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Here is the sequel to After the Storm. It would make more sense to read that first, obviously, and before you do that, watch the Mortis trilogy of Star Wars the Clone wars. There. Now you will get what this fic is about. Enjoy!

He lived constantly in a war zone. Where blasterfire streaked repeatedly past your head and the enemy was always coming up with a new way to kill you. He had learned to expect anything.

But the last thing Anakin Skywalker was expecting at that moment was to find himself flying across the room at a speed approaching terminal velocity.

Anakin saw stars as his head made contact with the wall and he lay stunned on the ground for a moment. He got slowly to his feet and glared at his apprentice, who's eyes were dancing with laughter and triumph.

"Finally!" Ahsoka grinned. She deactivated her lightsabers and smirked at him.

"No fair," Anakin protested. "I said no Force use for this round!"

Ahsoka shook her head. "Master, do you really think the Sith are going to listen to your rules? In a battle with the Sith, anything goes. You have to be prepared for anything."

"Well, I'm not a Sith," Anakin grumbled. But, as much as he hated to admit it, Ahsoka was right.

"If I may say so, Jedi Anakin," said the droid at Ahsoka's side, "You may have been a trace overconfident."

Anakin scowled at the droid. "Do you like your head?" he asked evenly.

"Do I have a reason not to?" 448 replied.

Anakin decided not to answer that. "Keep talking and I might be tempted to cut it off."


Anakin faced Ahsoka. "Remind me why we need him."

Ahsoka folded her arms. "Because he can be trusted, he is a good spy, and the Council says we could keep him around."

"The Council doesn't know most of what we do lately," Anakin reminded her. "I'm not even supposed to be training you right now."

Ahsoka looked around at the abandoned storage room in the lower levels of the Temple that they were using as a training room. "I don't understand why the Council won't let me train to strengthen my Force connection," she said. The Daughter gave me that power for a reason, yet the Council forbids me from using it."

Anakin's mind flashed back to that day...

Anakin could feel the Council's stares on him and Ahsoka.

Yoda nodded. "Stronger, you are, Padawan. A good thing, this may not be."

Ahsoka looked at the old Jedi Master quizzically. "What do you mean, Master?"

"A target, you will become for the Sith, if use this power, you do." Yoda said. "Too young for this, you are."

Anakin stared at the Master in surprise. "Master Yoda, with all due respect, the Sith do know of Ahsoka's power. Do you really think they will just forget about her if she stops using it? She should be trained to a higher level so she is ready when they attack again."

Mace Windu shook his head. "Padawan Tano is not ready for this. Perhaps when she is older."

"If she isn't trained, she may not live to get older," Anakin argued.

But the Council was firm.

"Final, our decision is, Skywalker," Yoda said.

Anakin and Ahsoka bowed and left the Council Chambers.

"I'm going to train you myself," Anakin said when they were far enough away from the Council Chambers.

Ahsoka looked up in surprise. "What?"

"I'm serious," Anakin said. "The Sith will try to get you again, Ahsoka, I'm sure of it. I intend to make sure you are ready."

A small smile appeared on Ahsoka's face. "I should have known that the second we were out of there you would completely disregard everything they said."

Now, nearly a month later, Anakin had to admit that they hadn't made much progress. He had been training her between missions, but he hadn't seen anything close to what he'd witnessed from Ahsoka on Serenno and they were both getting frustrated.


Anakin glanced down at Ahsoka.

"Artoo just said someone is coming. We should get out of here."

Anakin nodded. He and Ahsoka quickly straightened up the storage room and stepped out into the corridor where R2-D2 was standing watch. After a few seconds, Anakin could hear a set of footsteps rapidly approaching. This part of the Temple was hardly ever used, but Healers came down occasionally for medical supplies from the many storage rooms.

"Run," he hissed to Ahsoka. It would look suspicious if two droids, one a battle droid and two Jedi were found in a little used part of the Temple, and it seemed the Council never ran out of things to accuse Anakin of.

The Jedi ran for the lift tube at the end of the corridor, the droids trailing behind. Anakin winced at the sound of metal against metal as 448 clanged along behind them. He used the Force to levitate the droid and set him down in the lift tube.

Both Jedi breathed a sigh of relief as the lift tube carried them up and away from their secret.

"That was way too close," Ahsoka stated.

"This isn't working, Snips," Anakin said. "Either we are going to have to do this away from the Temple, or stop altogether."

The Padawan frowned. "Won't they be more suspicious if we leave the Temple every night?"

"Not necessarily," Anakin said. "I used to leave the Temple all the time to go to the Coruscant underground and search for droid parts..."

To late, he realized his mistake. Ahsoka's eyes lit up.

"Really?" she asked. "What was it like?"

"Forget I ever said anything," Anakin replied. The lift tube stopped and he stepped out. He turned back to Ahsoka. "If I ever catch you doing anything like that, I'll leave you at the Temple for a month."

Ahsoka rolled her eyes. "Relax, Master. I have no desire to end my life early. I've heard what's down there at night."

"I'll find somewhere to train you," Anakin said, bringing them back to more pressing matters. "In the meantime, why don't you get some rest? You've earned it."

His words earned a scowl from his Padawan, but she nodded and left.

Anakin looked out the window at the glittering lights of Coruscant.

Why isn't Ahsoka progressing? I know she can do better. He had seen it. Was he somehow holding her back? Ahsoka had said herself that she didn't know what was wrong. He just knew that there was no way she was going be able to face Dooku again with her skills as they were. He needed to train her better.

Her life depended on it.

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