Just so you guys know a Memory Bomb is harmless to people except that they can't remember certain things. It all depends on how it was programmed.


Anakin Skywalker sighed as he walked back to Anak's ship. Leia had gotten in a fight with herself and he had to break them apart

Finally he reached the Star Dancer several people were there waiting for him.

He turned to Luke from this reality. "Even though you won't remember the training you received your body will remember." He told him. Luke nodded.

With that he had his group boarded and the hatch closed behind them and they flew away.


Anak and Mikayla stared at each other; a memory bomb between them. "You ready?" Anak asked his wife. She nodded. Reaching out with the Force they activated it.


Luke Skywalker stared out into space. The last few days were fuzzy but he did remember his X-Wing being sabotaged and everything but it felt as if something was missing.

Luke shook his head. It couldn't have been important if he couldn't remember.


The End

I know very short but it is time to wrap up the story.