(the title is obviously Amnesia (I know very original!) the is a DC fanfic where Conan gets amnesia like Ran did in movie 4 by witnessing Professor Agasa being shot and blames himself for what happened, as the others try to get his memory back, he finds himself become a target from the people who shot the professor)

note: when I say kids I mean the detective boys; Ayumi, Genta and Mitsuhiko

Slanted- thoughts


The anime and manga Detective Conan and its characters don't belong to me they are owned by Gosho Aoyama, I do not claim any of the merchandise associated with them, I think the only thing I can claim is the idea of this story.

Chapter 1:

Conan was bored…. More bored than usual, 'the kids just had to blackmail me didn't they?' the kids and Agasa (which includes Ai which was rather surprising to Conan considering she hardly ever came on any of the trips they went to (don't know if this is completely true or not correct me if I'm wrong)) had told him (well more like the kids did) that if he didn't go camping with them they would tell Ran that he snuck out at night to go to Kaito Kid's heists when he knew he wasn't allowed.

But how they knew was a complete mystery the Damn Brats wouldn't tell him, but he had a feeling he knew why but chose not to say, so he went anyway.

And here he was sitting around a campfire in practically the middle of nowhere, though mind you he personally made sure that everyone had their mobiles fully charged and not forgotten. Especially so that Agasa didn't forget his wallet or his phone and made sure it was fully charged 'granted it was a combined effort from him and Ai to make sure that the professor hadn't forgotten anything important'.

Everyone was chatting about how many bugs they caught today, which included how Genta nearly ruined everything by eating behind a bush while no one was looking and startled a sleeping fox, which in turn surprised him greatly, so he threw his food container at the not-so-happy-to-be-awoken fox making it rather angry.

"Mouuu Genta-kun you ruined my catch I almost caught a rare beetle, you just had to go and frighten that poor fox! We had to go back early because you broke all our equipment!" moaned Mitsuhiko.

"It wasn't my fault! that Fox was chasing me!" Genta snapped.

"Well if you hadn't hurled that container at it, it would have left you alone. But nooooooo you had to be stupid enough to aggravate it and run out of the bushes breaking and stomping on our equipment on the way just to save your lazy behind after you had secretly scoffed your face!" Ai added irritably, growing rather annoyed by this conversation and the fact that she felt totally sorry for the fox.

"Why couldn't you have just waited until dinner time like the professor is doing? Are you that greedy that you can't go without food for 2 hours?" scolded Ayumi.

"I was hungry" Genta admitted sheepishly.

"That's no excuse! You nearly squashed the bugs we already caught!" Ayumi yelled.

"Now, now it's over now what matters now is that the fox made it out alright in the end as did Genta, I hope you learned not to do that again Genta" calmed Professor Agasa.

"Hai" Genta chorused.

It was then Conan decided to interrupt "If your all done scolding Genta!" everyone looked at him, he continued.

"I think it's time for dinner, the sun is starting to set and I think Genta has got the message, though to make sure he has I don't think he should have seconds" he pointed.

Everyone nodded in furious agreement, except Genta who just groaned in dismay.

Agasa was surprised and looked at his watch "Ohhhh you're right we completely lost track of time, if we wanna collect firewood we have to go now! So everyone except Ai-kun and me go and collect firewood now, while we prepare the food".

Everyone nodded and was about to leave until Ai loudly called "Wait!"

Everyone stopped dead in their tracks and turned with confused faces, "Ayumi is going to help me prepare the food, and Hakase you're going to collect firewood along with the others" she ordered.

"What! Why?" cried the professor, asking what pretty much everyone else was thinking.

"Simple, I can't trust you not to secretly stuff your face with food while we are handling it" she coolly replied "I would ask Edogawa-kun to help me, seeing as he's the most responsible out of everyone, but you wouldn't be able to find your way back without him, seeing as you lot JUST LOVE to get into trouble, like when you went exploring in that cave, and Edogawa-kun got shot"

Conan winced at that, while everyone else just hung their heads in shame.

"So, this time Hakase you're going to go with them and to make things better, I'm going to pair you all up" She stated, they immediately snapped their heads up at this.

She continued "Edogawa-kun will go with Hakase, and Kojima-kun and Tsuburaya-kun will go with each other". Mitsuhiko and Agasa immediately objected, Genta didn't care who he went with, he was just upset that he wasn't allowed to have seconds for dinner.

"Wouldn't it be better to have Conan-kun with me so he can keep me out of trouble and Hakase can keep Genta-kun out of trouble?" Mitsuhiko argued.

"Yeah, that's right if they are left together, you know they'll just wonder off when they see something that peaks their curiosity" added Agasa.

Ai immediately sent a deadly glare at them that gave all of them even Agasa the shivers.

"The reason I paired you up with Edogawa-kun Hakase, is because I know you have a tendency to forget the time and that when it starts to become dark you forget which way you came and get lost" She coldly told him.

She whipped her head around to redirect her glare towards Mitsuhiko and Genta who cowered in fear before her, "And if you two cause any trouble or wonder off somewhere, I'll murder you and hide your bodies so well, not even Edogawa-kun will find you!" She threatened with such a deadly tone that they knew that she would punish them horribly if they were to disobey her and gave her a meek "yes"

"Any more objections?" she questioned with a glare that said 'don't mess with me!' everyone shook their heads vigorously even Ayumi was scared of Ai when she was like this.

She smirked knowing she had won "Good, now get going!" she snapped "I expect you all back by 7:00 that gives you an hour and a half to collect wood, if you finish before that time come back here NO EXPLORING!" she glared at the two boys who were still cowering in fear on the side, "one more thing make sure you bring back wood that will burn nicely not just any stick off the ground, the faster you collect the wood the faster dinner will be ready" a bit nicer but still said with a venomous tone.

For a minute everyone just stood there until Ai raised her voice "Well, what are you all waiting for? Go!"

After that they didn't need to be told twice and scrambled into the woods to do their jobs, Ai smirked knowing she had done a great job of showing them who's in charge around here. She turned back to Ayumi, who was staring wide eyed at Ai after her huge outburst.

"A...Ai-chan" She choked fearful of what Ai's reaction might be.

Ai just smiled at Ayumi "sorry about that Ayumi-chan (I'm not sure what Ai addresses Ayumi as, since Ayumi calls Ai by her first name I thought perhaps Ai should do the same as well) but you know how boys are, they won't listen to you unless you really drill it into their brains what is needed, you understand right?" with a soft tone.

Ayumi's gaze softened "yeah, I know what you mean Ai-chan"

Ai's smile went wider "well, why don't we get started on that Dinner? After all we don't want the boys on our heels complaining about not doing our bit" she laughed.

"Sure" Ayumi said cheerfully, and she and Ai went to get the equipment for dinner ready whilst chattering away happily.

Where the boys are:

Conan was getting agitated by Genta's complaining about how it was unfair that he wasn't going to get seconds for dinner, 'why can't we just collect wood quietly?' He thought while walking deeper into the woods with Hakase and the boys.

"I don't get it! Why can't I have seconds? This is your entire fault Conan!" he growled at the person in question.

"You know exactly why you can't have seconds Genta-kun so don't complain!" Mitsuhiko defended.

Everyone stopped walking as another argument about what happened with the fox went underway, with Agasa desperately trying to calm the two down. Conan was about ready to explode after listening to 2 minutes of their argument.

"Yeah, well you try run-"

"ENOUGH!" Conan yelled getting everyone's attention even Agasas who was trying to calm the two boys.

Conan glared at the two boys "Look! Shut up about what happened with the stupid fox incident! It's over and done with now so Shut Up!" he growled.

"But it's your entire fault Conan!" Genta complained.

"I told you it's-"

"I said enough! If we don't start collecting some firewood now Haibara is going to kill us, and by us I mean mainly you, so if you two don't shut up! I won't even bother searching for your bodies when Haibara's done with you!" Conan glowered with burning annoyance in his eyes that clearly showed he was serious. The boys looked at Conan in slight fear surprised by his sudden outburst, Agasa just sighed in relief that it was over.

"Now, we need to look for good burnable wood, I suspect that there is some there" Conan explained pointing to the left of where they were standing "and there" pointing right.

"Of course I could be wrong about one of them but no doubt that one of them defiantly has good burnable wood, so I suggest we go off in our pairs in both directions. I and the Hakase will go left and you two will go right, does that sound like a good plan?" He asked.

They all nodded in agreement.

"good, and remember you two No Wondering Off!" he warned Genta and Mitsuhiko who just gave a nervous "Hai" in return before scampering off in the direction Conan told them to go to.

Conan sighed deeply before heading off in his direction with the professor, he was glad that was over but for some reason he had a feeling that something bad was going to happen, something Very bad.

Mitsuhiko and Genta:

"Looks like Conan was right, look there's tons of burnable wood here" Mitsuhiko said while pointed to some pieces of wood on the floor.

"HMPH! I don't care if he was right or wrong it's his fault I don't get seconds!" Genta ranted.

"Quit complaining and start picking up some sticks or Haibara will bury our bodies six feet under!" Mitsuhiko snapped.

Genta just grumbled something incoherently and started picking up some sticks. While they worked in silence, little did they know that something bad was about to happen with Conan and the Professor…

Conan and the Professor:

They walked in silence while Conan tried to shake that bad feeling he had, Agasa decided to break the silence.

"Don't you think you were being a little hard on them earlier Shinichi? They're just children unlike you and Ai-kun" The professor questioned.

Conan sighed "I know that, but they can be such pains to deal with sometimes, and they've reached up to a point where it gets super annoying just listening to them. And I suspect it's the same with Haibara as well judging by the way she acted earlier".

The professor just nodded in agreement (the thing about Ai) and they continued walking in silence and they stayed like that for half an hour.

Conan looks at his watch "hmmmmm…. We've only got 45 minutes to collect some wood and get back before Haibara gets mad, besides it's starting to get dark"

Conan looks up ahead, and sees a whole clearing of sticks "Look!" he cries.

Agasa looks ahead and sees the clearing and runs ahead with Conan in tow, "how did all this wood get here?" Conan asked.

"Never mind that Shinichi let's just gather up some and head back soon" Agasa replied already picking firewood.

"Alright we'd better be quick though I don't wanna get on Haibara's bad side" said Conan.

While they were picking up the sticks, Conan wondered what this eerie feeling was that he kept getting was, it was like… Like something bad was about to happen very soon he shook it off 'It's just your imagination Shinichi, calm down'.

20 minutes later there's barely enough light to see:

Conan was so preoccupied in his thoughts that he didn't notice Agasa had stopped picking up wood because he had noticed something in the shadows. Agasa headed off towards the trees following what he saw he thought that he was gonna later after he checked it out, but boy was he wrong.

"Shinichi! I just saw something I'm gonna check it out!" He called out to Conan, who immediately looked up just to see the Professor disappearing into the trees.

"Hakase wait! It's too dark right now, just search later!" but his efforts were in vain, the Professor had already left. Conan thinks 'I've gotta follow him, I have a feeling that something bad will happen if I don't', and so Conan dropped the wood he had already collected and ran after him calling for the professor but the professor was too far to hear him so Conan went deeper into the forest in search of him.

With Agasa:

Agasa was sure he saw something and he wasn't gonna stop looking until he knew what it was, being around detectives made it hard not to suspect everything you see was a crime waiting to happen, even if those detectives included were only high-schoolers. He heard something coming from the bush next to him and he stopped walking and faced the bush and hissed (not wanting to alert any accomplices if there were any)

"Show Yourself!"

The bush rustled again…. Agasa was starting to feel nervous like what if the person had a gun? Or what if it was a dangerous animal? Instead what happened was…

… A rabbit hopped out.

Agasa sighed in relief glad that it was just a harmless animal; he was about to head back when…

"Do you think we'll be seen?" a male voice whispered, which Agasa wouldn't have been able to hear if not for the silence the forest brought.

"Of course not, not a soul is gonna be in a forest at this hour too easy to get lost in otherwise" hissed another male voice.

Agasa turned his head to the direction of the voices and could faintly see two outlines of men walking towards a clearing, and quietly followed them while ducking and hiding in between trees until he was just outside the clearing.

The two men went into the clearing where another man was waiting for them; the man in the clearing had a huge sack with him and was waiting patiently while the two made their way towards him. Agasa watched silently while his eyes adjusted to the dark better he could see the men's features. The first man who spoke was of average height, skinny and neat, the second man who spoke was the tallest of the three, had a muscular build and looked rather scruffy as his hair and clothes were rather untidy and the third man in the clearing looked like the most intelligent out of the three, was more casually dressed and slightly smaller than the first man, as adjusted as his eyes became to the dark he couldn't make out their facial features.

The man in the clearing spoke quietly when the other two men got where he was.

"Were you followed?"

"Nahh, Daisuke we were super careful man!" the second man replied.

Daisuke looked sceptically at him "I'm not sure I can trust your judgement on that Yuuta, Ryuu do you agree with his statement?" he asked the first man in question.

"Yes, I am fairly sure no one but us is here" Ryuu confirmed.

Daisuke nodded and showed them what was inside the sack, which Agasa suspected was robbed goods or worse stolen money.

"I counted how much we collected right before you guys got here, you'll be proud to know we made off with 30 million yen!" he told them smugly.

Agasa narrowed his eyes as he heard this 'so they are bank robbers after all'

"Really that's great boss!" Yuuta exclaimed.

"Yes, but there's just one small problem" Daisuke said with a tone that meant he wasn't very happy at least not in Agasa's perspective.

"Really! What went wrong?" Ryuu asked.

Daisuke gave a creepy smile that Agasa did not like one bit!

"Oh nothing Ryuu! Everything went according plan… well, except when you let your face be shown on the security camera while we were escaping!" he explained.

"But it was only for a second, it was probably too dark for them anyway to see my face clearly!" Ryuu objected.

"Perhaps so…." Daisuke started, from the shadows Agasa could see him reach into his pocket and fiddled with it while he continued "… but I can't risk having you expose us to the police if they find you…." Agasa heard a click sound coming from Daisuke's pocket and spoke again "….it's quite dark, we defiantly won't be able to find our way back without some source of light…" he commented while glancing behind before returning his attention to his two confused companions. If possible his evil grin grew wider "…. But don't worry I have a torch in my pocket".

And faster than Agasa could register he heard the muffled sound of a pistol attached with a silencer fire, and watched with horror as Ryuus corpse fell to the ground with a look of surprise that will be stuck on his face for all to witness.

Agasa was visibly shaken, as was Yuuta who was just next to Ryuu when he was murdered, however Daisuke just sighed relieved about what he did like he had done this kind of thing before and didn't feel guilty in the slightest.

It shocked Agasa to the point where he was almost frightened of the man himself but it couldn't compare to seeing someone murdered right before your eyes.

Daisuke put his gun away and brought out a lighter and lit it, it got a bit lighter but not enough to make out the men's features. "Y-you-you k-killed him b-boss" Yuuta stuttered.

"I know, and if you don't want the same thing to happen to you I suggest you help me hide this body" Daisuke answered coolly.

After that Yuuta immediately picked up the corpse by the armpits and started half dragging half carrying to wherever Daisuke was gonna lead him. Agasa reached out to grab his phone from his pocket to take pictures when he realized he left his mobile at the campsite, so he resolved to following them to wherever they were gonna hide the body, wait until they left and get the others back to the campsite and call the police to inform them where the body is.

No less had the remaining two men taken a step they froze…. "AGASA HAKASE!" Agasa turned around and found to his horror Conan coming closer to the clearing with his wristwatch torch turned on, never had Agasa been so fearful as to what was gonna happen to Conan just for being here…

With Conan:

'That damn Agasa couldn't he have just told me clearly before he wandered off' Conan thought grumpily, while he shone his way forward with his wristwatch torch calling for Agasa, 'Haibara's gonna be furious with us, and it will be Hakases fault!'.

"HAKASE!" he yelled with still no results

He had tried calling the professor's phone but Ai had answered it, which could only mean that he left his phone at the campsite, he recalled his short conversation with Ai;

Conan's phone conversation with Ai:

Conan: Hakase where have you run off to? (his tone said he was not happy)

Ai: hello to you too, any reason you're moaning in my ear as soon as I pick up the phone?

Conan: Haibara! Why have you got Hakases phone? (He was surprised that Ai answered)

Ai: he must have left it at the campsite, so mind answering my question now

Conan: …Well Hakase just wandered off and now I can't find him

Ai: …hmmmmm I see well you'd better find him soon and get back here pronto! Or you two are gonna be in a world of trouble. Kojima-kun and Tsuburaya-kun came back nearly an hour ago."

Conan: (sigh) will do Haibara.

End of conversation

'Yeah, easier said than done Haibara, especially when you've got no clue where he went' He sarcastically thought.

He continued walking when a small light appeared in a clearing up ahead; he walked towards it thinking that Agasa may be there. As he walked further towards the clearing he could've sworn he heard something like a muffled gunshot but thought that he was hearing things 'seriously Shinichi you can't suspect every small sound you hear' he scolded himself.

"AGASA HAKASE!" he shouted again once he got nearer to the clearing, when he got to just the beginning of the clearing he noticed the glimmer of light had disappeared, he shone his watch towards the right and was just about to check the left when he heard a twig snap and someone whisper "shhhh".

He quickly shone his watch in the direction he heard the noises come from and immediately wished he hadn't, there were two men there, and one was half carrying half dragging a corpse while the other carried a huge sack. Now Conan had seen plenty of corpses before but this one took him by complete surprise,

He gave quite a loud gasp and dropped his wristwatch torch and brought his hands midway to covering his mouth in surprise and seemed to stay like that.

The watch on the floor still shone on the men who by this time had noticed Conan and had dropped what they were holding and approached him. Conan's eyes widened and he took a step back; normally he would have used his super powered shoes and his anywhere-blow-about-football belt but his shoes had gotten damaged from the kids pushing him into a river and he felt that he didn't need his belt today as he had hoped there wouldn't be any cases to deal with, boy he wished he didn't listen to himself.

"B-boss the kid saw us what do we do?" the muscularly guy asked timidly.

"Isn't it obvious?" the confident shorter man replied with a grin that Conan didn't like one bit.

Then the short man pulled a gun out with an attached silencer and Conan eyes widened in fear and he took a couple more steps back while the short man walked slowly towards him raising his gun even more to Conan's head, Conan stood still when he was but a few step backwards from a tree.

"Sorry kid but you had the unfortunate luck of running into us on this quiet night, but I'm afraid you're gonna have to keep what you saw to the grave with you" the man stated not looking the least bit hesitant on what he was about to do.

Conan's natural instincts screamed RUN! But his body refused to move like it was paralysed by fear and realisation that he might be killed tonight if he didn't do something.

The muscularly man beside him closed his eyes and mouthed 'sorry' before the short man cocked the gun, Conan's eyes widened and he was starting to pull the trigger.

"NOOO!" Agasa screamed as he threw himself in front Conan, too late! The bullet pierced through the Professors stomach giving him unimaginable pain, while also pushing him and Conan back towards the tree.

The man fired two more bullets one hit Agasa's shoulder the other scratched his cheek while pushing him back even further, Conan barely had time to register that he was being pushed further and further towards the tree behind him until he made contact with it a bit abruptly which caused his glasses to fly off his face but he couldn't even think about himself now, he just wanted Agasa to be alright.

"HAKASE!" he cried quickly scrambling to his knees and crawling forward a little, he tried to shake him to wake him up calling out his name. When he tried to roll the professor over he was shocked, no that's an understatement the whole world was practically dead to him. So Much Blood was coming out Conan's hands were covered in it.

"Well boy sorry that old man just appeared out of nowhere and saved your life temporarily….. Too bad it was in vain-" the small man rambled on emotionlessly.

Conan's didn't register what he was saying he was too horrified, he really wished it was one of those horrible nightmares he had when he was a child the first time round.

Conan teared up and his vision blurred as cold harsh reality came and slapped him in the face, unable to stand on his knees anymore his knees gave out; he slid into a sitting position with his legs bent outwardly with tears tumbling down his cheeks not caring about the painful awkward position he was sitting in.

He stared wide eyed at his trembling hands that were stained with the professors blood, he brought them closer to his face, where hot tears still fell not about to show any sign of stopping soon.

"…well boy sorry about your loss but no time to dwindle on what's been done, say your final words" the small man sneered aiming his gun once again at Conan's head. But he didn't even seem to notice it. He just stared horrified at his blood soaked hands as if he had just committed murder.

"It's my fault! If only I had I moved Agasa Hakase wouldn't have-"Conan said voice barely above a whisper.

"Was it now? I'm sorry I should've been quicker killing you earlier then, don't worry I'll make up for it now" the small man said unsympathetically. Again Conan ignored him focused completely on his hands as if he was dead to the world.

"No" he whispered barely audible.

With that he brought his bloodied hands to his face and screamed,

With his fingers leaving small trails of blood down his cheeks where they mingled with his tears that were still falling from his closed eyelids.

The two men had never heard a scream so loud! Much less from a child, they were extremely disturbed at such a deathly scream coming from a small child, the muscularly man looked questionably at his companion.

"We should get out of here quickly before this kid's friends find us" the small man shouted in order for his partner to hear him over Conan's screaming, his partner quickly nodded before picking up the corpse that had laid forgotten for a while and dragged it quickly away, while the small man grabbed his sack and took off with his companion. Conan continued screaming hoping that somehow reality would undo itself, but he only screamed in vain…

At the campsite with the kids and Ai, 10 minutes earlier:

Ai was mad…. really mad... mad like an angry bull!

You could see the veins popping out on her forehead as she stared angrily at her watch, Mitsuhiko, Genta and Ayumi ate in complete silence and fear none of them dared speak a word in fear of being murdered by the angry girl fuming at her watch.

"What's taking them so long? They're over an hour late!" she glared at her watch like it was the cause of her problems.

Mitsuhiko and Genta came back ages before curfew, to which she was rather pleased that they had taken her threat seriously though she had a suspicion that Conan had added to that threat, and was mentally thanking him. But that was before he called telling her that Agasa had wandered off, she mentally slapped her forehead then thinking she should've threatened Agasa as well so this problem wouldn't be present.

Ai was really mad at them for taking this long, when they got back she was gonna give Agasa a thorough lecture because she trusted Conan enough to know that he was trying his best to find Agasa even now, 'I should've gone with Hakase myself! Kudo-kun can cook decently, especially since he personally asked me to train him and now he can cook pretty decent meals, a little more training and he'll be better than me' Ai's mind wandered off before coming back to the daunting question of 'Where were they?'. Ai then tried ringing Conan's phone again for the fourth time and still got no answer. If Conan had anything to do with them being later than needs be, she would regret treating and trusting him more like a friend now.

At first when Genta and Mitsuhiko came back she and Ayumi had almost finished preparing the food, so she told the boys set up the campfire while they finished preparing it, then they actually made the meal but waited for a bit until they began eating it because Conan and the professor weren't there to eat with them (though Genta initially complained about having to wait longer, he was silenced by Ai glaring at him saying icily that they were all to eat together no questions asked!).

Now they were over an hour and a half late so she allowed them to eat dinner now before it got too cold and let Conan and the professor eat in the morning.

"Maybe they went for a walk" Ayumi timidly offered.

Ai turned to face with a blank expression and replied "if so then wouldn't Edogawa-kun have called us telling us where they were and what they were doing?"

Ayumi meekly replied "I guess so"

Genta complained loudly "I don't care where he went! All I know is that he made us wait for dinner! Him and Hakase! And Conan warned us not to wander off and what does he do? He does exactly what he told us not to do!"

"For your information Kojima-kun, it was Agasa Hakase who wandered off not Edogawa-kun, so I'll thank you not to speak ill of him when you don't know the facts!" Ai spat venomously at him.

Ayumi looked like she was about ready to cry "so you lied to me! Ai-chan you told me you didn't have any feelings for Conan-kun, but you like him don't you? Ayumi cried tearfully.

Mitsuhiko tried to calm her by saying that what she was saying was nonsense, that if Ai did love Conan she would've given more subtle hints.

"Tsuburaya-kun's right, Edogawa-kun is my best friend that's why I trust him so much" Ai softly said.

"If that's true then what are you and Conan-kun always whispering about behind our backs? Are you two secretly dating and don't want to tell us?" Ayumi questioned with a determined look on her face.

"W-what are you talking about? I told you that's n-" Ai started but didn't get to finish because a scream filled the air.

Immediately Ai had the feeling that something bad happened to Conan and the professor and shoved her phone in her pocket, after a few minutes the screaming stopped.

"What was that?" Mitsuhiko asked shocked by the agonised scream.

"I don't know Tsuburaya-kun but I think Hakase and Edogawa-kun are in trouble" Ai admitted.

"So-so that was Conan-kun screaming" Ayumi stuttered.

Genta was scared and was greatly worried for Conan since Ayumi suggested that Conan let out that scream.

"Well, we won't know for sure until we look will we? Come on everyone!" Ai ordered, no one questioned her mainly because they were worried about Conan and the professor. Everyone dropped their plates to the ground, switched on their wristwatch torches and ran towards the direction the scream came from.

They ran for 15 minutes after a while they stopped and rested against a nearby tree.

"How much further Haibara-san?" Mitsuhiko panted.

"I don't know Tsuburaya-kun… we've got to keep looking until we find them or at least the source of that scream" Ai answered with determination in her voice.

Ayumi shone her torch ahead and spotted the clearing with sticks, what struck her odd was as to why there were that many sticks in a clearing but something else she saw made her heart leap for joy.

"Ai-chan Look over there!" Ayumi cried excitedly.

Ai looked over to where Ayumi was shining her torch and her heart made the same leap of faith that Ayumi's took, and beckoned everyone to follow her. Once they arrived in the clearing Ai immediately looked at the two neat piles of sticks collected at one end of the clearing.

"They were here, this must've been where Agasa ran off before Edogawa-kun chased after him" she stated, everyone else nodded in agreement.

"Hey, what's that?" Genta asked while pointing ahead of the trees past where the neat piles of sticks were, everyone looked at him with raised eyebrows then looked to where he was pointing and their eyes widened.

"There's a small light up ahead should we go to the source of that light Haibara-san?" Mitsuhiko asked.

"Yes, Edogawa-kun and Hakase might be there" she said her voice full of new hope.

So everyone set off again this time towards the small light in the distance, while they were on their way over there Ai thought 'Kudo-kun you and Hakase had better be over there because if I find you somewhere else you can be darn sure I'll go on a rampage!' .

They continued running until they reached the light, when they did they found themselves in another clearing, while everyone else looked around she picked up the source of light and found it to be Conan's wristwatch by checking to see if he still had the anaesthetic needle ready to fire to which it did so had enough proof that it was his. Her next question was where was he?

"Ahhh what's this?" Mitsuhiko cried bending over while shining his torch on a spot near where they came in to the clearing while Ayumi and Genta did as well to get a look at it.

Ai noticed this and switched off Conan's Wristwatch torch and pushed it in her pocket with her phone and walked over.

"What's all the commotion about?" she coolly asked once she got over, they all immediately looked up at her.

"This stain on the floor seems weird" Ayumi told her "what do you think?"

What did she think? She thought 'Oh My God its blood I hope Edogawa-kun or Hakase didn't get hurt' just to be sure she bent down and swiped it with her finger, and just from the feel of it she could tell her first thought was the correct one.

"It's blood you guys, and it's still fresh which means it was recent" she told the kids grimly, they froze with fear as they heard that, "don't worry you guys I'm sure that whoever attacked the person who owns this blood is gone, by now they wouldn't want to risk being seen" Ai told them getting to relax a lot.

Just then Ai noticed a few more drops of blood leading towards just outside the clearing, so she stood up and shone her light on the trail and trailed her light upon the drops of blood until she saw an arm come into view and with that she whipped her torch to focus on the body.

She gasped as she saw Professor Agasa lying face down on the floor with blood seeping out of him and her stomach did a back flip, the others shone their torches in the same general direction as Ai did.

Ayumi immediately started crying as soon as she saw it and screamed, when she had stopped she noticed a small bent leg right next to Agasa and shone her torch on the base of the tree trunk, and more tears tumbled down her cheeks.

There he was in a sitting position with his legs bent outwardly, leaning on the tree, his arms hanging limply by his side with his hands covered in blood, glasses flung off his face somewhere nearby, his head turned to the right with four short lines of blood on his left cheek. But what was really heart wrenching was that a long line of tears were tumbling down his closed eyelids not showing any sign of stopping anytime soon.

"CONAN-KUN!" she cried running over to him while the others looked at her with surprised faces as she ran to kneel beside him, so they shone torches where Ayumi was pointing hers before she ran off and gasped again only this time louder and Ai's stomach did three back flips and a cartwheel, there was Conan, leaning there unconscious but what was even more shocking was that tears were coming out of his closed eyelids which made them all think the same thing 'What happened to them?'.

"CONAN" everyone else cried, and started running over to where Ayumi was already kneeling by his left side and calling out his name without daring touching him in fear that he had an unknown injury and that she didn't want to jolt it if it was there. Everyone else was quickly beside Ayumi in a matter of seconds.

"He's ok, he's just unconscious" Ai stated emotionlessly while checking his pulse on his left arm.

"What happened to him?" Genta asked fearful of the answer.

"I don't know Kojima-kun…" Ai whispered, she was slightly frightened she had never seen Conan cry before and by the looks on the others faces they hadn't either. But they had to get help for both of them.

"Kojima-kun and Tsuburaya-kun I want you two to roll Hakase over so I can quickly check his pulse! HURRY!" Ai snapped remembering that Agasa was more hurt than Conan.

They quickly rolled Agasa over and gasped at the state he was in, he had been shot twice once in the shoulder, and once in the stomach. When Ai came over and saw his stomach was shot she immediately widened her eyes 'that's a vital part that got hit, and it was only recent', she quickly checked his pulse, and sighed in relief there was one but it was weak they needed to get help soon for both Conan and Agasa.

"Tsuburaya-kun, Kojima-kun! I want you two to put pressure on Hakase's wounds while I call the police and two ambulances for them, make sure you put a lot of pressure on his stomach wound to try and slow the bleeding that area is particularly important for you to do that!" Ai ordered, she flipped open her phone and speed dialled Inspector Megure

"Them? Haibara-san" Mitsuhiko asked while he and Genta carried out the task they had been asked to do, she merely pointed at Conan behind her who still lay unconscious with tears rolling down his cheeks.

"But I thought you said he was just unconscious" Mitsuhiko questioned worried that there was something Ai wasn't telling them about Conan.

"He is but he needs to go for a hospital check-up to make he doesn't have anything serious like a concussion… also I think something bad has happened to him because I don't think he would be crying over being nearly killed when he has faced death more times than I can count" Ai said sadly as the dial tone still rung on the other end.

Mitsuhiko's eyes widened and he redirected his gaze to the still unconscious Conan, he never knew how many times Conan has nearly died, and here he was unconscious and broken emotionally with tears trailing his closed eyelids and cascading his cheeks with Ayumi calling his name and telling him that it was gonna be alright, that he was gonna be ok.

Under normal circumstances he and Genta would be chasing Conan for getting Ayumi's attention but this wasn't under normal situations so he was defiantly not going chase him around or thump him or anything 'he has had his fill of bad events today I'm not going to add to it and I don't think Genta-kun is either' He thought, while still getting on with the task Ai had requested of him and Genta.

Ai was starting to get impatient with the Inspector 'How long does it take to pick up a fecking phone?' she thought angrily this was important!

Finally he answered "What do you want? Can't you tell I'm busy with paperwork by the amount of time it took for me to answer you!" he grumbled into the phone in annoyance, that made Ai snap.

so she yelled "YOU'RE RIGHT, I WOULD'VE GIVEN UP RINGING AGES AGO IF I DIDN'T HAVE A VERY GOOD REASON FOR CALLING YOU, YOU STUPID BUFFOON!" she swore she could him hear him jump ten feet back from the phone then reluctantly come back to answer her.

"And what is your reason for calling Ai-kun?" he timidly asked.

she promptly replied "my two friends Hakase and Edogawa-kun have been hurt they have been victims to a shooting incident they need ambulances right now, and I suggest you call Edogawa-kun's guardians informing them what has happened, you can ask for me and my friends statements when you get here ok?" she heard the Inspector gasp.

"Conan-kun and Agasa Hakase are hurt?" he asked in shock.

"Yes, now hurry! Or Hakase won't make it, and Edogawa-kun needs to get to a hospital ASAP!" she snapped, she then ended the call and snapped her phone shut.

She took a glance at Agasa before shuffling over to be on Conan's right side where she could see he had four identical short lines of blood on his right cheek as well as his left that still had tears trailing down them, Ai placed her hand on his right shoulder and shook him gently.

"Edogawa-kun, Edogawa-kun" she called out gently but got no answer.

"Conan, Conan please wake up!" she tried again this time using the informal term of address but still got no answer.

So she tried "Kudo-kun, Kudo-kun! Please you need to wake up! You have to!" she said his real name in a quiet tone to not allow the others to hear her. She could've sworn she saw him twitch slightly to his real name being used but made no other movement so she tried again while shaking him a little harder this time.

"Kudo-kun, Kudo-kun! Wake up!" but saw nothing this time.

So in a last effort to wake him up to make sure he hadn't fallen into a coma, Ai cradled his head in her left hand and put her arm over his stomach to get a proper hold on the left side of his waist and lifted him slightly from leaning on the tree and inched a bit closer to him "Shinichi, Shinichi please! You have to wake up you've still got cases to solve, please you intelligent but sometimes stupid detective! Please wake up Shinichi!" she whispered in a soft concerned tone.

That definitely woke him up he stirred and scrunched up his eyes that were somehow still crying 'whatever happened must've upset him greatly to cause him to cry even a state of unconsciousness' Ai thought sadly, he opened his beautiful Sapphire blue eyes (which he inherited from his mother, and Ai always found so beautiful to gaze upon although she's never admit it) up halfway remarkably tears were still falling from his already red and puffy eyes and his normally beautiful Sapphire blue eyes were glazed and distant looking.

"Shinichi…." Ai whispered almost tearfully, he turned his head slightly towards her and gazed almost unseeingly into her green eyes.

"Conan-kun!" Ayumi cheered happily when she saw that he was awake but saddened when she saw how distant and glazed his eyes were, Genta and Mitsuhiko had heard her, looked at Conan and smiled happy that Conan had awoken but disheartened at how distant his eyes were, it also seemed like he was struggling to keep his eyes open.

Ai gently tried to dry his eyes but the tears kept coming.

"Don't worry Shinichi the ambulance is coming, you and Hakase are going to be alright" Ai said soothingly and again said his name in a low voice so the others don't hear her.

Conan said something but it came out so quietly that she didn't hear him, "I'm sorry I didn't hear that, what did you say?" she questioned gently while leaning her head closer to hear him better.

"Who are you…?" he asked in a very small confused voice as if he had used his voice up. Ai eyed widened in shock and stared at Conan as he struggled to keep his eyes open for longer but failed and closed his still crying eyes and went limp as he fell back into unconsciousness again.

Ayumi immediately grabbed Conan's bloody hand not caring if she got dirty or not and softly said to him "it's gonna be ok Conan-kun you're safe"

But he gave her no response as he laid leaning against Ai's arms in a sitting position with his legs bent outwardly, unmoving… with tears coming out of his closed eyelids and spilling onto his still bloodied cheeks.

The boys were slightly happy that Conan had awoken but kept to doing their job to put pressure on Agasa's wounds.

Ai just sat there on her knees in shock at what Conan had asked her while still cradling him gently in her arms like if he were to be released even a little he would run away, Ai just stared at him.

Whilst Conan silently cried to the whole world…









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Me: What did you think Conan?

Conan's revenge for the river since they got his favourite clothes wet and shoes:

he had his sweet sweet revenge soon during school while they were all chattering away about kamen yaiba, he snuck into the science labs and took some frogs out and went off to the shoe locker area and put a frog in each of their lockers and added an extra one in Genta's because he was the one who mainly pushed him into the river, then he went and made booby traps on all of his school things like his desk

(though he had to wait until they had all left the room and asked Ai to not tell them about what he was doing, of course in return she wanted to know what he was up to so he told him of his payback on them, and she smirked and said that 'it was about time' as she had gotten a little annoyed with the kids herself and even offered herself as a distraction if he needed one, he was so grateful that he even said that 'if I didn't already love Ran, I would say I love you!' which shocked Ai a little but she recovered quick enough)

His shoe locker, though it was tricky setting booby traps there without getting caught by the teachers

And places like his gym locker (basically anything the kids could get their hands on like his bag which he also booby trapped).

What really made him happy was that even though they figured out it was him who did it; they fell into every one of his booby traps which he planted everywhere he used in his day-to-day life including his underwear drawer (seriously when the kids came over to play and he went to the bathroom for a minute the kids didn't think he would rig his own underwear drawer so had planned to put itching powder on them but as soon as they opened the drawer a bomb of black ink exploded covering them head to toe in ink, spayed with silly string and a flag popping out saying 'You got owned by the great Detective Conan' everyone was too shocked for words. When Conan was done and came back later he immediately smiled and told them they had it coming to them and grabbed a camera that was beside him and took a photo to share with Ai later) yep they hadn't dared messed with Conan again once they knew what he was capable of. Unfortunately the professor said it was gonna take a while to fix the shoes.

Conan: I thought it was rubbish, I mean you made me CRY!

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