I knew today was gonna be a bad day when I woke up in a car full of people I didn't know, and had no clue who I was. The girl next to me was belting out the lyrics to some song that was playing, and on my other side, and boy was staring out the window, looking like he was trying to deny she was a good singer.

"Come on, Percy! Sing along!" she said, laughing. Percy. That must be my name, I thought.

"But I don't know this song," I said, still dazed.

"You did a minute ago. And you were singing, like, two seconds ago," she said.

"No, and who are you? I've never meet you before in my life," I said.

"Percy, we've been friends for a year now. You, me, and Josh over there," she said.

"Yeah, us three musketeers. Sarah, Josh, Percy. Baddest group of dyslexic, ADD kids at James Polk High," the boy said.

"But I don't know you two," I said again. I was still majorly lost, and looked out the window. "Where are we going?"

"You're going to Death Valley, honey," the parent up front said.

"Why?" I asked. The other parent, the one not driving, turned around to face me.

"So we can let you hyper active children to exhaust yourselves running around on the sand dunes," he said, his voice gruff.

"Okay?" I said, sounding unsure. I leaned back against the chair, trying to soak in this new information. I felt a little twitchy, maybe because, according to Sarah and Josh, I was ADD. I must have spaced on the next space of time, because the next thing I knew, Sarah and Josh were pushing me out of the car into the whipping wind.

"What are our teachers' names?" I asked.

"Mr. Freinze and Mrs. Dodds. Geez, what's wrong with you, Percy? Did you hit your head in the car?" Sarah said, a light care free smile on her face.

"Maybe," I muttered, my hair whipping in my face. I looked back over my shoulder, and Mrs. Dodds was frowning at me, like she was trying to figure out who I was, and then how best to cook me for dinner. Mr. Freinze looked exhausted, like he was thinking another field trip?

"Alright, dears. Gather around," Mrs. Dodds called. Sarah, Josh and I stood at the back, and Josh frowned at Mr. Freinze, who frowned right back. Mrs. Dodds gave some meaningless instructions no one paid any attention to. She stopped talking and everyone but Sarah, Josh and I ran for the dunes.

"I have a bad feeling," Josh said.

"Join the club," I muttered. I stuck my hand in my pocket, and found a pen. I pulled it out and studied it. It was a ball point pen, one of the ones you can buy at a Staples for fifty cents.

"Nice pen, Jackson," a kid called. Hm, maybe that was my last name, Jackson. Percy Jackson. Made as much sense as Dunham would.

"Come on, Percy! Let's go!" Sarah laughed, pulling my hand, leading me towards the dunes. Josh tagged along behind us, watching Mrs. Dodds and Mr. Freinze with displeasure and worry.

We spent two hours on the dunes before everyone else ran down for lunch, but the three of us stayed on the top of one. Mr. Freinze wobbled up to us, and Josh let out a huff of air.

"Alright, let's go, Josh," he said. "You too, Sarah." He sniffed the air, "And I guess your new friend too." He grabbed mine and Josh's arms, and began to lead us away from the group.

"Where are we going?" Sarah asked, her voice a little frantic.

"Back to camp," Josh said glumly.

"Hush! It doesn't help that you already know who you are, but she seems to know who your friend is, too," Mr. Freinze snapped.

"She who?" Sarah asked.

"Mrs. Dodds, right?" I asked.

"Right," a crackly voice said from behind us. We whipped around and saw a withered old hag with massive leathery wings hovering in the air. Josh pulled out a short sword with a blade of intertwined black and gold metals, and Mr. Freinze produced a club.

I reached into my pocket, searching for a weapon. All I came out with was the pen. On a whim, I uncapped it. The hag's eyes slimmed down the moment I pulled out the pen. My eyes grew the second I uncapped it. It grew to a full length bronze sword, with an inscription on the hilt. Anaklusmos.

The hag let loose a screech, and dived towards me. I swung my sword around in a perfect arch, running it through her. To my surprise, she turned to a yellow dust, and blew away in the wind. The only evidence that she was ever here was the dying echo of a screech in the air.

"What was that?" Sarah whispered, her eyes wide.

"Fury," I said, panting.

"Furiae are their Roman names," Josh said. "Let me see your sword. What is it made of?" he asked, studying the blade.

"Some sort of bronze. But I don't even know who my mom and dad are, don't expect me to know specifics," I said.

"Well, before you get attacked by anymore monsters, let's get you back to camp," Mr. Freinze said.

"Where's camp?" Sarah asked.

"Six miles south east from San Francisco. It is gonna be strange bringing in two new campers that are older than two," Mr. Freinze said.

"What?" I asked.

"We'll have other campers explain the way the camp works. Perhaps Reyna," Josh said.

"You've been to this camp?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah, and I ran away. They're so uptight there," he said.

"What's it called?" i asked.

"Legions camp. The camp for demigods," Mr. Freinze said. He opened up a door in the middle of the air, and beckoned us forward.

"Demigods?" Sarah asked. "What are demigods?"

"They are children of the gods and mortals. Like Hercules or Perseus," I explained. Then I paused, how did I know this stuff?

"Correct. Now come before more monsters come," Mr. Freinze said, beckoning us forward. We stepped through the magical doorway, and into a forest. A forest with an abandoned house. An abandoned house filled with wolves.

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