I walked through the halls of the tavern Tozay had brought us to after our long boat ride from the hell that now showered the empire. There were many people here, mostly refugees. I looked down from the top floor that my room was on. It was a sickening sight. Men from the fight, most of them injured. The smells of rotting flesh in the air. The light blue dress I had on was quite uncomfortable considering the fact that I hadn't worn a dress in over 4 years and that it squeezed to tight and barley covered my breast. I had complained to Lady Dela about it but she just said that was all she could manage and I didn't fight on the subject any longer. I sighed.

"Eona!" shouted a familiar voice. I turned to see Lady Dela motioning me to come near. She was standing out side of an open door, the door that led to Ryko's room. I walked in. The air inside was cold, and unforgiving. I looked around the room and saw the town beseecher calling to Shola the goddess of death.

" Is he any better?" I asked. I glanced down at Ryko's body, watching the small, weak movement of his chest go up and down.

" No, if anything he's gotten worse," she muttered, " Tozay says that he is slowly deteriorating at a unwavering rate."

" I'm sorry." I didn't know what else to say. She just stared at me for a few seconds. Her eyes seemed to be looking deep within me. I turned away from her eyes not wanting to meet her gaze. This is all too much to handle, I thought, I haven't had sleep in at least three days since the empire was taken over. I now saw wanted signs for Dela, Ryko, Kygo, and me. The poster of me was supposed to look like Eon, which means Ido has not told them that I'm a girl. I walked out of Ryko's room. I could not bear to stay in there any longer with the death chants and Dela's atrocious glare. I knew what had happened to Ryko was my fault, and Dela was never going to let me live it down. I wandered about the cabin for a few minutes. Taking in the wondrous paintings and beautiful furniture. I was walking back to my room trying to get my head straight when I heard a pounding of feet and clapping and a man's voice rose over the thunderous sound saying, " Emperor Kygo has returned to us! We shall celebrate!" I froze at the words. I could not move. I thought about the last time I saw Kygo. He had nearly killed me, if it weren't for my lucky blow. I can not see him! Not now. Not so soon. I had to get away I bolted for my room but as I came out of one of the halls I realized I would have to pass the opening of the stairs the led to bottom floor to get to my room. Maybe I could just walk by without him noticing me? Or maybe he won't recognize me? Probably not, I was just another shorthaired, plainly dressed, and nothing special about her kind of girl. I thought, yeah, this will be easy. I smiled to myself and strutted past the steps, but to my luck Tozay saw me and motioned me to come down. I stared at him for a second, and immediately gave my head a little shake. " Come on Eona! The emperor is here, he keeps asking for you!" He whispered.

" Please don't make me face him! I don't think I'm ready for that yet." Tozay sighed and hurriedly climbed the steps to fetch me. He pulled on my arm and finally I couldn't resist I was going to see the emperor.