It was an average day on Mt. Justice. There was Megan cooking, Conner staring down the TV (it was winning), Kaldur reading, Robin hacking something, and Artemis and Wally arguing.

"Cookies are ready," Megan called, floating out of the kitchen with the tray," and I only burned them a little this time!"

"Wow. They look amazing, but not as amazing as you," Wally said, breaking off his argument with Artemis to run over and grab one. He took a bite of the cookie and let out a moan.

"These are so good!" he said, throwing about 4 more in his mouth at once. "I think I'm in love."

Artemis, ticked at being left in the middle of an argument, sneered," Stop making out with it. Just get a room and have all the fun in the world with your cookie!"

"Ohh, ouch. That really hurts. And are you jealous of a cookie?" smirked Wally, picking up his 5th cookie. Instead of swallowing it whole, he rolled his tongue over it. He then closed his lips over it and sucked a little, all the time moaning, "Mhhh. Just like that. Oh, you taste so good I could eat you."

Conner and Megan looked confused. Kaldur pinched the bridge of his nose, not wanting to explain it them. Artemis shot him a look that conveyed her deepest disgust for him. Robin looked up to Wally now nibbling on the side softly, before he bit into it. Robin turned a color to rival the one of his uniform. Wally, finally done, looked up to see Robin looking at him in stunned silence with a bright red face.

"What? Do I have something on my face?" Wally asked, feeling his face for something. Robin quickly shut his mouth and shook his head. He ducked down behind his computer, cheeks still burning.

"Are you all done now?" asked a dark voice dryly from a darkened corner. The reaction was immediate. Megan dropped the cookie tray, Superboy and Kaldur jumped up ready to fight, and Artemis and Wally both let out a startled yelp. Robin just looked up.

"Yes?" he asked while his team caught their breath. Wally collapsed on the couch.

"I saw my life flash before my eyes," he groaned, laying a hand on his accelerated heartbeat. Robin shot him a look.

"What?" he asked. Then he noticed Batman, Flash, and Superman looking at him. Flash and Superman looked amused, but Batman looked annoyed. He quickly edged closed to Robin. He knew Batman wouldn't attack him this close to boy wonder. At least he hoped…

"Are you done?" questioned Batman, glaring at Wally, who gulped and shrank into Robin's side. Said boy turned red again. Before anyone could comment, Flash broke in.

"You guys have a mission!" he said cheerfully, everyone's attention coming to him off Wally and Robin.

"What kind of mission?" Megan asked, hovering closer.

"A really important one", Superman broke in," More important than any other one you've ever been on."

The teens started to get nervous, especially when Batman added," You all may never be the same."

"Is it dangerous?" Conner asked, looking at Superman, who looked away quickly and leaving Batman to answer the question.

"It maybe be so," he said with a suspiciously blank voice. "If you accept, you must carry it through to the very end. Are you willing to take the risk?"

After a moment of hesitation, Kaldur replied, "We accept this mission."

Flash's and Superman's face quickly broke into a grin. Batman just smirked.

"Well, we warned you," he called over his shoulder as he and the other JL members left. The teens looked at each other, feeling a little scared.

"No- freaking-way," Kid Flash said. The others nodded mutely. Before them stood Flash, Batman, and Superman, all smirking.

"Yes way," Flash informed him back, looking like he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

"You accepted this mission," reminded Superman.

"Yeah, but-"started Artemis.

"And you WILL do it," Batman said, shutting them all up. "Your mission is to sing for the teenagers in the hospital. And you are going to do all night if you have to."

"Hey, if it makes you feel better, Spee- Red Arrow has to do it too," supplied Green Arrow, getting out of the car with a scowling Red Arrow. At least scowling until Robin took a running leap at him. He opened his arms in time to catch him.

"Speedy!" he said happily, burrowing his face into into Red Arrows shoulder. Red Arrow sighed, but wrapped his arms around Robin tightly, putting his face into Robin's soft hair.

"I missed you," whispered Robin softly. Red Arrow could feel his heartbreak at that sad little voice. He would never take along mission again like the 6 month one he had just gotten off of, if he had to listen to that voice again.

"I missed you too," Red Arrow whispered back. Superman looked shocked. Green Arrow and Batman looked like this happened all the time. Artemis, Superboy, Aqualad, and Miss Martian looked stunned at the normally reserved Robin and outright hostile Red Arrow showing emotion like this, and Flash was surprised that Wally wasn't hugging with the two. The 3 were pretty inseparable. Kid Flash was staring at the two. He felt something stir within him as he looked at Robin hugging Red Arrow tightly. Why was Robin hugging him like that in public? It was indecent. He ignored the fact that he been a second away from doing the same thing. He quickly shook himself off and bounded at the two guys. He landed next to them and pouted.

"Are you two going to let me in?" he asked, still pouting slightly. Red Arrow smiled slightly and opened his other arm. KF leaned in, feeling better when Robin also closed his other arm around him. The three stood like that for a minute before Batman cleared his throat significantly. Red Arrow put down Robin and let go of KF.

"Ready?" Aqualad to the other teens. They nodded and turned to the stage that was set up.

"Aqualad, all the teens put in songs they want to hear. You're in charge of assigning the songs to everyone. Please let the boys sing guy parts and the same for the girl. But Robin can sing both girl and boy parts," Batman said.

"WHAT! I'm not singing girl songs!" Robin said automatically. Batman gave him a look that clearly said yes you are. Robin groaned and leaned against Red Arrow, who gave him a sympathetic look.

"Why are you even doing this?" asked Kid Flash as they headed to the stage. Red Arrow grimaced.

"Blackmail. Remember the time we beat up a guy hitting on Robin? Well, Ollie found out. And he threatened to tell Batman, who in turn would yell at us, kill us for not protecting Robin well enough, then go kill the guy, who happens to be my roommate. So we're saving a life today," Red Arrow said darkly.

Wally snorted. "Come on there won't be that many teens who are going to come…."

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