Yume Kira Dream Shoppe/Hetalia


"And what is your wish, my dear?" The shopkeeper stood effortlessly before the distraught Japan, and grin on her face. Japan did not know where he was, nor did he know how he got here, but it was clear that he could finally have his wish fulfilled.

"I wish…" Japan took in a deep breath, nervous. "I wish I had the courage to tell him how I felt, not fluster like an idiot."

It all began the noon of that day; Japan was, like every other day, paying a visit to his dear friend Greece, although today, he was going to try doing something he'd never done before-

Confess love.

"Heracles-san, may I tell you something…?" He began. Greece looked over.

"What is it…?"

"Well, I…" Japan paused. He hadn't planned what he was going to say, let alone prepared himself. As he stuttered, the Asian nation abruptly gave up.

"What is it, Kiku…?" Greece spoke up once more.

"I… I was just going to say that… my cat is very sick, so I need to go home early and take care of her…" Japan stood up and bowed respectfully.

"Oh… I didn't know Ichigo was sick."

"Y-Yes, well… I have to go! Goodbye!" Without another word, Japan ran off remorsefully.

Greece knocked at Japan's door, a worried expression lingering on his face as his friend opened the door.

"O-oh… Heracles-san… I wasn't expecting-"

"Ichigo's not really sick, is she?" A stern expression mixed with concern was plastered to Greece's face.


"Why are you avoiding me? What's wrong?"

Japan's stomach was in knots; he couldn't lie to Greece, of all people. With a skip of a heartbeat, Japan let it all out in one big slur.

"I have something very important to tell you but I can't just yet so you'll have to wait! I'm sorry, but please leave! Goodbye!" And with that, he slammed the door in a rather hurt and confused Greece's face and leaned against the door.

'So stupid… So…' Japan sighed, interrupting his train of thought..

"I wish…"

A/N: Well, this is my favorite pairing mixed with my favorite manga, so… yep ^^;

I'm still working on TAH so just hang in for the next chapter. I can't figure out how to write it… so I wrote this instead ._. I got writers block *BAMshotdead*