Chapter 1

"But he's not a big star is he?"

"What I wouldn't give to find out..."

"Tony!" Tony found this exclamation odd; Henry had never had a problem with innuendo before. "First time for everything," Tony muttered.

"What?" Henry cocked his head slightly, confused.

"Never mind. What I meant was-" The Darkest Night theme tune echoed around Tony's apartment, "I'll just be one second, wait here."

Tony walked into his bedroom, and Henry, slightly entranced by a heart beating in time to the ringtone, ignored Tony and followed him in. He cursed inwardly, he would have to feed that night if he didn't want to jump Tony in his bed (he did), bleed him so weak Tony would be plagued all day by the mark (his mark) and screw him so hard everyone would realise his claim on Tony. "Especially that Lee Nicholas," snarled Henry under his breath.

Henry looked up at the sudden acceleration of heartbeat. A "Lee? Hi," from Tony caused Henry's reserve to give in and he was snarling down the phone before he knew it. The shock was when Tony moved to grab it back, ending up with a grossly unfair game of tug and war, with Henry moving so fast Tony was only able to slam his fist against Henry's-

Henry gasped and dropped the phone. Tony snatched it up again and continued talking.

"Yeah, sorry, still here." A voice Henry couldn't hear just yet, he was still in pain. Some things, immortality didn't make any less painful.

"I'm fine just dropped my phone." Henry could almost hear the shaky reply... "Yeah, see you at ten." Henry attuned his ears to the other end of the phone and made out, "And don't forget to bring condoms".