Surprised to see me? So am I. I wasn't planning to do a second chapter for this story, I thought the 'Not so Different after All' story wasn't very good to begin with, I almost didn't post it. But I was surprised by how many reviews it got, and how popular it was. And the most interesting thing was that people wanted a sequel of sorts, where both Lucys did the same thing the Natsus had. It took me a while to think of a way to do this, but I think it's pretty bad since the Lucys aren't very in character. But I decided to give people what they asked for.

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More Different After All

"What are they doing?"

"They're just sitting in the car."

Lucy Heartfilia sighed as she turned from the window back to her look-alike. Lucy Ashley just shook her head at her. She wondered what she was thinking when she went along with the celestial mage's idea. Her fist tightened as realization of how useless their efforts were hit her. Heartfilia just turned back to the window where she had a clear view of, what looked like, the pink-haired twins.

"I told you it wouldn't work." The girl's keys clanked together as she dropped from the windowpane to the floor. She looked up to the tough Lucy with teary eyes.

"I'm sorry!" The dark-clothed girl just pulled Heartfilia from the ground to her feet with one hand. It might be in vain though, the Earth-land mage looked weak in the knees at the show of the other girl's strength.

"It doesn't matter. Let's just go and get them out of the mess you did." Edo-Lucy began walking to the door, when she stopped at an uncertain scream.

"H-hey! How is it my fault?" She gazed back coolly at her counterpart as the celestial mage had to keep from hiding at the intimidating stare.

"I do recall it was you who persuaded me to use the Back-Crack Bridge on your Natsu until he agreed to your little plan." Lucy Heartfilia paled at this. No matter how she tried to go around that fact, she really was the one to directly blame.

"We-well I thought since we get along so well, that they should too, or at least talk to each other. I've never seen them carry out a decent conversation!" The defensive girl quickly lost all her confidence as Edo-Lucy turned fully to her and gazed at her through squinted eyes. Heartfilia let out the breath she hadn't known she was holding when Ashley turned away now looking thoughtful.

"Well, if you think about it, they really can't talk to each other. Your Natsu is too afraid of cars most of the time; he won't even touch Dragion's. And Dragion is too much of a scaredy cat outside of his precious car to have the guts to talk with Dragneel. They just don't have enough in common." The celestial mage's shoulders drooped at this. 'I forgot all about that in my otherwise flawless plan.' She looked up at the expressionless face of her Edolas version.

"They just weren't lucky enough to have as much in common as us, huh?" Lucy Ashley nodded almost wisely at this.

"I mean we both hate Levy-"

"I-I don't hate Levy-chan" Ashley looked almost dead at this statement.

"REA-REALLY?" She backed away fearfully at Lucy Heartfilia's nod.

"Bu-but it's okay. We both still love writin-"

"Not in this or anyone else's lifetime." A tumbleweed passed by as the Earthland mage seemed out of words, almost out of life.

"EH?" She turned wide eyes to Ashley's closed ones.

"You heard me." The celestial mage sat on a nearby chair as she seemed to come to a realization. She put a hand to her head as if keeping her newfound information from leaving.

"We…we're totally different!" She looked more confused than ever.

"But if that's true how come we get along better than those two?" Lucy Heartfilia stopped her mini crisis as she heard hysterical laughing beside her. She saw that Lucy Ashley was now seated next to her and holding on to the table for dear life as she seemed to not be able to get enough air. The girl's laughing fit only paused as Lucy Heartfilia asked almost nervously what was so funny.

"It's probably cus those two are too weak to handle each other." Lucy Heartfilia abruptly stood up at his.

"O-oi! Natsu Dragneel is the most loyal and strongest guy you'll ever meet!" She became shocked as what she said sunk in. 'Did, did I just yell at me-I mean my Edolas version? And about Natsu of all things?' The Edolas mage looked even more stunned at this than the celestial mage. So far the Earthland mage had been too afraid to look her in the eye, much less shout at her.

"I-I didn't mean to offend you, I was only joking. And to be honest your Natsu is probably way stronger than Dragion." Heartfilia looked almost sad at her companion's statement.

"Yo-you know, I'm sure you would see him in a way different light if…if you gave him a chance."

"Your Natsu?" Lucy Heartfilia lost all her calm and melancholy mood.

"I MEANT YOUR NATSU!" The celestial mage screamed out like she usually did when someone misunderstood her, that usually being a certain Dragon slayer.

"Oh. Naw he'll be the same sensitive, cowardly guy he always is." Lucy Heartfilia sighed and slumped against the table.

"I guess you and Dragion will never get alon-" Ashley's eyes opened in shock. She grabbed the other, more unfortunate Lucy by her shirt.

"Don't you dare finish that sentence," the celestial mage looked puzzled at her statement, "me and Natsu get along just great!" Lucy Heartfilia's eyes got wide as she realized that Edolas Lucy had called Dragion by his first name.

"Lu-Lucy?" The blank look of rage in the girl's eyes melted back into its normal brown hue. Lucy Ashley fearfully let go of the pink shirt she had been holding in a death grip just a few moments ago.

"I-I just didn't want your precious writing history to be destroyed by saying something that wasn't true." Edo-Lucy looked away as she said this, her head hanging low for almost revealing something she felt was the darkest of secrets.

"Lucy, why are you so defensive?" Ashley looked uncertainly at the girl standing behind her hunched form. She debated whether if she should deny whatever the Earthland mage said or if it was too late.

"H-how can you know? I didn't say anything. Whatever you're gonna say is probably you jumping to conclusions."

"You can't fool me. I may not know everything there is about writing, but romance novels are my specialty." Lucy Heartfilia winked as she put up her index finger knowingly. Her pride at detection faded as she heard a depressed sigh.

"That's just the point, whatever your usual, silly romance novels say, whatever story they tell, they're different, opposite even, from me and Dragion."

"But you do admit there is something between you and Natsu?" The celestial mage was now looking over Ashley's shoulder in her most heartfelt smile. She felt excitement at hearing the all familiar chuckle from the tough Lucy, showing that she agreed.

"Yea, whatever IT is, we have it," Lucy Heartfilia beamed at this, tempted to do a victory pose, "so don't worry about me trying to steal your Natsu," and she quickly felt her knees become weak again.

"sh-SHUT UP!"


How was it? Horrible? I understand. But I wasn't really expecting much when I started writing this story. I love both Lucys, I do, but I just don't know that much about them as I do about Natsu Dragneel and Dragion (More Dragneel than Dragion, but anyway). This story took me longer to write and probably isn't that good because I didn't know many names to call them. I can't really keep calling them Lucy A and Lucy H, and Scary Lucy only works with Happy or Natsu around. But I hope it satisfied the fans who asked for it.