Title: The Gloat's On You

Author: S J Smith

Rating: Gen

Disclaimer: USA and a lot of other people own this series, not me.

Summary: Mary's gloating, Marshall's annoyed, Eleanor hasn't a clue what's going on.


"I need you to get the 'I told you so's' out of your system now, Mar."

She gave Marshall one of her wide, gloating smiles. "Oh, no, I want to savor this. I told you so." Mary did a little dance in her chair. "I told you so!"

Eleanor watched the pair of them for a few seconds more before turning to Stan. "Can you explain this?" She gestured at Mary, now on her feet, boogieing her way to Marshall's desk.

Pillowing his chin in his hand, Stan watched as Marshall curled his lip at Mary's antics. She pranced around Marshall's desk like she'd scored a winning touchdown. "No," Stan said, leaning back in his chair. "But if you'd like, I can show you where to find the tutorial of dealing with Mary Shannon and Marshall Mann."

Eleanor tilted her head to one side as Mary spun around, pointing at Marshall. "You owe me lunch at the Alhambra! That was the bet, wasn't it?" she asked.

Marshall let out a long-suffering sigh. "That was the bet. And I will take you to lunch at the Alhambra, as long as you don't order something like a taco salad."

"Oh, no." Mary grinned maliciously. "If you're paying? I'm ordering the cabanero steak. In fact, it's nearly lunch now. Coming?" She waved broadly at Stan and Eleanor. "Marshall's taking me to lunch to celebrate me winning the bet."

Stan wagged his hand back as Marshall rolled his eyes, getting up from his desk and pushing his chair back under it. "See you, Stan, bye, Eleanor. I'll get Little Miss Gloater out of your hair for a little while."

As the door clanged shut behind the bickering pair, Eleanor turned back to Stan. "A tutorial. Yes. I think I'd like that, very much."