Do I look like I own Star Wars?

Luke crashes and finds himself in a strange place. Takes place shortly after The Empire Strikes Back.


Luke nimbly climbed into the X-Wing that had been assigned to him.

He had a lot of things on his mind and needed a break.

SO he had asked if he could do some scouting and permission was granted.

R2 whistled cheerfully as he plugged himself into the X-Wing.

"Ready to go buddy?" he asked as he closed the canopy.

R2 whistled a yes and Luke took off with Wedge not far behind him.


Luke cursed Bounty Hunter from one side of the galaxy to the other as he fought to control his X-Wing.

"Eject R2, there's nothing you can do!" Luke said. "I am going to eject too."

Luke felt R2 leave the X-Wing then he pulled the lever that would eject him. Nothing happened.

Luke kept on pulling hoping that he would eject.

Growling in frustration Luke gave up and reached for the controls.

The ground was rushing up and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

The X-Wing hit the ground and Luke's world went black.


Luke slowly opened his eyes.

He was in some sort of medical room on a medical couch.

A bright, familiar presence was nearby.

Luke turned his head to see a man sitting in a chair, asleep.

Luke studied the man. He had sandy blond hair that was starting to gray. A thin vertical scar ran beside his right eye. He was dressed in dark robes and a black cloak.

Suddenly the man opened his eyes; they were the same shade of blue as his eyes, and smiled.

"You're awake!" he cried. "Master Che, he's awake!" The man called.

An ancient Twi-lek entered the room. She too was dressed in Jedi Robes.

"How are you feeling young Skywalker?" she asked.. "A little dizzy, what happened? I remember crashing but that's it." Luke said.

"You crashed an old X-Wing fighter." The man said. "You hit your head so hard that your flight helmet cracked."

Luke reached up and discovered that his head was wrapped in bacta patches.

"You might suffer from some memory loss but that should clear up in several days." Master Che said.

Luke nodded.

"Do you know where you are?" Master Che asked.

Luke shook his head.

"You are in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant." The man informed him.