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Chapter 15

One year later

"So, Julian," the talk show host leaned forward in his chair, "it's been a little over a year since your kidnapping. Can you tell us how you've been doing? It must have been hard for you, especially with all those interviews right after it happened."

You have no freaking clue. But he would never tell anyone other than his friends, family, or therapist about what had really happened. He would never tell them about his daily nightmares, which he still had to this day, albeit less frequently. He wasn't going to tell them how it had taken months to stop jumping at every noise. So he pulled out the answer he used at all of these interviews. The media and general public would never be the wiser.

"It would have been hard, but I had a lot of help from a few people really close to me. And of course my fans helped a lot."

At that, the audience cheered, some even stood up. Turning to them, Julian flashed his famous smile, sending everyone into even more of a frenzy.

Once everything had calmed down, the host continued with his questions. "You always say that 'people close to you' helped you through, but you never specify. Care to elaborate? Is there someone special we don't know about?" The host gave Julian and the camera a suggestive wink.

Of course he'd bring that up. They always did. The radio DJs, the interviewers, the talk show hosts. All of them, without fail. Normally, he would just brush it off with a straight 'no.' Other times, he'd get creative and say something like, 'That's for me to know and the rest of you to find out,' followed by his signature smile and a wink if he was on camera or in front of an audience. But today was a special day, and that called for a special answer.

"Yes." Although the actor knew exactly what the reaction was going to be, he wasn't fully prepared for the volume. All of his fans in the audience immediately erupted at the news that their favorite actor was not single.

Once the crowd had settled down, the host continued. "Really? How long?"

"About a year." Actually, exactly a year.

"And who is this special someone."

"I don't think we're ready to come out fully to the public, but they are definitely a very special person to me." He smirked a little to himself at the double-meaning in his response.

"Don't keep your fans waiting too long. Going off their reaction to this news, I don't think they'll last long not knowing." The host turned to the audience. "Isn't that right?" Once more, the audience erupted. "Thank you again Julian Larson for being such a wonderful guest, as always. I can't wait to have you back again."

"Can't wait to come back." He shook the host's hand.

The host turned to the camera, sending the show to a commercial break. "Alright. Stay tuned, because after the break, we are going to be talking to the cast of Finally Coming Home, which is sure to be this summer's biggest blockbuster. So stay tuned."

"And we're clear!" the director yelled.

Julian stretched in his seat before standing up to shake the host's hand.

"Thanks again for the interview, Julian. It's always a pleasure." He smiled widely.

"Likewise." The actor smiled back. Feeling a hand on his shoulder, he turned to see his manager, Carmen.

"Nice interview. You handled that final question wonderfully." Placing a hand between his shoulder blades, she led him off stage and back to his dressing room. "Have a good day," she smiled knowingly at him. "But not too good. You have another interview tomorrow at noon. Your driver will be there to pick you up-"

"At nine. I know. We've been over the schedule."

"Alright. Just be ready this time." With another smile, Carmen closed the door.

Julian made his way up the steps of Stuart, opening the door quietly before slipping in and easing it closed. It wasn't that late, but seeing as Finals Week was approaching, the entirety of the house was studying for the upcoming exams. He knew making noise at this time of year would earn the perpetrator a verbal berating; not that he couldn't keep up with anyone who tried to yell and argue with him, because he could give a verbal slap in the face better than almost anyone in Stuart. He just had more important things to do and places to be at the moment.

Softly padding across the foyer, he approached the closed doors that led to the common room. Julian turned the knob and pushed the door open slowly.

"Greg! I don't care if your roommate has suddenly turned into a werewolf and wants to eat you, for the last time, the common room isn't open for studying!" Logan yelled from the couch where he sat with his back to the door.

Julian closed the common room door behind him, leaning back with his arms folded across his chest. "Damn. I was hoping to get some Calculus memorized. Maybe I'll just come back later."

The blond whipped his head around at the familiar but unexpected voice. "Jules? You're back early."

"Yeah. Sorry about that. I guess we could have made dinner reservations. But Carmen let me go earlier than I expected… so here I am." He pushed off the door and took a few steps forward, the smile widening on his face. Logan stood from the couch, rounding it to stand in front of the brunet, smiling as well. The blond wrapped his arms around the boy's frame as Julian leaned in to kiss him gently.

"By the way, I saw the interview. Why didn't you tell me you were going to announce that today?" Logan looked down into brown eyes.

"Because I didn't want you to convince me not to… and I wasn't sure how you'd feel about it. I'd decided I wanted people to know about you. About us. You're too important to me to hide from everyone any longer."

Logan chastely kissed the brunet's lips. "I'm so proud of you."

"I didn't even really say anything. There's nothing to be proud of really."

"But you took the first step to coming out, telling the public about us, and that is something to be proud of, knowing what might happen to your career and stuff."

"I guess."

"Either way, I'm always going to be proud of you, no matter what." Logan leaned down, capturing Julian's lips once more.

They stood together, lazily exchanging kisses, before Julian hesitantly pulled away, leaning his forehead on Logan's. "I'd love to keep kissing you for hours, but I smell something amazing and I'm starving."

"Of course you are." Julian didn't have to see Logan's face to know that the blond had just rolled his eyes. Smirking, the actor allowed himself to be led over to the table by the fireplace that he hadn't noticed when he had first walked in.

The table was small, just large enough to hold the few plates on top, which were white with delicate silver ivy adorning them. The table cloth was a deep burgundy, offset by the silver flatware and a single, silver candelabra in the center.

Julian looked over at Logan, trying to hide a smile. "Did you seriously recreate our first date?"

"So you noticed." Logan quirked an eyebrow, also trying to hide a smile, and wound his arm around his boyfriend's waist.

"You could have just gotten Chinese food or something."

"What? I'm not allowed to recreate our first date?"

"Don't get me wrong, I love it. But you didn't have to go through so much trouble."

"It wasn't trouble at all. It seemed like the only fitting way to celebrate our one year anniversary anyways."

Julian allowed the smile widen and reach his eyes. He turned his head to kiss Logan's temple and then rested his head on the blond's shoulder. "I love you."

"I love you, too. Now let's go eat the pasta before it gets cold."

Logan moved his arm from around Julian's waist to intertwine their fingers, leading the boy towards one of the chairs. Feeling a tug on his arm, the blond turned his head to look at the actor who wasn't following. "What?"

Pulling Logan towards him, the brunet led him towards the other chair at the table. "You made dinner." Letting go of the other boy's hand, the actor pulled out the chair and motioned for him to take a seat. "I get your chair."

Logan stared at Julian and the chair with his arms crossed for a few moments before giving a half eye roll and moving towards the seat. "But I didn't actually make dinner. If I had, you wouldn't have had a dorm to come back to."

"Fine. You ordered dinner, I get your chair. Better?"

"Much." Logan dropped into the seat and Julian pushed in his chair. The brunet walked around the table to take his own.

The two Stuarts ate dinner, talking over their day with their usual banter and snarky comments. As they finished their food, Logan pushed his chair away from the table and stood.

"Where are you going now?"

"It's a surprise." Julian saw what he could only describe as a mischievous twinkle in the blond's eyes. Or maybe it was just a trick of the firelight. "Sit on the couch. I'll be right back." With that, Logan slipped through the common room doors.

Curious and a little confused, Julian stood and walked to the couch, making himself comfortable. Moments later, Logan walked back through the doors with a small tray in his arms. As he moved closer, Julian made out what he was carrying.

"Chocolate covered strawberries?" The actor's lips turned up in a smile. "But I thought the place the Twins got them from last year closed down."

"It did. I made these."

"Are you sure they're safe to eat then?" Julian glanced at the strawberries as if they were about to explode, looking up at Logan with a quirked brow.

"Completely. I may not be able to cook, but I'm not about to poison my boyfriend." Placing the tray on the coffee table in front of them, along with a few napkins, the prefect took a seat.

"But the fact still stands that you can't cook."

"But this didn't involve cooking. I shoved some chocolate in the microwave until it melted and then poured it on some strawberries. If anything, I'd call it baking."

Julian paused for a moment, still eyeing the strawberries suspiciously. "I'm still concerned about these, no matter what you call making them."

"Just eat a damn strawberry, Larson." Logan said firmly.

Rolling his eyes, Julian leaned forward and plucked a strawberry from the tray. Logan followed suit.

"But really, thanks for doing this, Lo." The actor kissed the blond gently.

"You're welcome, Jules."

As they leaned back from the kiss, they both smiled at each other for a moment. The sort of smile that they reserved for moments when they were alone; that one that said more than any word or action could.

Then they took a bite of their strawberries. Both boys chewed for a moment before the smiles turned to looks of disgust. They grabbed napkins from the coffee table, spitting out the fruit and chocolate.

"You are trying to poison me!" Julian yelled.

"Stop being a drama queen, Larson!"

"I would if you weren't trying to poison me!"

"I'm not trying to poison you!" Logan threw his strawberry back on the tray.

"Then explain what I just ate!"

"I seriously have no clue why these taste like crap, okay!"

The actor took a calming breath before continuing, still agitated. "What kind of chocolate did you even use?" Julian had picked up another napkin from the coffee table and was wiping his tongue off with it.

"It was the stuff we have in the kitchen. I don't know. I don't bake."

"Sure, now you admit it." Calming slightly, the actor continued. "Maybe it was bad or something."

"Maybe… Wait. I think the wrapper's still on the counter from earlier." Logan stood and walked quickly to the kitchen, returning with the chocolate wrapper. "Let's see… Ghirardelli."

"The brand doesn't matter, your majesty."

"Shhhh." Logan sat down on the couch and looked up from the foil to glare at the actor before reading further. "There isn't an expiration date. The only other thing this says besides the nutrition facts is 'baking chocolate.' I don't see what the problem is."

Julian shoved Logan in the arm. "You used baking chocolate to cover the strawberries? Seriously?"

"What? I was baking so I used baking chocolate." The prefect looked annoyed and a little offended.

"Because baking chocolate has no sugar in it, you idiot!" Julian's half-scowl began to twist into a smile. Soon the actor was holding back a fit of laughter.

"What the heck, Jules." This time it was Logan's turn to shove Julian.

With that, the brunet burst into laughter. "You used freaking baking chocolate. This is priceless."

"I still don't understand what's so funny." Logan crossed his arms, looking very annoyed. But the actor kept laughing. Soon enough, Logan couldn't help but join in.

When they had tired themselves out from laughing, the boys found themselves curled closely together on the couch with their legs bent up on the cushions. Logan's head lay on Julian's chest as the actor absentmindedly played with the blond's hair.

"Sorry." Logan looked up at the brunet.

"For what?" The actor's brow knit slightly.

"For ruining a perfectly good date." He straightened himself slightly, Julian's arm coming down from his hair to wrap around his waist. "And our anniversary slash 'congratulations on sort-of-but-not-quite coming out to the public' date, too."

Julian lowered his head to look squarely into the prefect's eyes. "You didn't ruin our date, Logan. If anything, you made it one to remember. I'll never forget how you tried to poison me by feeding me baking chocolate." He let out a small laugh. "And I'll also never forget all of the trouble the man I love went through to set this all up."

"You can be so sappy when you want to be. You have clearly been in too many romantic comedies for your own good."

The brunet kissed him. "I'd say just enough to keep my level of romantic sappiness at its optimal level."

"If calling it that makes you happy, then sure."

"Very happy." Julian kissed him again.

Logan curled up next to Julian once more, placing his head back on his chest. "It's been a really long year."

"Especially with all the Adam stuff."

"Yeah." Logan paused for a moment and then continued. "But I was thinking more about where we were a year ago."

Julian chuckled. "I was the one curled up on you. Except you still had no clue I loved you."

"Hey, at least I figured it out… eventually." Logan let out a little laugh.

Julian wrapped his arms around the blond more securely and buried his nose in the other boy's hair as Logan lazily traced his hand over the actor's chest. Turning his head so his cheek lay against the blond's hair, Julian started to hum.

At first, Logan couldn't make out what the tune was. It was only when the actor had almost reached the end of the song that he realized what he was humming. The blond looked up, a smile appearing on his face. Julian lifted his head and looked down when he felt the head moving under his cheek. He continued humming as Logan began to sing along.

Yes, you and me
We will be living
In a fairytale ending
Yes, you and me
We will be living
In a fairytale ending
A fairytale ending

"Is that our song now or something?" Logan asked.

"It can be if you want it to be, I guess."

"I do like the ending… and I like our ending, too."

"And you called me the sappy one?" Julian laughed.

Logan continued to smile up at Julian as he finished the song.

Welcome, welcome
To happily ever after

Curled up on the couch, the two Stuarts shared another kiss.

Their relationship had been a little unconventional from the start and had encounted some unexpected twists along the way. Knowing them, their relationship would inevitably be a rollercoaster of emotional up's and down's.

But for now, Julian and Logan were here, with each other. And that's all either of them needed for their happily ever after.

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