew it would be better if the police got involved. They would be able to figure out who was stalking Julian or at least be on the alert to make sure nothing else happened. I could just call the police myself… Julian doesn't need to know… he'll thank me later.

But then again… Julian didn't want to do anything…

So what was Logan suppose to do? Do what he thought was best to protect the boy he loved… or do what that boy wanted for himself?

Silence filled the bedroom as Logan mentally fought with himself over what to do and Julian tried not to succumb to his exhaustion and stress.

Logan finally came to a decision. These epiphanies must have fried my brain… because this feels like one of the stupidest decisions I've ever made, and that's saying something coming from me. "Fine." Logan moved across his room to sit beside Julian. He took one of the brunet's hands in his, using the other to gently lift the actor's head and turn it to face him. Julian avoided eye contact. "I completely disagree with you but if you don't want to tell anyone, then fine, I won't either… even if it tears me apart inside, I won't tell anyone… But you have to promise me one thing, Jules. If the stalker does anything else, you will tell me about it and you will tell someone who can stop all this, like the police."

Julian raised his eyes to meet Logan's. A small smile started to creep across his face. "Sounds good." He looked down to where his hand was intertwined with another's. "So," he looked back up at those green eyes, "what about this?" He raised their interwoven fingers.

"I was just thinking the same thing."

"Well… I was thinking… after that kiss, which was amazing by the way," both Julian and Logan couldn't help grinning, "I think just being friends would be a little… awkward."

"Yeah." Logan absentmindedly rubbed his thumb over the back of the actor's hand, biting his lip in concentration. "Well I'm willing to try… if you are that is… you know… we could…go on a date or-"

"YES!" Julian's eyes lit up. Normally he would take it slow before actually dating someone, to make sure the person actually wanted him and not just his fame. But with Logan it just felt… different. He didn't feel the need to verify Logan's intentions. He was sure he already knew what they were.

"Not gonna think about that at all, princess?" Logan chuckled.

With his free hand, Julian shoved him. "Hey, I've been hoping you'd say that for almost three years now. Give me a break, squid."

Logan's mouth turned up in a smile. "Ok then… Tomorrow night. Seven. I'll meet you at your door. Wear something nice." He stood up.

"Hold it. I don't even get a say in any of this?"

"Nope." Logan placed a gentle kiss to Julian's lips, pushing him down onto the bed. "Now get some sleep. You look horrible. I will not be seen in public with you if you look like that."

"Well you better get some sleep too then." Julian retorted with a laugh. He let himself relax on mattress.

Logan rolled his eyes and tucked his sheets around the brunet. "I'm going to pretend you didn't say that." He headed to the door. Turning around, Logan looked at the brunet lying in his bed and smiled. "I'm going to go find you some real food cuz from what I saw Derek bring to your room, you haven't eaten anything but junk for the past month." The blond turned back around, opened the door, and slipped out of the room.

Watching Logan as he left, Julian tried to wrap his mind around all that had just happened. "I think I could get use to this," he said, rolling over on his side, inhaling the smell of Logan's cologne as his nose brushed against the pillow. He let out a contented sigh. "Yep. Definitely could get use to this." He snuggled into the sheets, letting his eyes drifted shut for what felt like the first time since the night of the fair, the smell of the boy he loved bringing him a sense of safety he hadn't experienced in a very long time.

Logan closed the door behind him, a small smile on his face as he headed to the dining hall to find Julian some real food.

As the blond disappeared around the corner, another boy appeared from an alcove just down the hall. A yellow and white pin shown on the lapel of his blazer. He had "overheard" (at least that's what he called it) everything that had just passed in the Stuart Prefect's room, only having dodged into the alcove when he heard footsteps approaching the door.

"Tsk Well this won't do. This won't do at all. That blond psychopath doesn't deserve my Julian… There's only one way to fix this."

The boy crept down the hall and out the front door, somehow without being noticed. He was headed back to his room in Hanover. Plans had to be set in motion before it was too late.

To be continued...