Chapter 2

Henry arched an eyebrow, trying to fight the urge to scream "MINE" and throw the phone away. Tony blushed, but with no trace of his previous nervousness, said calmly, "Lee wants me go to this modelling thing, in," Tony glanced at his clock, "Thirty minutes-Damn! Bye Henry, I really hope the buses are-" Tony made to run out of door when Henry stepped out in front of him and grabbed him.

"Henry," Tony breathed. Tony's weight was on Henry, his suggestion of an erection pressed fully against Henry's full one.

"Henry. Henry! Get off!" Tony pushed Henry back with a shove and looked at him incredulously. "What the fuck Henry?"

Henry didn't look remotely chastised; he just stood there with all the nerve of a centuries old vampire. "What?"

Tony glared at the vampire. "This!" He reached down and grabbed at the front of Henry's jeans.

Henry stifled a gasp and then decided on a route of action. He pushed against Tony's hand, and then rippled forward, his chest touching Tony's and his mouth close, so they were only a few seconds away from a kiss. With no movement from Tony, Henry took it as his consent and claimed his lips in a brutal kiss.

Tony was pushing against him and making all the right noises, or at least Henry thought he was.

"Henry! Seriously I've got to get to work, you- just- STOP!" Henry stepped back a pace, and tilted his head to the side enquiringly.

Tony sighed and muttered, "I'm sure I'll be home before midnight," before he walked out the door, closing it with more of a snap than a slam.

Henry regarded the closed door for less than a second, and concluded he needed to feed from someone other than Tony that night.