Chapter 6

"Right, before I reveal my suspicions. I need everyone to tell me where you were, who you were with and what you were doing from 3-4pm. Do it in a calm and orderly fashion with 4 lines. Once we have confirmed your alibis you will be put on one either the right or left behind us or in the middle if you're in waiting of being confirmed" Heiji called out to everyone.

Everyone mumbled to each other in confusion before complying to Heiji's wishes and aligned into 4 orderly lines.

Daisuke was mentally growling at Conan having survived, he was glaring at the physically weak boy who looked like he was concentrating on just breathing. He was glad that the boy was too mentally weakened to remember his face; he had hoped however that the boy would drown and it would've been awhile to find him. He wanted to slip from them and quietly escape from the uninhabited island.

1 hour later:

"Ok we've got 3 suspects" Heiji called out once he and the three officers had finished investigating everyone.

Chiba started reading the names off his notebook "The first suspect Daisuke Hayashi-san, he says that he was searching for a dustpan and brush inside since he accidently broke a window and got side-tracked reading a magazine for a while until he remembered and continued searching" Heiji eyed the short man in the line-up.

"The second is Yuuta Tanaka-san, he told one of the guests he was talking with that he felt sick so he went inside the house to lie down for a while but no one can verify that" noting the big muscly man's nervous composure.

"The third is Kimiko Goto-san; she said that she was searching for the toilet in the house. By the time she found it she saw that it was broken, she saw from the window that there was an outside toilet so she used the back to door to get there since it was apparently quicker. Afterwards she went back inside via the back door to get a drink but saw a gossip magazine and read it for most of the time" Heiji studied the woman carefully. She looked to be no more than 25 years old.

"Do any of you know where perhaps we can get confirmation of your alibis?" Heiji asked loudly.

"Well, I do remember asking our tour guide how long we had left to stay here. This was about 2 hours ago after I had been to the toilet. Then I sat down and ate for a while. Then I got out my research for our project. I, Hayashi-san and Tanaka-san are colleagues from the same university. We were put into a group to do a project on wildlife. Isn't that right?" she asked her colleagues,

"Yeah, we were gonna ask the tour guide a bunch of questions later on marine animals and how humans are destroying their habitat and that, right Yuuta?" Daisuke nudged him nervously and he nodded barely saying a word.

"Then may I ask why no one could confirm your alibi Kimiko-san?" Megure asked politely.

"Well, maybe it's because when it became so noisy that I couldn't focus on my work I went into the lodge and continued there. Since everyone was outside for the barbeque and party" she explained honestly.

"All right, my main question is how did the culprit carry Yukiko-san and lock her in the bathroom while also with Conan-kun? someone should've noticed someone drag to people over to the toilet outside.

"Why're you assuming that it was only one person in on this? Think Heiji-kun, how could one person carry both Yukiko and Conan's bodies. Sure Conan is light enough but Yukiko is only a little lighter than the average woman even with just Yukiko he would need two hands to carry her" Yuusaku questioned.

"Are you saying that we have two people who could've done it out of this line-up?" Megure asked.

"Yes, and if my suspicion is correct. You two need to find the evidence. There should be clear evidence in both the toilet my wife was locked in and where Conan was taken" Yuusaku shot a look at the still recovering Conan.

"Right, Megure-keibu, Ojiisan and Takagi-keiji look around the toilet; the other officers search the lodge for anything useful. Neechan and Kazuha you make sure no one runs off from our audience especially our suspects and find something to preoccupy them. Meanwhile I'll go to where I found Conan" Heiji ordered and no one questioned him as they all set off.

With Megure, Kogoro and Takagi:

"What do you suppose he wants us to find?" Kogoro grumbled in irritation.

"I suppose anything we find suspicious" Takagi laughed nervously scanning the walls when he saw a thin streak of something; he peered closer and saw that it was a small streak of dried blood that couldn't have been more than a few hours.

"Megure-keibu! I found something!" he cried excited and Megure turned to see what all the buzz was about Kogoro turned to see as well. They was surprised to find blood.

"Take a photo with your Phone" he ordered but Takagi was already on it and took a picture quickly naming the caption.

Megure then noticed a piece of torn fabric stuck in the closed window. He took a rough guess at the size of the window concluding that all 3 suspects could possibly fit through it. He wore his gloves as he opened the window and snagged the torn cloth sealing it in a plastic bag.

"Right let's check the outside" Megure announced; Kogoro and Takagi followed him to search for more clues.

Where Heiji is:

Heiji found the roll of tape beside the deep lake he rescued Conan from. He knew fingerprints were on it, but they didn't have either the equipment or the means to compare fingerprints. He knew that there was some other evidence. He looked to his left and saw long grass bended out of the way as if pushed by a heavy force.

He stalked over and saw a duffle bag lying in the middle of a bush of long grass. He reached over the long stalks and plucked the bag finding it mildly heavy. He opened it and his mouth gave a horrified gasped, in the bag were weapons of torture that people only carry to really hurt someone. Heiji felt his anger increase that the man was prepared to torture Conan before killing him.

He searched the front pocket of the bag and found two interesting clues: A much bigger than normal lighter and a pack of normal cigarettes. The light caught his attention as he saw the English Initials D.H he knew who did it. He smirked as he saw this.

"Gotcha, you can't hide any longer!" he grinned victoriously and dashed back after zipping the bag up.

20 minutes later:

Everyone was growing restless it was sunset and the other police officers were the last to arrive.

"This is taking ages" Kazuha moaned.

"Well what did you find?" Megure asked impatiently.

"Keibu, we found the smashed window. But it seemed odd because the shattered glass bits were inside instead of outside like Hayashi-sans story suggested.

"Care to explain that Hayashi-san" Heiji challenged glaring at him.

"Well, I was in a bit of a temper about something and the next thing a heard was the sound of glass breaking so I assumed I did it. But if what you say is true, then it's possible that the culprit or culprits broke the window to seem like a break in." Daisuke rationally explained staring Heiji in the eye just mocking him causing sparks to fly.

"Maybe you'll be pleased to know what we found" Megure coughed beckoning Takagi forward.

"We found this small streak of blood in the toilet cubicle and this piece of cloth" Showing the photo and plastic bag to Heiji.

Heiji looked over the suspects and saw that a piece of Yuuta's white shirt was torn.

"What happened to your shirt Tanaka-san?" Heiji asked.

Yuuta looked and saw the matching garment to the ripped cloth and looked very nervous not replying.

"It looks like a perfect match for this one here. Also I see you have a long cut across your forearm or is it a scratch?" Heiji smirked at the frozen look Yuuta gave.

"Now, how could you have gotten that? How about when you were placing Yukiko-san on the toilet seat? You accidently let her fingernails scratch you, and in fear you wiped it on the wall. Am I getting warm?" Heiji fixed him with a stone stare that sent him crumbling as he collapsed on his knees in guilt unable to take the pressure.

Yuusaku gently examined his wife's hands and saw blood and skin under one of her nails.

"There's blood and skin under one of her nails" Yuusaku told them all.

"It's all true; I locked that woman in the toilet! I had to help Daisuke kill the kid! He threatened to kill me and possibly my family if I didn't" he wailed tears streaming down his face in regret.

Everyone stepped away from the two with a loud gasp.

Daisuke was still willing to fight.

"How do you know this man wasn't blackmailed into blaming me when he was found out? You don't have evidence to convict me" Daisuke declared confidently although his composure was breaking ever so slightly.

Heiji knew that he was right so he had to trick him into confessing.

"We never said we believed him. Who on earth said that!" Heiji exclaimed confused and everyone just stared at him strangely while Yuuta was wallowing in self-pity.

"Hey, I found this pack of cigarettes. I don't smoke and can't! So is there anyone here who smokes?" Heiji asked innocently hold up Daisuke's pack of smokes.

"I smoke occasionally" Daisuke said not giving it a second thought and really needing a smoke eagerly took one from the packet reaching into his trouser pocket for a lighter but he realised that he had placed it somewhere and forgot where he put it.

"Ah I seem to have lost my lighter" Daisuke moaned.

"Here, I think this may be yours since it has your initials on it" Heiji kindly held out the large lighter to him.

"Ah thanks, I must've dropped it" he laughed nervously fully convinced he was off the hook because police and detectives certainly wouldn't give any evidence they had back to the owner for a while.

"Did you know that both the cigarettes and lighter… were both found in this bag?" he asked while Daisuke lit his cigarette, Heiji chucked the bag away from everyone and a little closer to Conan and Ai.

Conan looked at the bag curiously from where he was sitting; Ai was half-paying attention to him as she focused on Heiji's deduction.

"Ah, now that I realise it. This isn't my lighter, it's smaller than this" he tried to argue.

"That is your lighter! I've seen it many times" Yuuta shouted angry that he wouldn't just give himself up Daisuke glared at him but refused to antagonise himself.

"Above all else I think you need to see this" Heiji said to Megure as he opened it and a lot of people paled at the sight of torture instruments, Ran was so white you would think she'd turned into the ghosts she was so afraid of.

Conan's reaction was frightening as he began shaking even more so when Heiji pulled out documented paper and a photo of him this made Ai squeeze his hand tighter for reassurance.

"This is proves that he intended to hurt K-Conan-kun, but settled for drowning him. This is your report Hayashi-san. Before you say that it was stolen. How could it have been? You were holding your bag the whole time before Conan-kun's disappearance. Kimiko-san noticed this as well as I" Heiji informed him sullenly and Conan turned his attention to the floor to control his breathing while Ai and Yukiko patted his shoulder and rubbed his back.

"But…" Daisuke began to think of an excuse.

"I remember Hayashi-san!" everyone turned to look at the speaker and Daisuke's brain went into panic mode as he whirled around to look at the brat.

"You are the culprit, I remember you walking around with that specific bag with you everywhere. No one had the chance to take it, and when anyone came even close you huddled over it protectively. Everyone knows that you're the culprit" Conan softly but loudly spoke.

There was silence as everyone stood frozen until Heiji decided they needed to get moving.

"Tanaka-san, is there any way to get off this island? The kid needs a hospital" Heiji asked the unusually kind man who was just manipulated in the wrong way.

"Yeah, it's just around the bay in a secret cave. I and Daisuke decided to plant a boat there so we could make a quick escape" Yuuta told him holding his hands out to be handcuffed.

Megure stepped forward to handcuff him but Daisuke was shaking with rage.

"No!" he screamed making everyone stop in their tracks and stare at him. He gripped his lighter flipping it upside down pressing a switch and the lighter opened and a sharp blade flicked out.

Using everyone's shock to his advantage Daisuke ran forward and pushed Ai and Yukiko out of the way to grab the still dazed and worn out Conan, Conan looked up with half-open tired eyes just as Daisuke picked him up and held him with his arm around Conan's neck, gripping his shoulder and his knife resting on Conan's neck so that if Conan moved even a little he would be cut.

"You see this! Don't come any closer!" Daisuke yelled as he pushed the knife closer into Conan's neck but not quite penetrating the skin.

"No Hayashi-san he's just a kid!" Takagi pleaded.

"He may be just a kid, but he is an important witness to you police!" he screeched as his hold over Conan increased as he backed off in the direction of the boat, Conan opened his eyes weakly while gripping the hands that held him thinking 'Someone please help me' he begged.

"If you don't let him go Hayashi-san I'll be forced to shoot" Megure shouted whipping out his gun and pointing it at the pair.

"Maybe but you have to shoot little Conan-kun first" he laughed insanely as he held Conan in front of him as Megure put down the gun reluctantly.

"You're insane" Heiji yelled with worry for his best friend.

"You'd better watch what you say or Conan-kun may pay the price" he shouted as he pointed the knife at Conan's neck.

Everyone was at a loss at what to do and Ran was too petrified to do anything, Kogoro remembered when he had to shoot his wife to save her so he knew that this was nearly the same scenario he looked at Yuusaku and they both nodded as they knew what was needed,

"Megure! Throw me your gun!" he demanded pointing the knife further at Conan's throat for emphasis.

"Keibu-dono hand me your gun, I have to do what I did 10 years ago again" Kogoro whispered urgently to Megure.

"I'm sorry Mouri-kun but I can't… I know you're a good shot but... under this pressure after all that's happened I'm not sure you can do it, I don't want to risk Conan-kun's life" Megure told him.

"You're taking too long, now he's bleeding" he called out as he pricked Conan's neck a little so a drop of blood slid down and he hissed in fear whimpering slightly.

"All right, All right, just leave Conan-kun alone! I'm throwing it here!" he called out in panic and Megure threw it to the middle in between them both and Daisuke approached the gun but saw that they all were gonna pounce on him when he dropped his guard for a second.

"Hey Osaken Brat go and pick up that gun and give it to me" he ordered Heiji.

Heiji gasped at his request.

"Do it or I'll kill him right here and now!" he screamed.

"Heiji-kun, have you worked on shooting with your father?" Yuusaku whispered to Heiji quickly.

"Yes, he said I was quite good at shooting, why?" he asked in confusion and anxiety since Conan's life was at stake.

"Well… if you value Shinichi's life as your best friend you have to shoot him" Yuusaku told him seriously and Heiji knew he wasn't joking.

"But, he's your son won't he…?" Heiji started.

"I know… and it hurts for me to ask you this but please do it I'm sure Shinichi will understand" Yuusaku pleaded quietly, Heiji looked into his eyes and knew that he meant it so he nodded his head.

"What's taking you so long?" Daisuke demanded as he pushed the knife threateningly closer than ever to Conan's neck.

"Wait I'm coming, just leave him" Heiji pleaded as he walked forward and slowly picked up the gun when he heard Conan talk quite weakly.

"D-don't, H-Heiji-n-niichan you can't…" he begged and Heiji gritted his teeth.

"Shut it you brat" Daisuke yelled at Conan squeezing his hold on him tighter. Heiji picked up the gun and slowly lifted it.

"That's right give the gun here" Daisuke yelled excited.

Heiji stood up and aimed not at Daisuke but at Conan, Daisuke looked surprised as well as Conan as he saw possibly his best friend in the world aiming a gun at him he didn't know why but it seemed to strike a chord in his memory but didn't fully recover it.

"Heiji-niichan" Conan whispered slowly, and Heiji cocked the gun and that triggered everything as Conan's eyes widened as his whole life flashed before his eyes. In that same moment Heiji shot and he hit the outside of Conan's left thigh making Daisuke jump and let go of Conan momentarily as he dropped to the ground but Daisuke caught him again.

"Oi Kid wake up" he tried shaking Conan but he remained limp as he had his eyes closed, suddenly an earthquake struck it wasn't a massive one but it made everything tilt to the side a little and Daisuke dropped to the floor trying to balance and hold onto Conan at the same time but his grip loosened and Conan slid the direction the earth was tilting at slowly. When it stopped and everything settled again Daisuke attempted to use Conan as a hostage again but Kogoro quickly ran forward with a roar and used his judo throw on him to immobilise him momentarily and Takagi ran forward and handcuffed him on sight.

Heiji went to Conan and went to make sure he was all right.

"K-Conan-kun are you ok?" he asked as he picked Conan up and Conan opened his eyes slightly to see Heiji looking down at him he nodded his head slowly at the question. Heiji sighed relieved and stood up fully as he walked back to the beach; Heiji carried Conan to watch the setting sun.

"Well, I'm sorry I had to do that Ku-Conan-kun" Heiji apologised and Conan smiled up at him not a sarcastic one, not a forced one a true smile.

"Even around public you can't stop yourself from spilling my name to everyone…" Conan chuckled slightly.

"Sorry I can't help it… wait! Do you remember now?" Heiji asked in excitement and Conan nodded his head still smiling.

"And its ok about you shooting me Heiji, I did the same to Ran once and it was to save her life and this situation was similar to that so it was necessary to do it" Conan told him forgiving him.

"Does that make me your boyfriend or something? If so thanks but no thanks" Heiji joked and Conan laughed weakly.

"Trust you to make a joke out of any situation Heiji" he giggled quite weakly.

"I know I'm… Did you just call me Heiji?" Heiji asked surprised at his informal term of address.

Conan went a little red of embarrassment as he had been thinking about his and Heiji's friendship before he lost his memory, he did actually consider Heiji to be his best friend but then he realised that they didn't call each other on a first-name basis so that created a little gap in his eyes so he was debating whether to do it or not.

"Well, you know how you always say that we're best friends male-wise…?" Conan started and Heiji nodded.

"Well, I do feel that we're best friends too… but we call each other by our family names, even though I know we're rivals I'd rather be friends first before being rivals… Can you call me Shinichi… and I be allowed to call you by your first name too?" Conan asked nervously as he fiddled with his fingers weakly.

Heiji considered it for a bit before he smiled and held Conan a little closer showing him that he would always be there for Conan when he needs him.

"Ok if it means that much to you, I give you my full permission to call me 'Heiji' Shinichi" he said his name and Conan face lit up as he weakly bunched up Heiji shirt with his fist and pulled himself closer to Heiji.

"Thank you Heiji" he whispered as he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Half an hour later:

The police were moving the hidden boat to the front to board people onto and had called police boats via the radio and an ambulance boat to pick up the rest of the guests. Heiji was now waiting for the boat they could see on the horizon headed for them, Heiji went over to Yuusaku and handed his son to him as he went to get his statement taken in by one of the police boats that had arrived. Conan seemed to realise he was in different arms as these arms held a different kind of warmth, not ones that would comfort only when needed… no these ones have the warmth of love and care within them, He opened his blurry eyes from his nap and saw Yuusaku smiling down at him with the wind tugging at both of their hairs.

Conan's eyes literally sparkled as he saw his father… his role model next to Sherlock Holmes.

"You like scaring me and your mother don't you Shinichi?" Yuusaku teased lightly. But Conan ignored that as he smiled and wrapped his arms around his dad as best as he could in his current position.

"Tou-san…" he said joyously.

"…I love you" he said quietly so only really Yuusaku could hear; Yuusaku had not been expecting him to say or do what he just did but he smiled and hugged his son closer as they waited for the boat to arrive.

The next day:

Conan woke up drowsily to find himself staring at a bouquet of White Carnations. His eyes opened a little wider as he stared at the flowers in a vase, he then scanned the room and was partially surprised to see Ai half-lying on his bed sitting in a chair sleeping. White carnations meant 'Faithfulness', Conan felt himself smile touched by Ai's gesture.

Conan fondly threaded his fingers through her hair briefly, she gave a sleepy moan and curled closer to Conan a smile brought onto her face. Conan felt himself fall back into the realm of sleep, but he thought that maybe he and Ai should be more like friends than just partners as he closed his eyes and his mind drifted elsewhere.

Half an hour later:

Ai woke up feeling really happy like her greatest wish had come true. She sat up stretching momentarily before she heard Conan stir a bit and her blank mask returned instantly like someone had re-glued it back to her face.

"A-Haibara, what are you doing here?" Conan bit on his tongue to call her first name because he needed permission.

"I came to see if you were better, after all I can't have my only test subject suffer a mental breakdown Kudo-kun" she smirked hoping to get a reaction from him.

"Barou! You think I chose to lose my memories!" he snapped in annoyance.

"You said it not me" she chided teasingly with a cheeky grin.

"Stop it A-Haibara" he sighed with a small amused smile still trying not to call her 'Ai' impulsively.

Just then Ran, Heiji and the others entered along with the doctor.

"Finally you're awake kid, let's get you discharged and out of the hospital" Kogoro grumped.

"What's wrong Ojiisan? Did you miss out on Mah-jong?" Conan chirped cheerfully following a small giggle shared with Ai.

"Damn right I did! But- hey we never told you about my Mah-jong playing." Kogoro realised in mid-sentence.

"You've recovered your memory Conan-kun!" Ran said in excitement rushing forward.

"Yes, everything Ran-neechan" Conan happily chorused smiling like the child he was supposed to be. Tears formed in Ran's eyes in happiness as she pulled the small boy into a tight tearful hug.

"Ran-neechan, don't cry… you'll make me cry too" Conan weakly protested feelings slight tears of happiness pick up at the corner of his eyes but he kept them from falling hugging Ran back just as tightly.

"Oh this is great Heiji! Conan-kun recovered his memory" Kazuha squealed jumping up and down with excitement.

"Do you remember me Conan-kun?" she asked eagerly once they were finished hugging.

"Of course I remember you Kazuha-neechan along with Heiji-niichan" Conan smiled his cute boy smile.

"Do you remember these guys too?" Heiji grinned sliding open the door revealing the detective boys feeling awkward desperately wanting Conan to remember them.

"Hello Conan-kun" Ayumi shyly greeted.

"Minna! You all came, I thought you got distracted at the arcade" he cried mostly fake but slightly real with relief.

The detective boys grew happy that he remember and rushed forward jumping on him hugging the living daylights out of him. Although Genta's hug was bone crushing he didn't say anything. He was glad to see the detective boys.

"Conan-kun, Agasa Hakase came out of his Coma! They have to keep him in for a few days, a week at best to make sure he'll be alright!" Ayumi announced happily as Conan was released.

"That's great!" Conan exclaimed his heart filled with relief.

"We're not allowed to visit him but we're told he'll be just fine" Eri reassured Conan.

"That's alright" he sighed happily.

"Well, I think it's safe to assume that your memory has returned completely. Although you may still find it a tad difficult getting back to your old routine before the Amnesia you'll be fine. We can discharge you right now, I'll sign the forms and your family can take you home" the doctor smiled kindly.

"Yay! I finally get my bed back!" Kogoro cheered only to be set upon by his wife and daughter.

"Otou-san! (Kogoro!) How could you only think of that after all Conan-kun's been through" they chorused berating the man.

Ai and Conan laughed at his idiocy along with everyone else in the room. Soon the Mouri family realised that everyone was laughing and very soon they found themselves drawn in the laughter happy that everything turned out alright.


Heiji was packing up his stuff and was gonna have one final lunch with the Mouri family; Eri had already left since Kogoro was back to drinking beers since Conan was back to normal again.

"Hey Heiji" Conan called softly from behind.

"Oh Shinichi, What's up?" Heiji turned to greet him cheerily being careful not to say his name too loudly.

"Ran says lunch is ready" Conan told him flatly.

"Is that so? Give me a minute" Heiji waved as he packed the last of his things confident he had packed everything.

"Are you sure you've got everything?" Conan asked smiling cheekily hiding something behind his back.

"Yeah, why?" Heiji asked confused.

"Really? Then who owns this picture of Kazuha?" Conan revealed the portrait he was holding stolen from Heiji's stuff.

"Hey that's-!" he cried looking back in his bag to confirm it was his.

"I guess I'll go and show Kazuha-neechan and tell her I found it in your bag" he grinned teasingly making for the door with his back turned Heiji lunging at him just as he predicted. Conan swiftly dodged making Heiji hit his head.

"You're too slow" Conan cheeked getting Heiji to realise that he was just playing with him.

"All right brat! You asked for it" Heiji grinned in retaliation and leapt forward unexpectedly jumping on top of Conan tickling him fiendishly. Conan couldn't help but let out loud childish giggles begging Heiji to stop as tears of laughter leapt to his eyes. His grip on the picture went free and it dropped onto the floor.

Neither boy cared as Heiji continued tickling Conan getting him into hysterics as he tried to push Heiji away.

"Stop Heiji! Hahaha! I can't take it!" Conan shouted between his giggles.

"What's that I can't hear you Shinichi" Heiji grinned unleashing his full power.

Conan flailed his hands wildly searching for something to grip. His hand closed around the edge of the pillow and he grabbed it and threw it in Heiji's face surprising him but getting him to stop.

Conan sat up trying to return his breath to normal. When he did he started to laugh loudly full of enjoyment in his voice.

"What're you laughing about Shinichi?" Heiji questioned smirking.

"We never relax when I and you are together. It's either a case or we run into one when we meet each other. It feels nice… I never really had a male best-friend. I always hung out with Ran" he admitted albeit slightly embarrassed.

Heiji smiled slightly and pulled Conan into a tight hug startling the little boy but Conan returned it and welcomed the embrace.

"Don't forget Shinichi, we're also detective brothers! I'm the older one in case you didn't know, that means you're my Otouto" Heiji grinned jokingly leaning back.

"Baka! We're the same age" Conan snapped at him and his childishness.

"Yeah, but you're shorter than me right now. Even at your proper age you're still a little shorter than me midget" he sniggered into his hand at his own joke.

"I'm older than you Heiji" Conan pointed out rather ticked and poked Heiji in the chest rather hard.

"Oh yeah? When's your birthday?" Heiji challenged.

"4th May" Conan answered smugly awaiting Heiji's answer.

"Hah! 12th June, you lose" Heiji dumbly announced caught in the moment.

Conan let on a know it all smile and crawled up to Heiji and flicked his forehead.

"Owwww" Heiji whined rubbing the red mark on his head.

"Baka, Spring comes before Summer. Get your dates right, for a detective you sure are rubbish at Maths" Conan mocked. Heiji blinked as the words set in going into thinking, confusion, wonderment and finally realisation as he slowly realised his mistake.

"That's right" he gaped until he decided to glare at Conan who was desperately trying and failing badly to hold in his giggles at Heiji's facial expressions as he worked out what Conan meant.

"You're not so great Shinichi! I'll definitely prove I'm the greater detective next time" Heiji boasted although not too loudly so the girls didn't hear.

Conan smirked confidently "I'm looking forward to it"

They both sat there smiling in happiness wishing they could have a deduction battle right now but satisfied being in each other's presence.

"Heiji, I know that playing with little kids is up your alley coz you are one! But come and have your lunch now, it's starting to get cold and we have to leave soon" Kazuha's mocking voice called through the door making the two boys realise they were hungry as evidenced when their stomachs started growling. It was so loud that even the girls heard it.

"You boys sound hungry so come in here if you want to eat" Ran called gleefully.

"Well, let's get going" Heiji chided and they both left.

Conan however thought that his stomach growl was rather quiet not at all loud, at least according to his mother but that was years ago so his stomach sound might've changed.

They left the bedroom to join the others at the table.

"What were you two playing in there?" Kogoro gruffed as he drank his beer.

"The kid was insisting I play with him for a bit" Heiji grinned ruffling Conan's hair for which he got a pointed glare as they sat next to each other.

"Of course it's no trouble for you to entertain a kid Heiji, considering you are one" Kazuha teased.

"What was that?" Heiji flared and she stuck her tongue at him as they got into one of their childish bouts.

"Now, now let's just eat before your two have to leave alright?" Ran interjected before it got to insane levels of shouting and they complied grudgingly and Heiji tucked in to eat. Suddenly they heard a low cute rumbling sound; they looked around until all eyes focused on Conan who was frozen with his chopsticks ready to eat in his hands.

Conan slowly turned red as he realised the sound came from him, he bowed his head in embarrassment. Then his stomach rumbled cutely again and you could see the cloud of steam burn from his head thinking his stomach growl was weird.

"What a cute sound!" Kazuha squealed.

"Don't be embarrassed Conan-kun, your stomach sounds cute" Ran kindly said.

Then a loud growl erupted and everyone swivelled their heads to Heiji who looked embarrassed to have a loud stomach compared to Conan's quiet one.

"Well, at least we know where that loud growl came from earlier" Kazuha remarked and everyone including Conan laughed while Heiji turned red in annoyance.

"For his stomach to sound that quiet Neechan must be feeding him-OWWWW IT HURTS!" Heiji started screaming as Conan's little hand pinched his right thigh and twisted it painfully.

"What's wrong Heiji?" Kazuha asked slightly alarmed at his cry of pain.

"I'm just saying that Neechan must be feeding him to-ARGHHHH!" Conan twisted his thigh again in rage. Heiji collapsed onto his side on the carpet comically moaning waiting for the throbbing pain to subside.

"A-Are you alright Hattori-kun?" Ran stuttered perplexed as to what happened.

"Nothing, I'm fine" he moaned as he sat up again.

They all stared before going back to eating and talking about girls things. Heiji glared down at the angry Conan who matches his glare with a death glare of his own. Heiji broke down in a cold sweat under the glare.

"Come on Shinichi, why'd you do that?" Heiji whinged quietly.

"You were implying that I'm getting fat" Conan hissed back angrily.

"Well you are starting to turn a little plump so-!" Heiji grinned before he witnessed Conan's face turn into an enraged scowl and before he knew it his thigh was being twisted harder than ever. He cried out in pain catching everyone's attention again before Conan let go.

"Are you sure there's nothing wrong Hattori-kun?" Ran asked cautiously.

"No, Neechan it's just a really bad bruise that I keep leaning on" Heiji panicked Kazuha muttered calling him an 'Ahou'.

They looked at him one more time before resuming their conversation; Kogoro had long since passed out from beer.

"Jeez, why're you so touchy about your weight?" Heiji whispered annoyed.

"No One likes to be called fat! I'm not the only one!" he seethed before calming down but not without a reprimanded poke at Heiji with his chopsticks.

"And don't you forget it!" he warned in a tone that clearly said if Heiji made a joke again about him getting fat, he would never see daylight again.

They all began eating quietly and Heiji wondering if Conan was right about not just girls but guys get insulted if you call them fat.

"Ne, Ojiisan" Heiji called to the knocked out man who stirred and got up wearily.

"Have you exercised lately 'cause you look a LITTLE round" Heiji grinned in a cheeky voice and Ran tensed because she knew what her father was like.

It took two seconds for the comment to register and Kogoro's turned strawberry in less than 30 seconds.

"BAKA! I'M NOT FAT! I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW I'M IN PERFECT PHYSICAL HEALTH!" Kogoro yelled in his face looking as if he was trying to restrain from killing Heiji. Heiji was very frightened at the reaction and had to calm his heart as Kogoro took pity at his fearful face and leant back but not without a hard glare at him.

"Shinichi was right" Heiji thought grimly.

They ate their meal in silence. Later on they all exchanged farewells; Heiji and Kazuha were on their way back to Osaka.

Next week on Tuesday:

Conan had found a little bit of difficultly mainly because he felt like he was a wondering shadow until either Ai or the detective boys dragged him back to earth and he eventually stayed there.

"So Ai-chan, Conan-kun; are you two going home or are you going to the arcade with us?" Ayumi offered.

"I'm in no rush, all I've got to do at home is pack up all my clothes" Ai shrugged.

"Why are you doing that?" Conan asked in confusion.

"Hakase was released from hospital yesterday; he made me promise not to tell you immediately. Sorry Edogawa-kun but I don't fancy living under the same roof as you and have murders practically drop onto my lap like they do you" she turned her head away coldly but Conan wasn't paying attention to that bit.

"Hakase is back!" Conan screeched in disbelief; she stumbled back mumbling a quick 'yes'.

Conan then jetted off away from the school gates while Ai and the others headed to the arcade. He ran down the path to his house and came to the professors. He bolted inside not even bothering to knock as he opened the door and nearly forgot to remove his shoes.

He came into the living room and started calling out for the professor.

"Hakase! Hakase!" he called out.

At first there was no answer and he was sorely disappointed but then he heard his voice.

"Is that you Shinichi?" Agasa asked in his old cheery voice that sounded like music to Conan.

Conan turned to face the stairs as Agasa came down in his usual lab coat.

"I wasn't expecting you Shinichi, what brings you here?" Agasa asked cheerfully.

Conan's face turned into a mixture of annoyance and sadness "Why didn't you tell me that you had been home for a while now?" he asked Agasa almost hurt.

Agasa laughed and rubbed the back of his head while he closed his eyes.

"I'd heard about the ordeal you'd been through and I didn't want you to worry about me so-!" Agasa was cut off when Conan had made a dash forwards and leapt up wrapping his arms around Agasa's neck hugging him hard as he stumbled back confused by Conan's actions but he explained them soon enough.

"You idiot, of course I was worried! You're the reason why my mind got rid of nearly all of my memories! You're like family to me! Why would you even think that I wouldn't worry?" he sobbed loudly as he cried over Agasa's shoulder with tears spilling down his cheeks.

Agasa was a little astonished but he soon smiled and hugged Conan's small frame back rubbing circles on Conan's back to calm him. Never before had Agasa seen Conan cry so openly, not even during his first childhood.

Agasa separated slightly from the hug and Conan little broken sobs as he pulled back "Shhh Shinichi, it's all right now, we're both back that's all that matters" Agasa told him softly as he wiped the tears away from Conan's eyes. Conan gave a small smile through his tears and hugged Agasa again.

Conan felt warm, like he was whole again. Agasa was taken out of his life temporarily and he crumbled because Agasa is that important to him.

Half an hour later:

Conan and Agasa were sitting down with Conan telling Agasa all that he missed while he was in a Coma.

"So it was thanks to Hattori-kun that you were freed from that man. You really are lucky to have a friend like him" Agasa smiled sipping his drink.

"Yeah, I know… However annoying and hot-headed he may be" Conan smiled taking a swig of his hot chocolate. Agasa hadn't stocked up on Coffee yet, but hot chocolate was nice all the same.

"You two seem to be enjoying yourselves" Ai's cold voice rang out making the two jump out of their skins.

"Ai-kun, you've got all your things back" Agasa smiled at her.

"Yeah, there wasn't much but the detective boys held me up for a bit" Ai shrugged heading to the kitchen to make herself some hot chocolate.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me. I need to go and buy some food, I'll be back in a bit" Agasa grabbed his coat and wallet and left.

Ai and Conan were alone; Ai just calmly walked to the couch opposite of Conan and sat down starting to read her magazine. Conan was obviously uncomfortable with the silence as was Ai but wasn't doing the best job of masking it as she was.

"Is there something wrong with your seat or do you have something down your trousers? Your dance isn't very entertaining you know" Ai blankly pointed out turning a page over.

"Ha, Ha" Conan sarcastically saying them two words giving her his infamous flat-eyed stare.

They stayed another minute in silence before Conan decided to break it this time.

"I liked the flowers you got me in hospital, they were nice thanks" Conan awkwardly told her.

"It was nothing, I just got them because I thought you lost your innocence younger than you needed to and when you had Amnesia you were very 'Sweet' and 'Lovely'" Ai indifferently replied 'I was trying to show my 'pure love' and 'faithfulness' to you. But I guess you didn't catch either of them meanings' she thought sadly.

"Sorry about giving you so much trouble these past few weeks" Conan sheepishly apologised and Ai lifted up her head to gaze surprisingly at Conan's bowed head. Her mouth quirked into a smile and she began laughing softly making Conan lift his head to stare strangely at her.

"Baka… It was no trouble at all. After all what other time can I see you look like a complete fool?" she joked putting down her magazine.

"Yeah, well I suppose our relationship goes back to where it was before I got Amnesia" Conan responded picking up his mug and going to the kitchen to put it in the sink.

"What do you mean?" Ai asked genuinely confused as she stared at Conan.

"We only called each other by our first names because I truly believed I was a child at the time and you were trying to make me feel good" Conan informed her as he grabbed a bowl and filled it with peanuts.

"Oh" Ai replied before she lowered her head so her fringe shadowed her eyes. Conan noticed this as he walked back to his seat in the sofa.

"Hey what's wrong Haibara?" Conan asked concerned.

"Do you… Do you think you could… address me as 'Ai' from now on?" she asked shyly.

"Why do you ask?" he questioned gently though rather befuddled.

"Well, I liked it when you called me 'Ai-chan'. It felt like we were actually proper friends. I actually feel like we're best friends, like you used to be with Mouri-chan before you were aware of each other's feelings. And besides Ayumi and Hakase I've never allowed anyone to get close to me, because of my sister's death… It's alright if you don't want to Kudo-kun; forget I asked if you feel that way." Ai quickly added turning away in embarrassment.

Conan placed his bowl of peanuts on the little side table beside his couch and placed his hand on his chin in mock thought like he was seriously considering it.

"Well… I might do it if you do one thing for me" he smirked at her and Ai tensed a little.

"What is that?" she questioned defensively. Conan beamed at her quite happily grasping both hands together behind his back in hope she'll accept.

"If you address me as either 'Conan' or 'Shinichi' depending whether or not we're with the others" he winked at her. Ai was stunned by his reply as she stared up at his grinning face.

Conan was startled to find Ai hugging him suddenly.

"Thank you Shinichi" she whispered truly grateful and Conan smiled hugging her back. They remained like that until they decided to pull apart.

"Oh yeah, there was this one thing I wanted to ask you Shinichi?" Ai asked.

"What's that Ai?" Conan was puzzled over what she would want to talk about.

"How could you sing in that Karaoke bar? You've always been terrible at singing" Ai queried.

"That's- I don't know!" Conan laughed panicking and Ai could immediately see through it.

"Tell me the truth Shinichi" Ai demanded glaring at him but Conan remained mute only finding the ground interesting right now.

"Fine!" Ai huffed angered by his mute silence on the subject marching past him fully intending on storming to her room until she heard lyrics fill the room and she turned to find the other occupant singing them with his eyes closed.

Tsutaetakute todoketakute,
Ano hi no kimi he,
Itsuno hi kano,

Sayonara saemo mune ni shimatte.

(Wanting to convey to, and wanting to reach
The you on that day,
I even have that
Goodbye from that day in my heart)

Ai watched him as he sang each note perfectly in tune to the unplaying music that they both knew very well.

"When I was younger… A little before I really started hanging out with Ran a lot." He began.

"Kaa-san realised my singing potential and signed me up for singing lessons. I grew very good rapidly, and very soon I was able to attend competitions but my teacher Kimura-sensei wanted me to keep relaying the basic scale for a while. At the time he always looked at me with a look that I now know was jealousy." Conan seemed almost seemed scared to tell her the next bit, it was clear it had been bottled up for a very long time.

Conan took a deep breath and continued "He kept singing basic scales that I replicated perfectly and I could see the look of incest of his face for a brief second before replacing it with a smile. Of course me being a child of no more than 4 at the time I just smiled and said how much of a good singer he was… Eventually my parents questioned him on whether I was ready to try tougher challenges like competitions. He didn't want to appear bad, especially under Tou-san's gaze I suppose…" he grinned imagining his father's detective eyes over his old teacher, if he took a while to crack under that gaze his teacher would've spilled without so much as a glance.

"So then I attended my first children's singing competition. Obviously I was nervous so me being very childish at the time wanted reassurance from my teacher, he barely looked at me as he told me that I'd do fine before walking off. Before it was time for me to go on the stage, I was very nervous and unwilling to go at first… But Kaa-san and Tou-san assured me that they would be right behind me and I could leave if I wanted to. As you can imagine I went ahead… And I banished all other thoughts and just sung to the best of my ability." Conan shrugged.

"Then halfway through, the lights suddenly switched off and the whole stage was Pitch black and everyone started panicking. I was so confused at the time, suddenly there was a figure approaching me wielding a knife. I was really scared and suddenly at the last minute when the man was about to stab me Tou-san jumped in the way of the knife and took the assault for me… Then the lights turned on and the man immediately covered his face with the black hood he was wearing… but I saw him… It was Kimura-sensei" Conan clenched his fists tightly which Ai noticed.

"I went to my injured father who was rapidly losing blood at the time. I began to go into shock at the events happening Kaa-san tried to both comfort me and make sure Tou-san was alright. According to Kaa-san when the paramedics had arrived I was so deep in shock that they had to give me anaesthetic… The next I woke Kaa-san was beside me, she tearfully told me that Tou-san was fine since they'd give him a blood transfusion in time… I told her I saw Kimura-sensei do it, and then I wailed, cried and begged to know why he did it. I was clinging onto her despite her state of mild shock before she started calming me telling me that 'some people in the have had their minds messed with by the devil but that it wasn't entirely their fault'" Conan was struggling with this bit the most as his shoulders were hunched and he was shaking. Ai put a gentle hand on his shoulder and he looked up at her; she smiled softly nodding her head for him to continue.

"I obviously believed her, and as soon as Tou-san got better and I gave my statement to the police life went as before. But my personality had changed I vowed that I wasn't going to be naïve again, that I wouldn't freeze before danger again I wouldn't let my friends or family get hurt if I could help it… And I also quit singing to get rid of unwanted memories so I always pretended I was tone-deaf successfully fooling my classmates." Conan continued on adamant that Ai was going to know the full truth.

"Years later when I was about 5 or 6 I decided to ask my dad why Kimura-sensei did it… Tou-san told me that he was schizophrenic and that he was really jealous of my singing ability especially since everyone at the time boasting about how I was prodigy that exceeded him and all that; Combined with the fact that he hadn't taken his medication as often as he should have. I looked up what a schizophrenic was and understood why they didn't tell me at the time…" Conan looked at Ai with a small sad smile.

"Well, now you know. It may seem a little stupid but in a way it kind of shaped who I am as a person today. Like you being trained by the Black Organisation from a child to nearly always mask your emotions, but it also enabled you to appreciate small things nature offers that we all take for granted" Conan finished laughing a little.

"Shinichi…" Ai trailed not knowing what to say.

Conan then started laughing out loud.

"Let's stray away from this depressing topic. Bottom line I'm not gonna sing my best while with everyone else and you are not to tell this story to anyone else. I'm only telling you because you are my best friend, not even Ran knows this. And I intend to keep it that way" he warned Ai.

"Don't worry, it just means I can make fun of you and you can't do a thing about it then say something like 'Ojiisan can sing better than you while drunk'" Ai smirked.

They both shared a little giggle at the image; Conan began to think idly of his parents. He hadn't seen them in the past few days only briefly at the hospital when they returned.

"I'm back!" Agasa's voice rang out snapping the two friends out of their fantasy.

Agasa came in with a bag full of shopping.

"What's going on?" he questioned as he saw Ai and Conan standing in the middle of the room.

"Oh nothing, we were just discussing about where our friendship lay and decided to call each other on a first name basis" Ai told him coolly as if it was no big deal and walked back to her seat to continue reading her magazine ignoring Agasa's clearly gaping face.

"Oh, by the way Hakase, Where are my parents? Because I didn't see my house lights on when I passed it earlier" Conan wondered.

"Oh, they're leaving to go back to America now. They didn't want to complicate things further for you with Ran-kun and her family" Agasa smiled pleasantly.

"I see…" Conan bowed his head in thought before smiling and dashing towards the door grabbing his skateboard.

"Where are you going Shinichi?" Agasa called.

"I've got something to take care of" he answered cryptically.

"But you've got to go back to Ran-kun's home soon" Agasa's cry reached deaf ears as they were already out of range and out of the door.

"Leave him; it's something he has to do. It's not a mystery what it is" Ai smiled proudly 'that's right Shinichi, be appreciative of what you do have. Don't wait until you lose it all'.

At Tokyo Airport with Yukiko and Yuusaku:

"Are you sure we shouldn't say goodbye to Shin-chan?" Yukiko questioned her husband worriedly.

"We don't want to make things more complicated for him. Besides, I'm sure he doesn't want his parents to embarrass him even more. We'll give him a call when we arrive in LA" Yuusaku explained rationally waiting in to be called to their gate.

"Everyone who is leaving for LA please be at gate 16C in the next half hour" a voice announced over the speakers.

"That's our flight" Yuusaku said picking up his hand luggage and walking towards the gate, Yukiko reluctantly did the same but not before taking one last glance at the entrance wishing to see Shinichi one last time before they left. She sighed then turned around fully intent on following Yuusaku.

"Kaa-san!" she heard a young voice call their mother and she recognised it. She and Yuusaku looked around for the owner of the voice.

"Kaa-san! Tou-san!" it cried again and they pinpointed Conan running through the crowds towards them.

When he got to them he was clearly out of breath so he had to brace his hands on his knees as he briefly panted for breath. When he caught his breath back he stood up straight and allowed a small scowl to cross his features.

"What's up with not even saying goodbye?" he demanded.

"Well, we didn't want to complicate things further for you" Yuusaku informed his annoyed son.

"Yes, I appreciate that but…" Conan closed his eyes calming himself before opening them to give his parents a flat stern stare.

"You do realise you could've scribbled me a note or sent me text didn't you?" he questioned. Both parents blinked before getting sheepish expressions and laughing nervously while looking at each other.

Suddenly both Kudo parents felt a small arm curl around both of their necks and pull them closer to the small boy hugging both of them in the middle.

"It's alright, I still would've been upset without a proper goodbye face-to-face" Conan softly told them but wouldn't let go.

The parents smiled each used one arm both to hug and steady the child clinging to both of them.

"I know I don't say this a lot of the time, but I love you guys. You know that right?" he confessed his voice turning soft and serene.

"Yeah, we do Shin-chan" Yukiko answered rubbing his back.

Conan leaned back knowing full well that they were supporting him both right now and would always support him. He let a mildly threatening face as he glared slightly at his parents.

"Don't you dare tell anyone I said that! Especially you Kaa-san! I know what you're like. If anyone of you do tell and I find out I'll never speak or contact with you again. Normally I'd threaten to murder you but you and I both know I'm incapable to do that and you're my parents" Conan commented off-handed they all shared a laugh at the murder joke knowing he didn't really mean it.

"All passengers on flight to LA please arrive in gate 16C within the next 20 minutes" the speakers announced catching the attention of the Kudo family.

"Seems you have to go" Conan beamed at them both.

Conan shifted his weight to throw both arms around his father who hugged him back while Yukiko let him go but remained close.

"Solve lots of cases Shinichi and one day, you may beat your old dad one day yet" Yuusaku challenged his son knowing he would take it.

"Of course, I will definitely beat you!" Conan confronted his challenged with a smirk meeting his eyes with a bond that only father and son could have. Conan then moved out of his father's grip and shifted to land in his mother's arms.

He hugged her all the same as his father but perhaps a little tighter, he inhaled the scent of her hair which he always loved to do as a child thinking she was and still is his motherly angel.

"Take care of yourself, Shin-chan" Yukiko whispered savouring every moment of this rare willing hug from Conan.

"You too Kaa-san, I may just miss you a little more than Tou-san" Conan admitted as they leaned back a little Sapphire locking onto Sapphire.

"Oh why's that?" Yukiko's sweet voice giggled that sounded like bells tinkling to Conan.

"Well besides Ran, you keep me in line when I get so caught up that I step over it" Conan grinned at her and she laughed before placing him back on the ground.

They all waved goodbye and Conan watched as his parents disappeared into Airport security. He smiled closing his eyes as happy memories briefly took hold; he walked back to the security area and recovered his skateboard.

He walked out of the spinning door and looked back one last time before a smiling broadly 'Good luck Kaa-san, Tou-san… No matter how I act. I'll always love you two' he thought happily although he knew he would never say anything of the sort out in public… Well for now anyway.

He hopped onto his skateboard and sped off home, he was aware that Ran would probably give him a severe scolding but he didn't mind. He was just happy that everything turned out alright; he relayed how lucky he was as he rode into the setting sun.













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